Monday, August 15, 2011

TMI Tuesday....

Hi Everybody...
Have you ever read poetry or prose that
was so "Out There" that you had to re-read
it two or three times just to get the general
idea of the thing? Is it 'Beautiful' to Google
every other word? Are people being clever for
the sake of being clever? People certainly don't
everyday conversate like Billy Shakespeare do they?
Am I a complete Dolt? A partial Dolt?
Am I expected to understand what goes on in the
FAR reaches of peoples troubled caffeine fueled
Minds? Am I a victom of Cultural Pluralism...
Or am I just mired in Oligophrenia?
It's obvious that I'm no poet. I've never pretented
to be. I do consider myself a Humorist (of sorts).
I do know that many talented folks DO indeed
think Poetically. Some...Just want you to think that!!
Whew...Thanks for letting me vent. I'm just getting
fed up with feeling so stupid when I read something.
OK...What if I wrote like this All The Time?
Even on Fridays......


The NASH-GOB of the impending SHONGABLE was putting
Poor ole Oswald in a state of MUBBLEFUBBLE.
He was unwinding at the Pub.
"Sally My Dear...It's IRREFRAGABLE that if you keep
SHENCHing me, I'll become CHERUBIMICAL and speak nothing
but GLOSSOLALIA. Then you just may have to YERD me hard
to make me leave"!!!

Nash-Gob...Arrogant Gossip
Shongable...A Shoemaker Tax
Mubblefubble...Extreme Depression
Shench...To pour a drink for someone
Cherubimical...Extreme Drunkeness
Yerd...To beat with a stick
Oligophrenia...Extreme mental retardation
If I wrote a 'Google 55' every week,
wouldn't that make you want to GIRN???

Mr. Knowitall grows weary....Peace!


Brian Miller said... have such big words...glad i never had those in spelling class...

lime said...

my head hurts. i like you just the way you are, gman!

Christine said...

What's a dolt? because I think I have some of those on my legs. (my son gave me that line)

Mama Zen said...

All I know is that I am going to make a point of calling someone a nash-gob before this day is over!

Dianne said...

Hee hee, I wrote a poem in Jabberwoky once. It sounded dirty....

MorningAJ said...

Ooo that's good. I love the idea of getting cherumbimical to cure my mubblefubble.

Of course, words are what I do for a living. I feel like a dolt when knowledgeable people talk about how my car works!

Akelamalu said...

Deep post today G but I agree with you. I sometimes read posts or poetry on some blogs and just think QUE?? :(

Mona said...

That sounds like Redneckspeak!

whatever that means :/

5thsister said...

Oh goodness gracious! At times, I must say, I feel the very same way. Love how you keep it honest!

izzy said...

There is SO much worthwhile writing and artistic work out there; If something doesn't make sense, or grab you (in significant manner) move on!
I try not to 'fight' with understanding someones work unless there is a very compelling reason...(Just my opinion)...

the walking man said...

There are people who are truly of poetic bent but don't realize that possibly their audience may not have as extensive or as arcane a vocabulary as they do.

That is a problem you quite eloquently stated: I write for an audience but what good is my point if I am the only one who understands it without a dictionary(Google) right beside me.

It is hard enough to convey an image without making the reader work too hard at getting it. In my mind this is a part of the reason poetry has become somewhat the purview of the overly educated and loquacious. BUT thank you library of congress for your latest pick of the Poet Laureate of the United States.

Google him and read his work. I doubt you'd find any glossolalia there

Anonymous said...

It would be make me want to yerd. I mean, yarf. Ugh. Good reminder, G-Man.

You are certainly not a dolt. If the writer can't convey a thought (or series of thoughts) without losing the reader entirely, what's the point?

E.B. White said it best: "Be obscure clearly."

Finesse and intricacy have little to do with being able to wield a big spoon in the alphabet soup.

Pheromone Girl said...

Your story sounds like it was written by my greatgrandfather, native of Cornwall, England. I used to carry around my own version of an English to English dictionary. Bumpershoot, divan, accronometer... sheesh. Speak English when you speak English, already!

hope said...

Stop tripping the light fantastic on your keyboard and making words that make my eyes and head ache!

No, I love your 55s just the way they are.

moondustwriter said...

The sagacious Mr Know it all
You have written some very good pieces for not being a poet

Me said...

I don't know, G...I think I kind of like the word MUBBLEFUBBLE. Let's bring that one back, huh? :)

TALON said...

MubbleFubble indeed! :) If my brain starts hurting, I generally have to move on. Life's too short for all that GLOSSOLALIA...and why make what little time we have even more complicated?

hedgewitch said...

I resemble this remark. Just for that I may have to change my 55 to include some smaragdine eudaimonia just for you.

Aeria said...

Ok, now Ti's post makes perfect sense, lmao.

No, no beauty found in abusing the google search...

I've been in the dolt catagory more times than I care to count and *eeps* I've been guilty of sequestering the meaning of my own poems from time to time, but I try not to share them.

I enjoyed this and know some people who need a good yerding (possibly myself included...)!

Thanks for the smile today! :)