Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday 160.....

I've always said that getting a tattoo was like giving
birth. While it's happening, you swear you'll never
go thru the pain again. That lasts five minutes!!
Is it Sunday? Can you write Micro-Fiction in 160
characters? Yes? Then post it on your blog, and go visit
Monkey Man.!
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Me said...'ve obviously never given birth. That feeling lasted WAY more than 5 minutes for me. :)

Are those your tats, G? New one recently? I need more than 160, I wanna here the whole story!

And for what it's worth, I didn't find getting a tattoo all that painful, more like *irritating*. Maybe I'm tougher than I thought?

Have a great 4th, my friend. xo

G-Man said...

No new ones recently, but both me and the Boy are about due for a new one.
Yes...My Tatts.
I do have more!!

hope said...

I'd rather be on the seeing side of tats, thanks.

Have a great 4th!

MorningAJ said...

Tattoos don't hurt! (Well maybe a little bit)
You have cool needlework.

Monkey Man said...

What's next...a wolverine? Or maybe just a big 55. Thanks for playing along with the Sunday 160. Have a great 4th.

Mama Zen said...

Sweet ink, G-Man!

joanna said...

Huh! smile -- I second Me's comment, on giving birth that is,,, love your new TT's - I've been dreaming about getting a dragonfly,,,

a good conversational 160


Christine said...

I always wanted the Egyptian symbol for life, but if it feels like giving birth forget it. I did that three times, once with twins, thanks for the info, I'll pass.

secret agent woman said...

They'd have to put me under a general anesthetic first. And yet, I did natural childbirth with no problem.

Stranger said...

I like a man who wears his love(s) like a sleeve.
My tattoo is circa 1994, post earthquake. I was 18 and went to the first shop that I found. (I've learned my lesson!) It only hurt around the achilles tendon. Some of it tickled but mostly it felt like I had volunteered for a person to scrape me with asphalt. I may have had an unusual experience. I know the result was less than ideal. It was my experience with the tattoo artist and the way the final result looked that made me swear we'd never get another... but I walk by and hear the buzzing and smell the rubbing alcohol and often consider going in for a cover or another.
Birth? Well, I'm with ME.
Fun 160, Galen.

moondustwriter said...

Me - I agree. I've also had my arm torn open pain that lasted for hours.

The tats are so you!

Pam said...

i love your tatts. would love to get a third one, but i don't think my thyroid would like it too much. every once in awhile, the one i got about 3 yrs ago, puffs up. allergies from hell, too lol guess what? my brother's wife bought him a bike, he had it for a bit, but then he upgraded it to a harley (it's the only thing to do :o) ). she said that my brother was driving her nuts, because he said she didn't understand how it felt to be riding a honda while everyone else had harleys. oh, i totally understood. you gotta have the big toys if you wanna play with the big boys lol he totally has a club and loves to go riding. too bad my SIL is not a biker chick. she'll go for a ride once in awhile, but she doesn't like the 'rides' like he does. lol anyways, i'm visiting all my old favorites. i miss ya, g. xo

Unknown said...

I really like your posts.
and this tattoo.
mmm big ass tattoos...

lime said...

new ink huh?