Sunday, June 5, 2011

You JERK!!!!

Hi Everybody...
I hope your week-end was Kick-Ass!
My son Reese and I have been making our own
homemade Beef Jerky since since he was a tyke.
And he expressed his desire to come up with a fresh batch.
Yesterday at Kroger, I bought about 5 1/2 pounds of thin
sliced Top Round steak. I trimmed most of the fat away,
and then cut the trimmed steak into strips. I marinated
the strips in a marinade of ....
3/4 cup of Soy Sauce
1/2 cup of Liquid Smoke
1/2 cup of Rice Vinegar
Thyme..Garlic..Sea Salt..Red Pepper Flakes..Cumin..Curry
Rosemary..Brown Sugar. Let it set for about 6 hours.
Now at this point I usually put them on a rack in my oven
that I made especially for Jerky, but I noticed in my basement
that I had a Brand New in the Box Food Dehydrator that I
got for Christmas about 15 years ago. So Reese read the
instructions and after drying off the marinated meat, arranged
the Future Jerky on the drying racks. It filled every tray!!
The only bad thing is that it will not be ready until Morning....
Maybe I'll Update in the Morning?


Lisa said...

Looks yummy.

Christine said...

Yah my husband tried to make beef jerky once, he just used my oven, had the meat just hanging off the rack, no fancy pans, dripping all over the place. Good thing the oven was a self cleaner. Looks good though, ever tried Ostrich? That's yummy too.

Brian Miller said...

dude...i love home made a couple friends that make it...and i am a big mmoch...ha.

Margaret said...

I have done this! The funniest thing was seeing my mom ... about 75 at the time, chewing beef jerky in the early morning with her OJ. She LOVED it. I hate the "gas station" jerky and almost didn't try it. The homemade stuff is the best!

S E E Quine said...

Vegetarian that I am, my mouth is watering! This is funny because I just had the best meal ever. I was reveling in this fact, however, until Lucas informed me that he had put my pants in the wash... and they had my cell phone inside, which I need for work! Oh well, maybe I'll call in sick? Mua ha ha!

ROB said...

Would love to make beef jerky with my sons, I may have to give it a try.

The Thirteenth Crossing said...

I have the Ronco 5 tray dehydrator just for this purpose. So goood! Have fun eating yours :)

moondustwriter said...

looks like there is enough to ship to 55 friends!!!

Happy start to you week

hedgewitch said...

My spouse has been wanting a food dehydrator for years--let us know how it turns out, because I'm a big fan of homemade jerky.

Cloudia said...

hey cabin-fever boy: it's Summer outside!

jus sayin LOL

Aloha from Waikiki :)

Comfort Spiral




A Daft Scots Lass said...

In South Africa we call it Biltong and its spicey!!!

Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

I also make my own jerky. Jack Link's makes the best cure/spice blend. And yes, if you're doing it right, it takes a LONG time.

Shrinky said...

You guys have the most fascinating of kitchen toys, I've never even seen a food dehydrator (until now), and the first and only beef jerky I've ever tasted was from a food parcel my friend in America sent along to me last year.. actually, it tasted pretty neat!

izzy said...

Love jerky ! never tried to make it though-It is a great sustainer for
for on-the-go ! Thanks.

Mama Zen said...

How do you do it in the oven, G-Man?

lime said...

guess i already now how this worked out.

TALON said...

Galen, your post title immediatley made me think of Kim Stockwood's song, "You Jerk" - lol! Now it's stuck in my head.

Yummy - homemade jerk is the best (that doesn't sound right, does it?) I bet it turns out deliciously!