Monday, November 8, 2010

TMI Tuesday.....

My very first post as a Blogger was 4 years ago Today!
My First commenter was a great guy named Barman.
My Second commenter has been my most loyal and consistent
Blogger Buddy...Lime.!!
Many fine friends have come and gone from Blogging.
Some of my Oldest friends that still Blog from my beginning are..
Sarah aka Roxi..
Dark Angel..
Susie The Barefoot Mistress.
Dr. Mona
Cazzie From Down Under..
The Snow Elf..
And the Lovely, Smart, and Crimson Haired Serena Joy!
Everybody else has seemed to either succombed to FaceBook,
Twitter, Death, or Ennui...
My First Avatar for about two months was Bullwinkle as Mr. Knowitall.
Then for about a year I used Elliot Ness (Robert Stack)..(G-Man).
Now I just use any old Pic...
I DO believe that this post is my 1095th!! Imagine being that verbose?
Anyway, I'd like to thank each and everyone that stops by and comments, and offers me great advice and support! I'm a terrible Blogger Buddy due to my very erratic work schedule, and there are very special people that just continue to make me smile.
I've always wanted to make my Blog a comfortable place where folks can stop by and have a beveridge, and rant and comment about whatever they choose.
Thanks again everybody...You All Rock The World!!!


moondustwriter said...

Four years of blogging

instead of flogging

an epic amount of time

haven't you heard the line

"people only blog to express

then they get off cuz of stress"

you have held out so long

so others could come along

enjoy your crazy days

on Fridays with 55 play

congrats to Mr. G

can we make one plea

continue on for a fifth

your wit and humor are a gift

what would we then try?

if tomorrow you said "goodbye"

I know it's a silly on the fly comment
Happy Four Years Mr. know It All

moondustwriter said...

I managed a Yahtzee with that comment?? Only happens when I don't try -LOL

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on FOUR fantastic years, G-Man!

Way to Yahtzee, Leslie :)

Nessa said...

Congratulations on your anniversary. I'm drinking a Guinness as we speak.

Brian Miller said...

thank you for the year that i have know you g! you have certainly made it memorable...

Me said...

Oh my! Congrats!!!

You have become a dear friend in the short time I have known you, and you are a bloggy inspiration, to have hit four years. Wow!


lime said...

the funniest thing is that when i commented the first time it was a case of mistaken identity and i thought you were someone else. nonetheless we became fast friends and i am so grateful. happy 4th blogiversary, my friend!

Serena said...

Happy 4th, Mr. G. May your next 4 be just as fun.;)

Caty said...

Happy 4th anniversary at bloggerland! I hear rumor that's quite an accomplishment :) It's always a pleasure coming by here for I never fail to laugh.

the walking man said...

I don't even know how I got here, how long I have been here or when I will go away but *tink* here's to your 4 years.

Eric Alder said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eric Alder said...

Happy Bloggiversary, G-Man!

(Is it Friday yet?)

Jerry said...

FOUR! Don't ever replace the divits g-man. Only been here a bit but here is always the place to party it seems...

izzy said...

Realization of time passed, things shared & created -Great! keep at it-
This world of ours needs people to reach out, connect, grow,reflect and gratitude certainly does not hurt! Thanks.

Akelamalu said...

Happy Blogversary G-man.

You've been blogging slightly longer than me my four year milestone is in February.

Connie T. said...

The last line you wrote Rock the world.....makes me think of Queen We will rock you. Now I have "We will, we will rock you, rock you.....stuck in my head.

Have a great day and many more years of blogging.

libithina said...

Hi G Man or Mr.Knowitall ot whatever your calling yourself today .. I have been a blogger myself but not as regular as you, as many other sites I'm on where there and had their drew .. but I came across your blog, I can't recall now how and saw your link re your friend Susan .. so I clicked on the link and joined in the fun .. just wanted to let you know how sometimes you can connect someone without you never knew .. but now you do .. congrats to you dear G Man, of four years on the blog, do you really Know it all :) wish you'd share some with me *heartsmiles* Lib

Mama Zen said...

You mean you didn't invent blogging?

Happy Blog Birthday, G-Man!

Lulda Casadaga said...

Happy 4th my friend. You always make me smile and feel welcomed. Even though you chastize me when I don't play, I know you still love me! :D

OK, I'll start thinking now about this weeks 55!! Geezzz...

Along with all the other "55" bloggers I wish you 4 and many more... :)

Sarah said...

We do, in fact, rock.

But you rock too darling.

Fast and steady friends I have made from this blogging experience.

Why am I not famous yet?



javajazz said...

Mazel Tov Papa G...!
you have been
a warm and wonderful
and very consistent host
to all of your fans...
nice place ya got here...!
happy anniversary
and thank you for always
being here for everyone...
you are loved by all...!

Mona said...

And I remember how you were reluctant to blow bubbles my way with that machine gun...