Sunday, November 21, 2010

Coffee Talk......


No 160 Today...Sorry.
No inspiration ....
I'm on vacation mode!!
I'm posting everynight as usual ,
but I won't be around much.
I'll be gone from Wednesday thru Sunday.
This Friday like I said...You may post a 55, and come comment,
But I think most Americans will be relaxing with family.
I Love Thanksgiving...It has no religion attached to it, just Gratitude!
I've had very thoughtful people volunteer to host This Friday's Funfest.
(Thanks Eric..). But Sometimes it's fun just to take a break.
See ya later on for Micro-Fiction, have a Kick Ass Week...G


A Daft Scots Lass said...

happy vacation.

Me said...

I like this pic, G. You look very relaxed. Vacation mode suits you very well. :)

Happy Thanksgiving, my friend. Even though you are about a month late with it. ;)

snowelf said...

You're right G-man, sometimes you just need to take a break and relax baby!:)

We are cleaning Snickers's room today--which could qualify for the next "messiest room contest" at the moment.

Have fun hanging with the fam and not dealing with customers! ;)

love ya,


Monkey Man said...

Have a great Thanksgiving week, G. I read on a comment that Eric Alder would be happy to host the 55 this week, if you're okay with it. Eric comes from Bubba's Place.

Brian Miller said...

have a great thanksgiving g-man!

Katherine said...

Happy Thanks Giving to you G-Man and to your family. Enjoy your vacation and chillax to the max!

Jingle said...

Enjoy your break.
Eric hots 55,
that's cool....
safe driving.

Dianne said...

Gratitude and food, light or dark meat, GMan?
I'm on the poetry bus, it took all that I had to write my existance down.....ha!
Fab Di

joanny said...


this is a nice post a 55er and 160 wrapped into a thanks- giving post to all .... have barely been able to post of late due to projects needs to be completed even as I type, sending you positive vibes from the Pacific North West,,, enjoy your time of reflection and thankfulness.


lime said...

looks like you're holding a cup of inspiration. ;)

enjoy your break. you deserve it.

lime said...

looks like you're holding a cup of inspiration. ;)

enjoy your break. you deserve it.

Caty said...

Enjoy your vacation and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Serena said...

I predict you'll have a lovely vacation and a Thanksgiving to remember. Enjoy!

Peggy said...

My favorite coffee when I'm on the road. Have a good time on your time away.

Eric Alder said...

Nothing wrong with having a day off. Happy Thanksgiving!