Saturday, October 23, 2010

Brussel Sprout 160....

It's pretty late in the season, but the Farmer's Mkt
was still rockin! And something strange caught my eye.
Fresh Brussel Sprouts on the vine. She was asking
3 bucks a stalk. I paid 5 bucks for two!!
Not exactly the subject matter of Great Literature,
But don't they look cool?
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Hey...It's Sunday, what else you gonna do?
Watch Football?
See Ya tomorrow....Peace!!!


Dianne said...

Oh you are a sight for sore eyes.
your camera eye I mean. Gman
Mine is up
Great job as a poet, capturing the uniqueness in life.
Fab Di

Stranger said...

Frog balls! What a name! Pickled sounds interesting but I prefer BS roasted or steamed with a bit of olive oil. Yummy. Our local Farmers Market's BS looks like gecko balls compared to those beauties in the photo. Happy Sunday!

joanny said...


You are really into this 'foodie' trip --- Veggie 'dog' with a side of BS go very well together,


Alice Audrey said...

You'd have to pay me to take them. Not my favorite food.

Me said...

Yeah...the frog balls made me laugh, but you can keep the brussell sprouts. Sure, they LOOK cool. But did you know you're supposed to EAT them? Disgusting, what some people will put in their mouths... :)

Brian Miller said...

i imagine it would take quite a few frog balls to make a my mom makes marinated brussel sprouts...shivers...

my 160

the walking man said...

I'll eat frog ball before I would place a brussel sprout in my pie hole.

Strummed Words said...

Brussel sprouts on the stalk, very cool I agree. Great photos.

Early Autumn Days

Yvonne Osborne said...

You got a steal. I like it that you talk about the farmer's market. We have one more week at ours and then I can do more 55's! I didn't grow brussel sprouts this year because the only way to make any money off them is to pick individually from the bottom up as they rippen and sell them by the qt. but that is too time consuming. But I do love them. Picked fresh off the stalk and braised in butter they don't taste anything like you'll find in the freezer in another month or so.

Mona said...

Brussel Sprouts and frog balls


Does that mean that the stalks are also called frog balls????

I wrote one too today!

forever lost said...

see i didn't know that brussels grew like that! and I for sure didn't know that frogs had balls! haha! sunday 160......may have to do that!

PattiKen said...

Nice, Galen. I'm one of the other 16 people in the world who like Brussels Sprouts, so I can totally see the appeal.

Have a great Sunday!

MorningAJ said...

Sticks of sprouts are quite a common sight over here and they are much better bought that way because they keep fresh. I like them in bubble and squeak. (English dish that consists of leftover mashed potatoes and green veggies - cabbage or brussels - shaped into patties and shallow fried until they have a crispy coating)

Monkey Man said...

It's food day at the Sunday 160. Thanks for playing and see you on Friday.

secret agent woman said...

I love the way Brussles sprouts look in their clusters, but find them too bitter to eat. I'm not sure calling them frog balls helps their case any!

lime said...

brussels sprouts....all the ick of an entire head of cabbage in horse pill form!

Bimbimbie said...

Grinning at the jar of frog balls - I would never have guessed people pickled them*!*

Victoria Ceretto-Slotto said...

Love it! Not sure if I'd like frog balls or pickled brussels sprouts, but I'll try (almost) anything.

Jerry said...

The frog balls really caught my eye. Really intriguing and odd...What were you writing about again?

moondustwriter said...

I'm not a brussel sprout fan but i bet if they were made with good ingredients they might be good

Do you have to cut them off the stalk???

Happy Sunday G

Moon Smiles

moondustwriter said...

that sounded stupid - Do they break off the stalk or do you have to cut them off individually???


gautami tripathy said...

Some sprouts, those!

an ode