Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One Shot Wednesday....



My impending journey into the Hinterland of rural America, has inspired me to submit these humble Haiku's to The Fine Crew over at One Stop Poetry's One Shot Wednesday.
Any short story, prose, or poetry in ANY form, should be posted on your blog, then please go ...Here!


Strange Marsupial
With that creepy...toothy grin
Get Out of The Road!!!

Highway Smorgasbord
Tastes just like chicken!


Prayer Girl said...

You'll have to let us know if you run across any of these icky marsupials or any other strange critters when you safari into the hollers of West Va.

I haven't tried my hand at Haiku yet, but I think I may have to try it sometime.

I can't stand seeing dead things in the road or anywhere else.


secret agent woman said...

Poor little possum.

G-Man said...

You being first tonight, have earned the right to scream at the TOP of your lungs...
Any exclamation of Victory that you choose. Most yell Yahtzee, some yell...
Some are shy and say nothing.

The choice is yours...Congrats!

Caty said...

the first one made me laugh. the second one made my nose crinkle...road kill not on my menu :) Have fun in WV!

Brian Miller said...

mmm..and if you leave them in the sun long enough their insides make a nice gravy...smiles.

nice one shot g! have a wonderful trip!

One Stop - The Place For Poets, Writers & Artists said...

I'm glad I ate already before I made the rounds to your roadkill holler

have a great time

I was going to say nice 55
I mean Nice One Shot

moon shines

Serena said...

Oh, that picture is awful!

Cloudia said...

Love your haiku!

Warm Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral

Susan at Stony River said...

Suddenly I'm liking haiku

Anonymous said...

Ooo jerky meat in the horizon. Tasty little morsels go well with moonshine I hear.

kkrige said...

ohhhh bleah!

I like the haiku though. cute. got a smile from me. Nice Oneshot

lime said...


road blackened opossum
blue plate special
welcome to jim bob's resturant

yeah yeah i know the syllables don't work. it's late and i've had a long day. just laugh dammit.

Millie said...

This cracks me up! Poor possum's demise led to our poetic enjoyment--Is that fair?

Mine is here. http://razzamadazzle.wordpress.com/2010/09/28/one-shot-wednesday-3/

PattiKen said...

Aw, I just can't get past the poor possum ...

Me said...

Ummm. Yeah. Gross!!

But...damn funny haiku. I laughed even though I didn't want to. LOL!

I have hit maybe four or five things in my 20-year driving career. Each one traumatized me...remember my kamakaze crow?

Nice one shot!! :)

TALON said...

I'm going to take your word for it on the chicken taste, G-Man! :)

Safe travels!

Stranger said...

Barbeque anything long enough and it'll taste like my mom's BBQ chicken, so I imagine you're right on on that.

Boonie S said...

Great stuff – articulate and witty.

All the best, Boonie

Akelamalu said...

I've never eaten roadkill - have you really? :0

Jannie Funster said...


I actually has a possum run-in a few weeks ago, up close and personal on our back deck. My dog was out barking and I went with flashlight to see what was going on when this freaking possum came straight at me. I ran and screamed. Woke up the whole household.

I was a foot away from a possum -- heading right at me. That'll stay with me forever.


Jessie said...

possums have got to be one of the ugliest creatures wandering around today...


no thank you! :-)

warm smiles,

the walking man said...

Coming from a man of your culinary skills all invitations to dinner at your house are now officially declined.

dustus said...

I always enjoy me some rock-salty winter road kill. lol Enjoy your trip, G! cheers

Shadow said...

tastes like chicken????? i think i'll skip this one... love the (manly) new look, dear g-man!

Eric Alder said...

There's a great restaurant in Westland called Beaver Creek Tackle and Beer that serves a delicious dish called the "Road Kill Grill".

Here's the description from their menu: "A selection of roast venison, semi-boneless broiled quail, and wild boar sausage with a hearty homemade game gravy. Served with vegetable, wild rice and a free “I Eat My Road Kill” bumper sticker."

G-Man, if you want to eat road kill, I'd suggest steer clear of the possums and visit Beaver Creek Tackle and Beer instead.

Shrinky said...

Oh, poor little critter (your advice came a wee bit too late for him). I'm useless at haiku's, unlike you!

Claudia said...

ugh - wouldn't be my first choice menue - but if you are very hungry and no McDonalds close.....

Nessa said...

Is he really dead or is he just playing possum? You sure are in a Deliverance frame of mind.

Leo said...

poor guy! the haikus did the image justice, but sad for the possum!

My One Shot!

Everyday Goddess said...

Not the best looking thing in the animal kingdom is it.

Beachanny said...

Poor things creeping on/ highway in the cool of night;/need to get to woods. Hope you have fun out there.
Gay @beachanny

Mama Zen said...

G-Man, eewww!

joanny said...

Oh G- Man

Great Haiku's LOL but putting them together.... well all I could say is I am glad I am a vegan,


Missed everyone Friday, hope you can forgive me -- but my man made me an offer I could not refuse, he said follow me girl and lets get away,,, and so I did.


Nimue said...

you always have the creative writes g-Man :) liked the second haiku !

buttercup said...

Awww...that poor Possum!! :) x

Shashi said...

I have loved Haiku's and write some times in the free form of Haiku... I enjoyed your painted words... thanks for sharing..

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay