Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Retro One Shot.....

Apples, Hot Dogs, Hot Chocolate, Cider...
Autumnal aromas trigger a nostalgic Time Warp.
Burning leaves rekindle memories of an exciting... turbulent time!
Hell NO...We won't go!
We wanted to make Love...Not War!
We were Young
We were Idealistic
We could make a Difference!
All we were saying, was give Peace a Chance.
Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out...
Were you a Hawk?...Or a Dove?
But there was, and IS....
One Glorious Place
Ann Arbor Michigan
On the corner of Stadium and Main
On most Saturday Afternoons in the Fall
A place where Ideology is NOT allowed
Where the ghosts of Past Heroes
Guides yet another class of Maize and Blue Warriors into Football Valhalla!!
This year the new and improved "Big House" will be Re-Dedicated.
And once again, (as it should be .)
We will be part of THE Largest Crowd in America, Cheering their team on!
Amid'st the Throng
Amid'st the Caucophony
Amid'st the Organized Chaos....
You take it all in
You smile to yourself, as you have for 40 years
Because you know in your heart
At this time and place
There is NO Where else on Earth, where you'd rather be!
God I Love It So....Hail, To The Victors!
We all have our Passions...
I'm not here to cram mine down anybody's throat.
This is just how I feel about Football Saturday!
For one day...I'm 21 again.
Please let me have my fun, I don't have that many more left.
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Me said...


secret agent woman said...

Well, have a great time.

But why is everyone in the blogworld talking about fall when it's August? We're not even close.

Me said...

Kinda weird, g...we posted at almost the exact same moment! :)

I enjoyed your One Shot piece...especially your retro references. But sorry...no football fan, here. :)

Anonymous said...

Our little dinky stadium but I feel the same way you do. GO UH WARRIORS!! WOOY

Suz said...

Glad you're happy
about the new season
although I'm with secret agent woman
but nice read about your passion

Serena said...

G loves football. We know where you'll be throughout the Fall. I get the second and third photos -- FOOTBALL! But the first one doesn't look very footballsy, not that I know squat about football.

Millie said...

It's so hard to believe it's that time of year again. All I can say is Go Hawkeyes! Love the retro references. Mine is here. http://razzamadazzle.wordpress.com/2010/08/24/flood/

TALON said...

Your passion shines through in every word, G-Man. The first stanza had me hankering for autumn :)

dustus said...

Like how you describe fans checking their ideologies at the door of The Big House in turbulent times. Lots of passion in your lines, G-Man. Cool to read you write poems. I'm a college football fan. Can relate. Well done.

RNSANE said...

I can feel your jubilation, Galen, and I wish your team great luck every time. I know you'll be cheering them on, win or not!! You guys slay me!

moondustwriter said...

Something about college football. It will always be retro - goes back to when everyone came out as a community to hail their team. Glad Michigan still has that atmosphere and that you get to be part of what you love.
It's important - enjoy the season my friend

and thanks for the Hail Mary to One Shot

Moon smiles

Boonie S said...

So what happened to Give Peace a Chance? I suppose that after the composer/singer was shot dead the sound of bombs drowned out the song. Tragic.
I enjoyed this post. Thanks.

All the best, Boonie

Akelamalu said...

I'm 21 again when I go to the local Civic Centre and enjoy a boogie night to Motown music. :)

Cheryl said...

This almost made me wish I were going to be there. Or back in time where it all seemed so much simpler. Your passion fairly jumped off the page.

the walking man said...

Is there still a football team at Michigan? How the hell can we afford them? Oh yeah I forgot raise the tuition for the non scholarship jocks. Or are you talking about soccer?

izzy said...

I went sneaking into a Harvard/ Yale
game in Cambridge many moons ago, when I was an avid football player.The ivy covered stadium is still full of memories
from that huge,dangerous fall day!
Thanks for the reminder!

Brian Miller said...

ha. i can hear the band on opening day....perhaps they will let you read this at the rededication g-man....fire the troops up for battle! smiles. nice one shot!

Eric Alder said...

It's good for us to own our passions, whatever they might be.

Go Blue!

Monkey Man said...

You get my blood running hot with all this football talk. Cheers to the short legged varmits - Wolverines and Beavers. May they meet in the Rose Bowl.

Claudia said...

yahtzee! i can FEEL your passion!
Got almost a bit excited myself…smiles

Beachanny said...

Hot here in Texas. Grandson playing football. Never quite get it..my sport on a sheet of ice. There's a reason hockey and figure skating's catching on in the South. We just can't do that 105 degree training :)
Good poem, great passion. Hurrah for Football. Gay

Kavita said...

I must confess, I am no football fan... but I remember the crazy time in college 3 years back... I remember how the Home of the Horns used to get PACKED!!!! The enthusiasm was so contagious :) And then going home on weekends, Cowboys (thankfully, it was a different league altogether :)! Now, having moved to New York, I really wonder whom to support.. :)

Nicely played, G!! And on't you worry! You will enjoy many many mannnnnnnnnnnnnnny more games!!! :)

Here is my One Shot! :)

PattiKen said...

G-Man in the Big House... Huh.

Your first few lines took me back. Football isn't my thing,(hey, we all have some faults...) but I love your excitement, Galen. Peace (and football revelry) back at you.

Nessa said...

You just go ahead with your bad self passion.

Jingle said...

21, football,
I am very impressed by your shining talent in taking your hot and sweet spirits out in a poetic form...

beautiful and heartfelt!

Pete Marshall said...

for me its football (soccer to you guys) every saturday and sunday i am absorbed into it..the passions send tingles running through me...season has started and i am already training my team...loved this..felt it all..cheers for sharing with one shot..pete

lime said...

enjoy it gman. i know it's a great happiness for you.

Scott said...

GO BIG BLUE!!! need I say more?