Saturday, August 28, 2010

Coffee Talk/Sunday 160....

STOP flirting with that woman!
"All I did was smile".
NO, it was the WAY you smiled!
"But Honey, you smile LOTS".
Thats different. I'm not smiling like you!
Some days you just fuck up by being alive...
Enjoy your Favorite Beveridge today.
Then please go visit Monkey Man and read some more Sunday 160's.
You can play by writing a poem or ultra short story, in 160 charactors including spaces, then post it on your blog, then go visit him ...Here!
Sort of like a Maxed Out Text Message!
See ya tomorrow...SMILE!!!


Brian Miller said...

yep...obviously flirting...really....just shaking my head in understanding g! nice 160. you are a class act my man!~

Brian Miller said...

and i believe that is yahtzee! peanuckle! archie bunker...what ever you call it...smiles.

secret agent woman said...

I think I will diplomatically refrain from comment.

Serena said...

I have days like that.;)

Boonie S said...

Very dry…. other than the coffee that is.
I really enjoyed this, and I love your take on life.

Have a good day, Boonie

PattiKen said...

What? You don't understand that logic? Makes perfect sense to me. ;-)
Happy Sunday, Galen.

Anonymous said...

The good old ball and chain....LOL Have a great weekend :)

joanny said...

Oh my -- this is hilarious -- from a woman's point of view, you just can't win, G-man grin and bare it. Oops sorry, I forgot you can't smile at least not in the direction of the 'other' woman.
and for more laughs I read Brian's two comments, now I am set for the day, 'peanuckle archie bunker too funny you guys. Nice coffee talk/160.
My 160 was not anywhere near this fun stuff.
Who was the smart alec who said a smile will go a long way??????


dulce said...

Oh what just a smile can provoke on us..(all the parties!)

Nessa said...

Some days fucked up is ok.

It must be the twinkle in your eye.


Prayer Girl said...

Well, it's obvious this 160 was written by a man. :) Men just don't "get" certain things.

Let me explain. LOL
It's just a man vs. woman thing, just a Mars vs. Venus thing.

All kidding aside - I bet everybody was smiling as they read this. Very cute.

Mine is up.

Cheryl said...

Classy stuff G! I'm the smiler in our family -_^!

I joined your early morning beverage salute with my 160! Kinda in honor of Coffee Talk without the coffee.

Claudia said...

difficult - difficult…start to smile at HER…

mine is here

Harris Channing said...

C'mon, you flirted with her first! She knows when you're doing it! LOL! Love it!

Jingle said...

your playful spirit does make me smile...everyone loves a laughter and your 160 hits home!

what a fun humor to add to Sunday's coffee...I drink coffee only when I must drive on highways...but, today is a special case.

Monkey Man said...

Boy howdy. I know that look and the talk. Why do they always think we are learing? Funny and fun 160, G. Thanks for playing.

Me said...

Oh dear...!

Women, eh? ;)

Happy Sunday...

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Ohmigawsh. I say keep smiling. And be sure to smile at your main squeeze and keep that flirt coming, too. A lot. OK?

Ok. So there you have it.

My little Sunday 160.

KB said...

Some days you just can't win G. Keep smiling!

moondustwriter said...

There are two sides to every situation.
What the heck the woman should smile at some hottie. Why nottie???

Moon Smiles

lime said...

"Insanity is often the logic of an accurate mind overtasked. Good mental machinery ought to break its own wheels and levers, if anything is thrust among them suddenly which tends to stop them or reverse their motion. A weak mind does not accumulate force enough to hurt itself; stupidity often saves a man from going mad."

oliver wendell holmes, sr.

Kavita said...

hahahah...awesome, G!
Reminded me of "certain" conversations :)

Loved it!! Still do.. :)

Here is mine...

Eric Alder said...

I feel your pain, G-Man!

I tend to walk just slightly behind my wife so I can avoid trouble if my eyes wander a bit.

It's not like I'm 'shopping' or anything, it's more like looking at Christmas decorations - sure they're pretty, but I wouldn't want to have them hanging around too long.

Jannie Funster said...

How could a woman NOT want to flirt with your smile, G-Man? You ooze such confident sensitivity.

Ahh, Tims' I miss me some Tim's Which reminds me -- coffee time!!


Jingle said...
Poets Rally Week 27 awards,
All 5 4 u, enjoy!
Happy Monday,
Rally week 28 will be September 9-15…..Welcome!