Monday, June 28, 2010

TMI Tuesday.....

A Ms. Ginger Vitus from Colgate New Hampshire asks...
"Dear Mr. Knowitall, after numerous trips to emergency for yacking up hair balls, a specialist diagnosed me with Hairy Tongue . Is this a disease or a syndrome? And do you know of any other medical oddities that are little known"?
Dear Ginger....Indeed I do!!
* THE FOREIGN ACCENT SYNDROME: After a severe head injury or stroke, a person begins speaking their native language with a foreign accent. It can also happen to American Skanks that think that sounding British makes them seem classy.
* ALICE IN WONDERLAND SYNDROME: Vision is distorted, making objects seem much smaller than they really are. A house may seem to be the size of a shoebox, etc.
*KABUKI MAKE-UP SYNDROME: This birth defect causes facial features to distort, resembling the overpronounced and elongated made up faces of Japanese Kabuki actors.
*PRUNE-BELLY SYNDROME: An absence of abdominal muscles, gives the stomach a wrinkled, puckered look. It also cause a severe pot belly that stretches out grotesquely. ( The latter is also called The Budweiser Syndrome).
* JUMPING FRENCHMAN: A condition first discovered in the 19th Century among Canadian lumberjacks. Patients have EXTREME reactions to sudden noises or surprises. They flail their arms, Jump up in the air, cry, scream, and hit people. Fortunately there hasn't been a case of any Frenchman hitting anybody in 150 years!
* WANDERING SPLEEN: The muscles that hold the spleen in place are missing or underdeveloped causing the spleen to move about freely in the lower abdomen and pelvic region.
*MAPLE SYRUP URINE DISEASE: An inherited metabolic disease that makes the urine and sweat smell like maple syrup. Mrs. Butterworth had this condition... When she lived in a Log Cabin!!
So Ginger....I hope this doesn't make you feel so all alone with your 'condition'.
Good question....Thanks.
All this conditioning is making Mr. Knowitall grow weary...
I bid you Adieu.....


Serena said...

I've worked with people who had all those conditions. Dated a few, too.:-)

Um, what happened to Monday?:P

lime said...

wandering spleen would also be an awesome name for a rock band.

Me said...

This Maple Syrup Urine don't have it, do you? Cuz if so, I will have to respectfully decline should you ever invite me over for pancakes...


Seriously, G...where do you get this stuff!! :D

G-Man said...

Numero Uno!
Mondays Over Baby..:P:P:P:P:P

Yeah, an Irish Rock/Folk Band!

C-...Mr. Knowitall eh?

Brian Miller said...

hehe...yeah i know a few of these...and we will no longer be using mrs. butterworths...ew

annie and katrin said...

I actually have a several of those conditions.
Thank you Mr. Knowitall, now i know
i am not alone, there's Ms. Ginger and me.

Mama Zen said...

I don't think that Budweiser Syndrome is that rare!

steveroni said...

Yeah, Mr G-Man...I have that MAPLE SYRUP URINE DISEASE you spoke of. Bet you did not realize it is real. Really, really real.

Even when I (how's a nice way to say this???) THROW UP, the resulting odor is Maple Syrup.

BTW, I DO really drink real, really real Maple Syrup, right out of the bottle--if there are now HERSHEY BARS around.

THEN I smell like chocolate--oh well, did I hear you say, "SAVE THAT, Steve--for ANOTHER TIME, say the year 2060?"

G-Man said...

Brian...Karo Syrup

Katrin..Hi Girls, I bet you do indeed smell like Maple Syrup. Hell, you guys live so far in the Boonies that you make your own. Thanks for stopping by...G

Hi Mama Zen.. It's not hehehe

Stevo...Of course I knew it was real. I'm not joking around here ya know. You could have left out the part about puking. I HATE puke, and all talk of puke...Thank you...G

Donda said...

Hilarious as always! That chick with the black tongue is in need of some serious orthodontia STAT!!!

Cloudia said...


Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

Larry said...

yeah stevearon like sounds really really good. I have the potbelly syndrome and I hate it My kids use to run and hide under it for shade BOL... I'm posted for Micrfiction Monday. My medical Marijuana card comes into effect Thursday wanna come by and smoke medicine pipe any body who has all your symptoms needs to stop by I smokem bigum pipe too.
looking for her prince
Thanmks for stopping all eleven or.

Thom said...

OMG I just bust out laughing at this. Makes Mrs. Butterworth seen in a whole new light LOL

Eric Alder said...

I've heard of a deadly disease known as Beer Nuts. In advanced stages it's known as Cotton Balls.

(Thanks to the late George Carlin)

secret agent woman said...

Have you ever read "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for Hat" by Oliver Sacks? There are some wacky neurological syndromes out there.

Mona said...

Now you have put me off maple syrup! Ack!

Akelamalu said...

People can have hairballs????? :0

buffalodick said...

Surplus WWII French rifles..never used, only dropped once..

drybottomgirl said...

The fuzzy tongue was gross! I was looking for a tail to be hanging out of her mouth. Funny symptons, and pictures! Thanks for making me laugh!

moondustwriter said...

Two much info or too much time on your hands. You need to study a foreign language - Latin or French.

Happy Tuesday G