Monday, March 29, 2010

TMI Tuesday.....

A Mr. Marty Borrman from Buenos Aires Argentina asks...

" Dear Mr. Knowitall, I know that Adolph Hitler had his moments, but surely there must be some things about Der Fuhrer that wasn't all evil."

Dear Marty....

'There ARE a few things about Hitler that might not be well known, and don't call me Shirley!'


*Hitler never let anyone see him naked or bathing.
*Hitler never used cologne or after shave.
*Hitler was a vegetarian, and because of it he was plagued by terrible flatulence!
*Hitler never took his coat off in public, no matter how hot it was.
*Hitler loved Wagner so much that he would blither on and on about him for hours on end until people sometimes fell asleep.
*Hitler was lousy at sports, his only excercise was an occassional stroll.
*Hitler loved the circus, he thought they were risking their lives just to please him.
*In 1933 he sent all of the women performers in the circus that was in Berlin, expensive chocolates and flowers. He also kept tabs on them after the circus left town..Concerned about their safety!
*Hitler didn't like circus animal acts, unless it involved putting women in danger.
*Hitler watched a movie every night. Mostly foreign films Banned to the German Public!
*Hitler Loved newsreels, ESPECIALLY if he was in them.
*Along with Wagner, Hitler loved Gypsy music, American College Alma Maters, and American collegiate fight songs.
*Hitler's handwriting was impeccable!
*Hitler always rode in an open car, regardless of the weather. He made his staff ride the same way telling them.."We are not bourgeoise, we are soldiers"
*Hitler's famous moustache was actually copied from Charlie Chaplan!
*Hitler Loved animals. He poisoned his German Shepherd Blondie before he committed suicide, as not to worry the pet.
*Hitler's first girlfriend was Jewish, and she dumped him!
*And last but NOT least? Hitler had only ONE TESTICLE!!
The One Nut Nazi!!!! hehehehehe

Good Question Marty...Mr. Knowitall grows weary.



Serena said...

I'm not sure whose mustache was scruffier, his or Charlie Chaplain's.:)

Cloudia said...

Such a mundane little man, but boy could he spew angry rhetoric when he got going, facts be damned...reminds me of someone....(S.P.)

Aloha from Hawaii my Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Shadow said...

so. he was just human then? yip. but pretty excentric

lime said...

i dunno...i'm not feeling any more humanity there. just more egomania.

Nessa said...

We eventually hate all the things we once loved. He loved gypsy music and sent many Europeans gypsies to the death camps.

Here's something you don't know about Hitler - he shares his birthday with my mother. And they were born only two towns apart.

Now there's a picture.

Jessie said...

you forgot one ... he was ugly!!!!
such a bad case of the boogly-uglees!!!
lol lol

Greg S. said...

Wow, you can put nut and Nazi in either order and it comes out right! I guess where there's Bullwinkle, Mr. Wizard can't be far behind!! Have a great day!!!


buffalodick said...

He was also addicted to drugs later in the war...

Stan Ski said...

About the genitals -
When we were kids, we used to sing:
'Hitler has only got one ball
The other is in the Free Trade Hall'
To the theme tune of Bridge on the River Khwai.