Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Days Are Getting Longer....

Hi Everybody...
Did Y'all have a Kick Ass Week-End?
Yesterday I had to go to Walmarks to get a vacuum cleaner belt.
Now I usually do my grocery shopping at Kroger, but this is a Super Walmarks and I aimlessly wandered to the grocery section there. As I was perusing the meats, I noticed that corned beef briskets were 2.14 a pound. At Kroger they were 3.59 a pound marked down from 3.99!!
I thought about how good a Corned Beef/Swiss on Rye bread sandwich would taste for my lunch on Monday, and I bought TWO!
This seems like a lot of meat, but believe me they really shrink when they cook down. So I am cooking one brisket very slowly in the oven with a honey/mustard glaze. And I'm making a boiled dinner with the other one. After boiling the other brisket for about 3 hours, I added a cabbage head, about 10 nice sized carrots, and a Rutabaga! My grandmother never made vegetable soup without adding a "beggie" as she called them. If you have ever been fortunate enough to have a Michigan Upper Peninsula taste treat supreme known as a Pastie, the main underlying flavor of that little regional treasure is the rutabaga.
The smell permeating thru my house know is driving me CRAZY!!!
Where in the WORLD is G-Man's Fu-Manchu?
Pretty clean-cut eh?
Next thing ya know I'll lose about 80 pounds and get Lyposuction!!
Have a Great Week....And Happy Martin Luther King Day.
It's no Holiday for me!


Anonymous said...

Did you go to cooking school? I can just imagine the taste and aroma now. I'm hungry. Your looking a might bit spiffy? There something going on you ain't telling us? LOL. Have a great weekend!

Monkey Man said...

Between the cabbage and the beggie, it would be a fartfest at the Monkey Man residence after a meal like that. Wouldn't stop me though.

The Turning Point said...

Ya got me on three out of three of the items in you post.
First the corned beef, wow, last night we went to a local deli (yes we finally got a somewhat authentic one here in south Tennessee) The sandwich is called The New York Yankee)and the shaved CB is piled so high I almost can't get my big mouth around it. Fantastic.
Second My wife and sister in law who lives down here are from Detroit. My sister in law used to make the Pastie and pedal them to the local factory workers in and out of Detroit. My wife and I met at Wayne State.
And third, the vacuum sweeper belt. As I was doing my share of the home chores my belt broke and I also had to replace it.It meant a trip to Ace and some other treat shopping.
Great to hear from someone from Michigan.


Dianne said...

Keep shaving off pounds ( mean years)
and you'll feel younger!

Prayer Girl said...

Corned beef sandwiches, brisket with honey/mustard glaze, boiled dinner - ah - you have my mouth watering. Love all of it.


Cloudia said...

Dark bread and root vegetables: you will live forever!

Aloha, Friend

Comfort Spiral

secret agent woman said...

I'm not sure people usually lose weight AND get liposuction.

Susan Anderson said...

I'm so hungry right now. Must you torture us like that? I love corned beef. *sob* LOL

Lou said...

Re-inventing ourselves, are we?

Serena said...

Cooking brisket. Shaving. I don't know what the world is coming to.:)

Larry said...

Damn keep tlking about all the home cooking and I'm goina hafta fire up the sesna and fly over for lunch there galen. Cornbeef on rye whooooooo boy. yeah you looking pretty good there galen pretty spiffy.

Brian Miller said...

the smell is killing me as well...sounds so good. chnage is good as well. nice look. shaved all my hair off this week on a whim.

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Oooooooo la la, G-Man! Love your new look! However, beware of the breast implants! ;)

clean and crazy said...

sounds wonderful, i would love to make some corned beef but there is too much sodium in it for our diets. never had a rutabaga though, wouldn't know what to do with one if i had it!!

Alice Audrey said...

Don't think I've ever cooked with a "beggie" before.

I have an award for you.

Mama Zen said...

Well, don't you clean up pretty!

lime said...

do love me a pastie. and what an utterly impish grin gman!

Shelley said...

Your weekend was a bit more "kick-assy" than mine! Too funny :)

Love corned beef!!