Thursday, December 17, 2009

Friday Flash 55.....

Sitting alone in a room lit only by Old Tannenbaum.
My grandmother sat...Unmoving.
With watery eyes and streaming tears, she wouldn't or couldn't speak.

"Grandma...Are you OK"?

Just then, my grandfather beckoned me to the kitchen.

'Son...Leave her be'

"Whats wrong with her Grandpa"?

'Nothing...She's remembering.
Someday you'll understand'!!!!

This scene actually happened to me about 50 years ago.
My Grandfather wasn't very 'book-smart', but this common/simple man was very wise!
As I now sit in front of my own lit tree...
Both my Grandparents are gone
My Mother is gone
My brother is gone
My daughter lives in The Czech Republic!!
And at age 60, his words are still ringing in my ears.
And you know what else?
I Finally Understand!!!!!

Next Friday is Christmas, so I think that we shall take a week off and return on Friday January 1st 2010. Enjoy the Holidays....And please remember....
Home is where the Heart is!
If you or anyone you know has written a Friday Flash 55,
Please come tell The G-Man.
I will visit, read, enjoy, comment...Then BOOK!
So from the most Jolly host from coast to coast...
Have a Kick Ass Holiday Week!!!


Dr.John said...

I'm having those memories too.

I have finished my 55.
You’ll find it
But it’s a groaner.

Brian Miller said...

a sweet memory..and one day we do understand...well done emotional 55 this week g-man.

hoping all is well on your side, the back side that is.

have a great weekend!

mine is up.

Fandango said...

We dragons have Holiday memories as well. it is a sad and happy time.
Our 55 is up


Monkey Man said...

Very touching Galen. I am not yet an orphan, but old enough to know we all end up that way. My 55 will be up later this evening. I'll post a link then.

Susan Anderson said...

You overachieving early posters have forced me to post early, LOL! And Dr. John...This one isn't *sad*! Happy Friday/Thursday :P

Alice Audrey said...

My grandmother did the same thing. So far I'm still pleading ignorance.

Mine is here.

Mojo said...

Oh wow G. I've already written mine for next week. One I think fits in with this one real nice. But it's kinda important that it go off on schedule. You'll understand when you're older;). So I'm gonna stick to the one for this week this week and hope that folks will remember to stop by next week for the Special Edition.

Your 55 this week resonates with me though. Probably more than anything else, this is a season for remembering for me too. The good the bad and the ugly.

And in your own words, have a kick-ass week-end!

Lynn said...

That was lovely and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Galen.

S said...

Yeah I hear ya....
Happy weekend, Gman!

Susan at Stony River said...

Oh wow, what a winner of a Christmas 55! This is my first Christmas that one of my *children* has to fly back home for the holidays--life is shifting. The tree stays the same, maybe that's why I love it so much.


And all I wrote was an exploding turkey.

MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS and all that good stuff!!

smarmoofus said...

Aww, g-man, you ol' softy. You just brought a tear to my eye. I'm too young to understand, darnit!

I'm up,

Serena said...

A most poignant and excellent Thursday 55, Galen. Happy Holidays!:)

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

I guess we're all having memories of one kind or another, G. I hope that you and all of our 55 friends have a wonder-rocked holiday. ♥

Cindy said...

Beautiful! I miss my Grandparents so much!

Janna said...

I know what you mean. :(
I've cried for lost relatives too... and some who aren't even lost yet.

Wonderful 55.
Mine is ready too... right here.

Felicitas said...

What a lovely 55 Galen! Something I'm sure I will reflect upon this Christmas when I celebrate with my family.

My 55 has been posted.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday G-Man!

Prayer Girl said...

What a wonderful 55. I understand. All my grandparents and my parents are gone on ahead of me and I will take time to just sit and remember sometime in the rush of this season.

Thanks for reminding me to stop and remember.

My 55 will be hope in a moment.

Kim A. said...

I loved your 55 today..I, too have those memories and understand. Here is my humble 55.


Eaton Bennett said...

Darned if your 55 didn't make me cry!
And I fully understand too. A special 55, Galen, thank you. :)

Have the best weekend!

My 55 is up. :)

enchantedoak said...

I understand Grandma too. What a nice memory for you to have.

My 55 is up as of midnight Pacific time. I don't know how to link it here. Anyone have simple instructions for me?

Monkey Man said...

I'm up now. My 55 is HERE.

Dianne said...

Sweet and a great tribute to your grandparents.

Thats all we get.

Mine is up

clean and crazy said...

i do know exactly what he means!! GREAT 55!! mine is up too have a very merry christmas!!

Mr. O said...

On of these days I will remember to post my 55 in advance.

Mine is here

Kathleen said...

So very tender. I'm impressed, G-Man, but not a bit surprised. Have a wonderful, memory-filled and joyous Christmas. You deserve it!

Here's mine this week:

CJ said...

Mr. K.I.A. --That' was a nice little scene. I can see your grandmother sitting by the tree and remembering.

Hello to all. I've missed contributing and reading Flash 55s.

I thought I'd be back sooner, but it will probably be at least January until I start contributing again. My 95-yr-old mother started to decline quickly about 10 weeks ago and that was part of the reason I had to take a break. She died the day before Thanksgiving. Since then, I've been dealing with memorial service, probate, dispersing my mother's belongings, preparing her home for my niece to move in.

So ---no Flash 55 for me this week, but look for me in a few weeks.

Thom said...

Very cool 55. I have those same memories. Have a wonderful Holiday Season my friend. Mine is up HERE. Mele Kalikimaka :)

anthonynorth said...

A poignant and important 55 you've got there.

You'll find mine here.

Larry said...

The memories of loved ones when their gone it jerks the heart when you think of them. This will be the second year with out my father and it's really hard to deal with. But I'll remember all the good memories because he always made Christmas happen. I'm up and posted just follow the link below.

Marine Life

UberGrumpy said...

It's Friday already?

Shadow said...

touching, g-man!

the walking man said...

I get it. see you soon after your breather.

sarah said...

I love this G-man. this is the best. You're the best. Have the happiest holiday ever. Hey - thanks for being you. Sarah

Hootin' Anni said...

It's ironic in a way...tho this is a beautiful, warm and loving 55, I can see this through a child's eyes.

We, at that age, wonder what's wrong...yet when we age, we KNOW the feeling, we're living it.


MY 55 is all about snow suits and the urge....come see HERE


Dulce said...

Yours is always the BEST!G-MAN

HAVE A SUPERB Xmas time!

Nara said...

Hi G-Man

Great post. I'm doing some remembering myself this holiday. It's nice to be reminded I'm not alone in that.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

My 55 is up here

Nara said...
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JStar said...

Reflections are memorable...Certain ones stand out and make you remember...It brings joy into your life, even if or esp if the people you are remembering are no longer here on earth, but they still live in your heart :)

Jessie said...

i hope you enjoy your time off. enjoy your friends and those you care for most -- we'll see you next year!

warm smiles for some warm holiday cheer,

p.s. mine is up

hope said...

I think Christmas does that to most of us...makes us reach back for the best memories. As a kid I joked that I didn't know WHY we took pictures every Christmas as they all looked the SAME, except for the clothes.

And now I understand. :) Thank you for sharing.

Mine's up. Here's wishing you and yours [that's ALL of you] a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Jadey said...

Hey there G,

I love your 55. I know those words mean a lot to me this year as well. I think the holidays are just those times when we get to remember those that are no longer with us or that are away at the special times of the year and the special times we had together and the memories we have made. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday. Hugs to you. Have a great weekend and my 55 is up.

G-Man said...

Hi Everybody...
I have a VERY busy day at work today...YAY!!!
Please be patient with my responding ...It'l be later today after 7:00 pm!
You All Rock...Carry On...Galen

Tall Kay said...

I understand too. Very touching 55 from a very sweet man. Merry Christmas G. Here's to the memories.

javajazz said...

you're gettin' all
philosophical on us,
you tryin' to make me cry??
ya, i've been
remembering a lot
now what the hell
are you going to do
with a whole week off?
anyway, have fun ...
home IS where the heart is,
you're right.
and Lana loves you
very much
and wishes you
a Merry Christmas
and a Happy Chanukah...!

buffalodick said...

Happy Holidays! I know why you're taking the time off- You're really Santa!

secret agent woman said...

I'm thankful I have lots to remmeber - good and bad, but definitely rich.

Akelamalu said...

Sweet 55 G-man. I know what you mean about understanding - it does hit home when you get to 60.

I've already written a special 55 for christmas Day so I will post it anyway. :)

Mom of Opiate Addict said...

This made me remember too, and cry. Have a very lovely Holiday! Mine is up.

Cazzie!!! said...

Woot woo!

Donnetta Lee said...

Yes, I get it, too, Galen! Memories. And, boy, do I ever have them!

Mine is up. D

schererart said...

Nicely written.

I finished my 55, and it wasn't easy.

otin said...

I did not do one this week. That was a very moving 55 that you did. It sucks getting older.

lifendream said...

Am young and i have lots of them which bring tears...Good one Gman.Nice 55.

Mine is here

PS the Pratsie said...

this was d best thing i read in a loong time !! missed writing anything coz of work but was lovely visiting you :) merry xmas !!

snowelf said...

Much love to you from the chilis and I. We are wishing warm thoughts for you. :)


Gloria said...

Love memories, I know, this home is where the heart is!! and enjoy the life, send you warm greetings and huggs now and for Christmas, gloria

lime said...

i can imagine you well understand. very poignantly expressed. i hope many happy memories keep you warm this christmas and new happy ones are added.

Larry said...

thanks for stopping by Galen hope you have a great Christmas and many many more. I will leave a Christmas flash 455 afraid if I stop I'll get out of the habit of writing one every Friday. \
Owe by the way nice picture on your profile. Later dude and as you would say have a kick ass weekend.

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Hi Galen! Wanted to wish you and your loved ones a blessed, peaceful, and merry Christmas! Love, Petra xo

Ronda Laveen said...

I found your FF55 via Brian Miller. I will post my first attempt on Tues. I know, Tues is not Fri but I only do two posts a week on tues and thurs.

I just wanted you to know that I like your idea and your post was heartwarming and enlightening.

Happy Holidays.

Brian Miller said...

nice ronda's in the mix!