Sunday, June 14, 2009

Let Your Fingers Do The Walking......

Hi Everybody...

Friday was a SUPER day for Flash 55's, thanks to all that found the time to contribute. I finally read and commented on everyone's that visited me, it was fun!

I have a friend that buy's lots of great stuff On-Line... Shoes, Comforters, Books,
almost whatever whim she is feeling at the time. I'm kind of in a whimsical shopping mood myself today, and so far this is what I've chosen...What do you think?

1. A Mermaid Tampon Holder...$21.95 on eBay. It hold 3 Regular OR 2 Super!!

2. Jesus Band-Aids..."Treat your cuts with it's INCREDIBLE healing power"!
$9.95 on eBay..

3. Those Sea-Monkeys always look so happy...

4. Who wants Gingivitus? Not me! These are very popular with women for some reason!

5. I have a friend in mind for this one...hehehehe

Lets hope these advertising claims are true eh?
Have a Great Week...


Susan at Stony River said...

I need to take you with me next time I go shopping--these are too good!

Must pass on the musical iBoob and the "gum" massager however...sorry, but I've never put my gum there.

Mona said...

what do you need a tampon holder for?... Cigarettes ?

I love the sea shell bra...where can I get one of those???

Alice Audrey said...

And there will be music everywhere she goes? Not for me, thanks! Changing the station could be embarrassing.

I do two memes on Sunday. One is for recipes and the other just food photos. If you want to do the food photo one, it's the one called Yummy Sunday. They aren't all big and fancy like FF55 - which I adore, BTW - but since I was posting that stuff anyway. *shrug*

Akelamalu said...

Does anybody actually have any of those sea monkeys???

Are you sure that is a gum massager? ;)

Lou said...

I would add one more item--those
xray glasses!

Serena said...

There's a reason why I don't do my online shopping on eBay... :-)

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said... sure are in touch with your feminine side, G-Man! ;)

I wanted to thank you for your very generous comment on "The Good Earth." "Father of the Bride" is much more talky! What do you think?

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, Galen! Petra :))

Lani said...

you are a wild and crazy guy LOL

Hey I started a new meme for tomorrow! I am trying to get the word out
it's onday crazy questions 8 and it is found here

think you can help me get this off the ground??? LOL
Hope youll join in!!
and all your viewers too!!!!!

Quixote said...

the tampon holder's actually pretty cool but knowing my luck, with all my male friends, someone would think it was a cigar box and ... oops.

*huggles the G-daddy all up*

Shadow said...

weird stuff!!!

Lulda Casadaga said...

I like that mermaid pic! Can you store other stuff in it besides tampons? :D

Mama Zen said...

No toast bearing the image of the Virgin Mary? Come on, G-Man!

pheromone girl said...

Interesting selections. I think I should do some shopping myself...

gab said...

I thought the first one was a picture. Have to pass on that dont need them any more. I used to have the sea monkeys either I didnt do it right or they never "hatched" im with Susan at stony river I dont put my gum there! And the last one probably would be too small for me. lol. either way all you have found on E-bay is much more interesting that what I sell on E-bay

Dr.John said...

THe Jesus bandages aren't that good or there wouldn't be a free prize inside.
How do you change the station on an Iboob?

G-Man said...

Susan...G-Mans shopping service?
Thats an Idea...Thanks

Mona...I think you'd need a Giant Clam!

Alice...I'll remember Food Day!

What do you think? hehehe

Lou..I'm sure those X-Ray glasses REALLY WORK!

eBay no. Every shoe catalogue in the English languqage...YES!!

Petra...If I had something Feminine, I'd probably touch it!

Lani...I'm so sorry, I was very busy at work today, and couldn't be On-Line..Grrrrrr

Yes Erin, we wouldn't want to have to change your name to Monica!!

Shadow Dancing...Your Point?

What do you think?

Mama Zen...
There was a leather belt with a bleach stain that resembled Jesus..
For Real!!

PG...I see you went shopping for a new Avatar...

Gabby...Sea Monkeys?

Um...Tweak a nipple?

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