Monday, May 4, 2009

Change of Pace.....

OK.....I'm tired of 'Gooberville', hows about some easy reading Ramblings?

Tonights Antiques Road Show is from Grand Rapids Michigan.

In 1587, Virginia Dare was the First white child born in the Colonies. On August 18th on what is now Roanoke Island North Carolina.

I hit a deer today with my car. I hit it on it's rear haunch going about 25 mph. It rolled twice, got up and took off, darted back across the road, and I almost hit it again. My front bumper is a bit dented..They are like RATS!!!

In 1980, there were wild and/or feral pigs in only 13 states. Today there are Wild Hogs in 40 states!!!( Mark my words...This WILL be a future problem )

In 1921, Margaret Gorman became the 1st Miss America. She was 16 and 30-25-32!

I had a fellow blogger tell me a few weeks back, that Blogging and Posting are becoming obsolete. Twitter and FaceBook are now whats happenin'. I claimed that there is not a whole lot of creativity in just Twittering. I was then told that taking pics of my Treasures, isn't really all that creative either. Well that may be so, but I put a lot of effort into making Friday's fun and creative around here. And more than one recipe' has been shared on Posts. I find that much more fun and gratifying than hearing about shit on Twitter..."Oh, I just took a shower"!! or "I hate Wednesday TV"! or "I'm so bored and hungry"..Boo Fucking Hoo!!!!
Any thoughts?
Anyway, see ya tomorrow with yet another very UN-creative post.



Serena said...

I neither Twitter nor have a Facebook account. If that makes me a bore, so be it. If some boor wants to tell me that, I hope a wild boar gets them. Hmph. That's awful about the deer. Glad both the animal and your car are okay. Good grief, Miss America 1921 was a teensy little thing, wasn't she?:)

G-Man said...

Sherry...I think that Twitter is abhorrent!!
Yeah, That Margaret chick is a tiny thing. Hot too, or so I hear!

Lulda Casadaga said...

G: I promise to do better for gettin my 55 in on time...I did have it in before midnite! :P
OH, NO not a deer hit...well, go back to my blog about when we (husband actually) hit the deer. You can compare crunched fenders! :)
Ok, I'm cool with FB because it lets me keep up with all my peeps!
But, I don't get the Twitter. I love all your posts and am honored to be one of your peeps.

snowelf said...

I'm with SJ. I am no fan of twitter and will never have one. Facebook I have but rarely use--mostly just to keep up with my family.

Call me old fashioned Galen, but I think the true writers will always stick with the blog world. I've made some wonderful friends and this is where I feel at home.


Strumpet said...

Galen, Your blog is the Bee's Knees.

And without my blog, I'm not sure that I wouldn't be in a mental hospital complete with straight-jacket. (Though, for brief periods, and under the right circumstances, I may actually DIG bein' in a straight-jacket...but that is neither here, nor there.)

Now, don't get me wrong, I've been gettin' into Facebook, as you well know.

But, NOTHING, and I do mean NOTHING, compares to my mother-fucking BLOG.

And, pictures of your junk are always welcome.


Anyhow, I just came by to tell you Happy Cinco de Mayo. Te amo.

P.S. As for Fridays, I couldn't tell you any better day of the week in Blogland. I think that more and more people coming into the community of the 55 only PROVES just how awesome a man you truly are. You get around like no other, and I really don't know how you do it, bub. You freaking rock 'n' rolla, you.

P.P.S. As for the person who dare say anything not-very-nice about one of my favourite Bloggers....

...well, if they don't like your blog, they just don't have to read it, now, do they?

It's not like you don't have one HECK of a harem goin' on over here, of which, I am PROUD to be a part.

*raises fist in the air*


Damn straight.

P.P.P.S. Galen, please watch out for Rudolph. For both your and Rudolph's sake. Please! I am very glad you both were okay too.


Quixote said...

I have a facebook but no twitter. I also don't get the one liner "this is what I'm doing" BS.

Sowwee about the deer, G-daddy. Deer, crows and Canada geese are an epidemic around here.

Keep blogging dearest. I started blogging for myself and still do it just for me. But the friends I've made and the visits are kickass so it has multiple bennies.

Huggles da G-Rebel all up. I'm with ya!


KB said...

Poor deer. I love blogging and twittering. I blog when I am feeling inspired and creative. I use twitter to post links to my blog for my friends who don't blog. I also twitter when I feel ike being a vegetable but still want to connect with my online buddies. I tried facebook but cancelled when my ex kept trying to buy me at auction. Yikes, creepy. Each to their own G :)

Mona said...

that facebook and that twitter are a sham. First of all tell those who promote them to read the fine print of rules carefully. All that they publish there, including photographs, lose copywrite since they become the Facebook or twitter property immediately, which they can use and publish as their own whenever and whereever they wish to. Secondly,as soon as you sign up, all your private E mails information automatically transfers to them ( I don 't know how that happens) so it makes it super unsafe to be there.

Honestly, I find such sites as modified and upgraded chatrooms, which had become obsolete a long time ago, and which they seem to be recycling now.

I Loooove blogger!

Galen? O dear...poor deer!
( and your car too)

the walking man said...

I wonder how long it will take the wild hogs to get to Detroit once we start the urban farming project in earne...opps wait they are already here, they've been running the city for decades.

So is a person who twitters a twit?

Shadow said...

facebook? twitter? naaaaahhhhhhh

lime said...

i've never been on twitter and have no interest. i'm perfectly happy with what you've got going on here. keep it up...and try not to hit anymore giant rats.

paisley said...

although i have both facebook and twitter i find blogging to be on a totally different level, at least for me.. i don't use it so much as a keep in touch social network as i do fora creative outlet,, and you are right when you say the opportunities for creativity are greatly limited when they are required to be 140 characters or less.... although i do have fun writing a little twitter fiction here and there......

Missy said...

Well I'm a twit I suppose, but for the reasons mostly to promote my blog site and articles I write. It helps to draw traffic to them.

However far be it from me to ever, and I mean ever say blogging is obsolete!

Why that is like saying I can't pick up a pen and write anymore and that is just a horrible thought! Me not blog arghhhhhhhh

Now don't throw eggs at me because I'm on twitter, they might hurt.

S said...

THis facebook and twitter business is the death of blogging.
I will keep blogging even if its just you and Lime coming over to read it.
It's my journal, and a hellofalot more creative than Fbook and I dont even know what twitter is except that it involves texting which I vow to never do.

Have a good day, Gman.
We aint got any wild pigs here yet, but theyre in them thar hills fer sure!

S E E Quine said...

Viva blogging! Check out my blogs, G-man! You will be AMAZED at my good fortune! And artwork, etc. Best of all, I'll have a PLACE TO BLOG, and LOOK AT OTHER PEOPLE'S BLOGS, so maybe I'll come back more often.

PS, do you have a 'point' too?

S E E Quine said...

PS too bad you didn't kill the deer for having a dented bumper... you know, for the venison.

PPS, I have willfully forgotten that I have a Twitter account, but I do have facebook, I just don't use it instead of a blog!

Akelamalu said...

I have a facebook account but very rarely go on it. Twitter is for twits!

Up the bloggers I say. :)

buffalodick said...

My thoughts on Facebook and Twitter are well known... they are not for me. Mindless self centered twits make up Twitter! Grand Rapids Road Show- the big news was a woman whose $7000 painting was worth $300,000.. She isn't even from around here...

gab said...

I would much rather come here and read unimaginetive stuff(not that yours is) than follow twitter although I have to admit that I do follow some on twitter and I do "play" alot on facebook. I am basically taking a break from blogger mainly because my writing has gotten to be I took a shower today. That and I am writing a book. a real honest to goodness book!

Breazy said...

GALEN!!!!!!!! Hey buddy, how the heck are you? First of all thank you so much for your very kind words on my blog. As for your post, I have to agree with you about Twitter and Facebook, I much prefer Blogger even though I don't get to ride around blogland much these days.

My dad once hit a horse going about 20 mph, actually the horse ran into him. It was around 4am and dad was on his way to work, it was very foggy...good news the horse survived just fine but my dads Cutlass, Oldsmobile was totaled.

It was sooooo good to hear from you Galen, you take care and I hope to be back more often. :)


citizen of the world said...

Good - this Southerner tunes out with all the redneck jokes.

I know Twitter and the like is very popular, but I don't ever want to go that route. It's boring to me and I don't get how people get consumed by all the minute-by-minute updates.

(And ha! I could have been a Miss America in 1921!)

Mama Zen said...

I've tried Twitter, but I'm, um, not getting the point.

Glad you didn't get a deer in the windshield!