Thursday, April 9, 2009

Friday Flash 55....

This riddle is a mind boggler,
and any attempts at solving the mystery could cause drain bamage!
BUT...To the victor goes the spoils. (Pictured Above)
Send your answer via E-Mail to:
The first correct answer wins.
"Name the Teutonic connection,
between Bobby Darin and Rosa Klebb's Portrayer"!

Chocolate and Money, what's better?


If you or anyone you know has written a Friday Flash 55, please come tell the G-Man.
I will visit, read, enjoy, comment, Then BOOK!!
So from the most gracious host from coast to coast...
Have a Very Happy Easter!!!

I apologize for this quirky 55 folks, but this idea popped into my head a few days ago, and I just had to run with it. I'll publish the winners name and/or answer on Sunday...Hey, at least I'm not murdering anyone this week.


smarmoofus said...

Iiiiiiiiiii sent you an email! Gimme chocolate!

Also, I'm up!


smarmoofus said...

Oops. I forgot to say: Chutes and Ladders!


lime said...

well i reckon smarmoofus beat me but i'll be sending my answer forthwith.

jillie said...

Gimme money any day. I only like chocolate in small quantities and you have GOT to be joking if you think I can answer that question. I don't even know what the hell that means...LOL. I am not good at riddles dear you anyway.

clean and crazy said...

ok I tried the flash 55 tell me what you think? Have no clue what this is all about.

Serena said...

Good grief, Galen's morphed into The Riddler. Either I'm dense or that's a very hard one. Kudos to whoever gets the right answer.:)

G-Man said...

There is no assurance of a complete correct answer until I declare a winner on Sunday...
Carry On....G

Mojo said...

I reckon I'm in too late. But does the response have to be phrased in the form of a question Alex?

And... I'm up.

55 Flash Fiction Friday #40: Chapter 32 - Anaamika

Shadow said...

consider me brain damaged, heee heee heee. i'll wait for sunday...

mine's up too, so early on a public holiday. say whaaaat?????

the walking man said...

Damn sent my e at 0435

Hootin' Anni said...

I'm not good at riddles.

But my 55 is posted...below my Easter Bonnet Rabbit this week.


Mona said...

Answer : Chocolate and money.

Btwn. Whose email addy do you want Galen? ;)

Btwn, Btwn. My 55ve is up!

Strumpet said...

Are we allowed to Google?


I played this week. Finally.

Yeah, I want to see you in a long green leotard and a bowler hat.

And an eyemask.

With a cane.

It'd be way hot.

They'd cast you in the next Dark Knight.

I'm sure of it.

Then you'd get to come to Chi!


Dr.John said...

At riddles I'm no good
My mind is made of wood
But my story fifty five
Today is very much alive.

I have posted

Akelamalu said...

I haven't a clue what the answer is but if I did I wouldn't enter because I'm on a diet and that chocolate would just tempt me too much! :)

Mine's up too.

Fandango said...

We dragons can't be bothered with puny riddles.
We are above uch stuff.
But it makes a great flash 55.

We have posted

Eaton Bennett said...

G-Man, I'm hopeless at riddles at midnight in Australia...I reckon you would have had several emails with the answer by now anyway. Fun 55!

my 55

lime said...

i'm quite late but my 55 is finally up....actually there are 4 of them posted today.

ciara said...

no clue cos my brain is totally fried. you're lucky i came up with a flash fiction this week lol

Mary said...

Ooooooh! And it's dark chocolate, too!

I'm up ... better late than never, right?

buffalodick said...

I take a pass on this one...

javajazz said...

i have no idea
what you're talking about,
plus, do you guys
have $2. bills?

anyway, happy Easter
Mr. Knowitall.
i love you.

Donnetta Lee said...

Hi, Galen. Hmm. I have no earthly idea but will think about it.

Mine is up! D

jadey said...

Hey there Mister G I hope you and your family have a very happy Easter. I am pondering this riddle. Ummm I want chocolate please!!!! My 55 is up

Prayer Girl said...

Just lettin' you know - - I've just published my second "Friday Flash 55".

Happy Easter.

Prayer Girl

S said...

OMG I have no fricking idea what you are talking about.
So I wont even try.

Have a good weekend Gman!

S said...

But I see you have excellent taste in chocy! I send that local stuff to India all the time. Most of the time it gets there, sometimes the postmen eat it, and sometimes it gets melted before it gets there!

Ghirardelli rules!

myrtle beached whale said...

I didn't see your post until it was too late to send the answer but I knew it was Mack the Knife.

S E E Quine said...

No clue. Why must you torture certain people (like me) with chocolate?

Lulda Casadaga said...

This is "queerer than a two dollar bill", G-Man! I have no cents for this kind of nonsense ... I wash my hands of, give me a piece of chocolate!
p.s. Happy Easter/Passover dahling! pps. I'm partial to Lindt!

Mama Zen said...

I tried the riddle!

Have a wonderful Easter G-Man!