Monday, March 9, 2009

Translation Tuesday.....

How zit goan eh?......Take off Hoser!!

As many of you know, the G-Man is partial to the word Hoser. I loved The McKenzie Brothers from the old SCTV skits. I think in part because I love Canada. It was a Right of Spring for me and several of my buddies to drive to Northern Ontario each year to go Walleye fishing. I attended Grad School at the University of Windsor. I have probably been to Toronto more than a dozen times. And the "strip clubs" in Canada are known for complete nudity. Back in the day, we used to drive the 60 miles eagerly to attend.."The Windsor Ballet" (Titty Bars). And I love hockey!!!
One of my co-workers is from Canada, and each day we discuss 'Canadianism's'.
So, sit back and enjoy , we will start with the easy ones.

The Rosetta Stone of Canadian/American

EH?..Every sentence uttered in Canada ends with Eh? It's like Huh, or Don't Cha Know.
LOONY..A Canadian One Dollar coin has a Loon on one side.
TOONIE..A Canadian Two Dollar coin.
TWO-FER...(24)..A case of beer
SUITCASE...The same thing as a Two-Fer.
HOMO MILK...Homogonized Milk
BUNNY HUG...Hooded Sweat Shirt
POGEY..Welfare or Unemployment
BUTTER TARTS...Little bits of Heaven..Miniature Pecan Pies. Only made with raisons!!
DEKEY..Favorable or cool.
FBI...Fuckin Big Indian.
HAD THE BISCUIT..Dead or Broken.
JOGGERS...Sweat Pants
MOLSON MUSCLE...A beer belly
RINK RAT...Zamboni Drivers..(Ice Rink Mainenance)
RUNNERS...Tennis Shoes or Sneakers
POVERTY PACK...A six-pack of beer
SERVIETTE...A napkin
SKULLCRAMP...A head ache
TUQUE..Knitted winter hat
VICO...Chocolate Milk
ZED...The letter Z
PUCK...A hockey players Girlfriend

...Hmmmm. I think I'll resume this lesson another time. There certainly are enough translations for many many posts. Do you know how a person from Toronto spells his country's name?
C eh? N eh? D eh?.....



SignGurl said...


I remember the McKenzie Brothers well. Take off to the Great White North!

A few of those Canadianisms are actually Frenchisms, eh?

Serena said...

I may never eat KFC again.:-) Interesting linguistics lesson, though. Sometimes it scares me how much I don't know.

Lulda Casadaga said...

thanks for the lesson...I loved watching SCTV. Great comics/actors from that!
G-Man gettin culture at the "titty ballet"...priceless! :D

lime said...

hahahah that was fun. i liked the mackenzie brothers too. it's interesting to see both the brit and french influence in those canada-isms.

clean and crazy said...

awesome post, thanks for the translations, I will write them down just to pretend I am Canadian!! Very cool

Shadow said...

oh you're too funny today. got anything to do with the golf club in the near distance???

the walking man said...

Wait what about Tim Hortons..what is the Canadianism for that?

G-Man said...

Walking Man...
That would be Horny Tim's!
Thanks for the reminder....G

buffalodick said...

I time, fly-in fishing out of Hornepayne, Ontario on lake called Linbar, I did the "Coo-coocoo" from the song "Take Off To The Great White North" at the top of my lungs! We were the only people on the whole lake....

snowelf said...

Hehe! Great post, Galen!!

It alwasy cracks me up with my clients say "zed"


G-Man said...

I've been to Hornepayne!!
In fact, we nearly hit a bear right on the railroad tracks in town.
Yep, we nearly had the biscuit there eh?

mile191 said...

fun memories you have sparked in me.

Hey, I have a link to a great post on another website...can't make it too easy on anyone. But check it out. It is a great read, very inspiring.


Akelamalu said...

I love coloquialisms, you should hear some of ours! :)

Mary said...

One of my good friends is from Toronto, and I love to make fun of
her for using these sorts of colloquialisms and the fact that all her sentences end up sounding like a question.

I'm never exactly sure what she's saying, but it cracks me up all the same, eh?

S said...

LOL Gman
Come see the answers to your Indian interrogation!


Ya big hoser.

Mama Zen said...

Poverty Pack! That is too funny!

SignGurl said...

Have you had the chance to ogle anyone lately? That's oh-gul to me and everyone else but ah-gle to you. FREAK!

G-Man said...

Thanks everybody for visiting and commenting...


buffalodick said...

The big deal in Hornepayne was to visit the dump at night, and watch the bears forage..

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