Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Portrait....

Hi everybody.....
I'm here all safe and sound!
As I was passing thru West Virginie, I saw this sign and had to take a pic.
I haven't figured out yet which WV town I love the best...
Beaver, Cheat Neck, Possom Hollow, Big Ugly Creek, Booger Hole, or Oprah Winfrey's Home-Town of Hoo Hoo!!
Start thinking about your 55 kiddies


lime said...


lime said...

booger hole? no way.

and i though oprah was from mississippi.

anyway, i still say PA has the best town names...intercourse, paradise, blue ball, slippery rock.

glad you got there safe and sound. have fun!

Missy said...

Here's a few places in Oklahoma that might be interesting.

Pumpkin Center

Here's a scratch your head moment. Some dude in Oklahoma wants an exclamation mark put at the end of Oklahoma on the state flag? What fer I wonder. Is it like for Oh my god Oklahoma Rocks, or Oh no not Oklahoma, or where in the heck is Oklahoma? ........gofigure !!!!!!!

Akelamalu said...

Makes me want to sing....

West Virginia, mountain momma
take me home country roads..


KB said...

Booger hole, hehe!

My 55 is up x

Shadow said...

wild and wonderful... sounds like just the right spot for you. but scratch the wonderful, heee heee heee

Lulda Casadaga said...

Well, I think WV is Wonderful...and Wild when your white water rafting on the Gauly.
It is a best kept secret...and I don't work for the tourism industry. :) And of course our g-man is W&W too!!

Serena said...

Booger Hole, WV?! Surely, you jest. And yet, I know you're not. Man, can you imagine living there and having to give out your address?:-)