Sunday, February 22, 2009

This Posts For You........

Hi Everybody, I hope you all had a swell Week-End!
Last Friday night, my buddy Alex and I visited our good friend and fraternity brother Dave. Dave lives in a suberb of Flint about 6 miles from here called Flushing.
As you may or may not know, I frequent a small neighborhood dive named "Down the Hatch".
Now I usually drink diet cola when I go out, but once in a while I'll down a few brews. A pitcher of beer at our pub cost 2.25 for a large. In Flushing we visited 2 different places; Duffy's Tavern, and Skips. At Duffy's I ordered a large pitcher of Killian's Red. It was a 48 oz pitcher, and it cost $5.50. After quaffing a couple, we walked up to Skips. There we downed 2 pitchers of Labatt's Blue...At $8.25 a FRICKIN PITCHER!!!!...Maybe thats why I drink diet cola for a Buck, with free refills!
Anyway, beer is OK, but for some people beer is the Elixer of Life!! A gift from God! Liquid Tranquility!!....Better than Women!!....BETTER THAN WOMEN???????
Yes, thats right, some people think that beer is Better Than Women.
Now although it is a well-known fact that I prefer Redheads to Killian Red, there are indeed some valid arguments to the women conundrum. So, just to be fair and to show a Yin to my Yang, I respectfully submit these reasons why....


1. You can enjoy a beer all month long.
2. When your beer goes flat, you dump it.
3. Hangovers always go away.
4. A beer label comes off without a fight.
5. Beer is never late.
6. Beer doesn't get jealous when you grab another beer.
7. When you go to a bar, you know you can always pick up another beer.
8. Beer never gets a headache.
9. A beer won't get upset if you come home and have another beer.
10. After you've had a beer, the bottle is still worth 10 cents.
11. If you pour a beer right, you'll always get good head.
12. A beer always goes down easy.
13. You can have more than one beer a night and not feel guilty.
14. You can share a beer with friends.
15. You can have a beer in public.
16. Beer doesn't demand equality.
17. Beer is ALWAYS wet.
18. A frigid beer is a good beer.
19. You don't have to wash a beer for it to taste good.
20. When you get rid of a beer, you do not have to pay it alimony!
Of course these are the views of some people, certainly NOT The G-Man!!!


lime said...


lime said...

i think i may need to counter with "why chocolate is better than a man"

Serena said...

Hmmm. I don't like beer; never have. Now I'm thinking I should team up with Lime and do a chocolate list.:)

lime said...

Chocolate is rich, dark en satisfying.

You´re never dissapointed when you open the wrapper.

Chocolate doesn´t care how many pieces you´ve eaten before.

Chocolate always hits the spot.

Chocolate doesn´t secretly want to be eaten by your best friend.

Chocolate always smells good.

Chocolates are easy to pick up.

Chocolate is satisfying even when it´s gone soft.

You can suck a piece of chocolate even in front of your mother.

You dont´t mind the brown stains left by chocolate.

With chocolate size doesn´t really matter, it´s always good.

Chocolate doesn´t mind if you bite it´s nuts.

“If you love me you swallow that” has real meaning with chocolate.

You can have more than one chocolate a night without ruining your reputation.

Chocolate doesn´t think it´s is

You can tell just by looking at it, that is hasn´t been in anyone else's mouth.

G-Man said...

Well some chocolate is just too damn bitter to swallow.

And chocolate is basically INDIGESTABLE!!

....I feel like this is Point-Counterpoint!

Donnetta Lee said...

My mom was told to by a doctor to give my little brother beer in order to gain weight. This was back in the 1950s. She didn't do it and he's still skinny. Maybe that's why! D

JihadGene said...

No comment, as my wife might read this.

Shadow said...

ha ha, redeemed yourself with that last line...

and my thoughts this monday morning???? who's gonna make me go to work today?

have a good week!

the walking man said...

Beer...when the bottle is empty it still has multiple uses for the chocolate eater.

buffalodick said...

Beer vs. Chocolate... both winners!

snowelf said...

I'll take the chocolate over a beer...especially after Lime's list! :)

Although I also like jewelry...and new cars..



Lulda Casadaga said...

OK NOW I"M HORNY AS HELL...thanks alot