Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thursday Portrait....

You may not be able to see my PC that well, but my screen saver is Mr. Knowitall.
So I have Mr. Knowitall, in front of Mr. Knowitall!
We got 4 inches of snow last night. Starting at Midnight tomorrow night, we are expecting 7-11 inches more. Irving Berlin can kiss my fat ass!!!!


Serena said...

So, Mr. Knowitall is in front of Mr. Knowitall? How'd you do that? I don't envy you all that snow, but I guess I'm a teensy bit jealous that it's a sure bet you're going to have a White Christmas. Happy Thursday!:)

gab said...

It took me a few seconds to remember Mr Know-it all! Then it was light bulb over the head. Gosh I cant believe that I could for get! Bullwinkle Moose

javajazz said...

i wanna kiss
your fat ass too..!
xo Irving Jr.

Cazzie!!! said...

Snow! Brrr, it may snow here and it is Our Summer now, weird I know but it has been weird weather.

Cazzie!!! said...

Snow! Brrr, it may snow here and it is Our Summer now, weird I know but it has been weird weather.

evalinn said...

Cool! :-)

How have u been lately?

Shadow said...

in other words, a winter wonderland, you lucky guy!

barman said...

We are expecting 6-10 inches here with another 3-6 inches on Sunday I think. I hope you are not cleaning the cars off for work. That will be an insane job.

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

Let it Snow, Let is Snow, Let it Snow

I just remembered a quot from a Movie ... "I'm getting to old for this sh**!"

CozyMama said...

i was trying to see the PC! SNOW - yuck!! I love snowmen and hate snow! go figure. GOOD MORNING!!

buffalodick said...

Were supposed to get pasted Thursday evening and Friday- just like you!

snowelf said...

Ugh, we have a big blob of snow determined to hang around all weekend and bury us further. White Christmas's are nice, but all I can think of is you having to move and clean off all those cars! Bleech!


lime said...

irving wants you to bare it so he can kiss it. hehehehehe

Mona said...

who is Irwing Berlin?

Poetry Sue said...

we got 3 inches of snow yesterday!! and that is a feat considering we are in the middle of the mojave desert!!!

javajazz said...

Mona, i had to look it up
but Irving Berlin was the
composer who wrote
"White Christmas..." !
ta daaa!!
i love Google...!

G-Man said...

Sherry xo
Poetry Sue
Thanks Lisa..hehehehe
All you peeps are very kind to the G-Man..
I feel all fuzzy inside now...G

Lulda Casadaga said...

Wish I had some snow here! I did my 55 early...enjoy your white weekend!