Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Retro Wednesday......

The first image on top was taken off of E-Bay.
One just like it that was made in Japan, was going for 25 Bucks.
Mine was Made in USA about 45-50 years ago.
And of course...New in the box!!
And mine has a metal cup...hehehehe
Camping Anyone?


snowelf said...

Nice Galen!!

And guess what!? It's OVER!!

Happiness abounds. :)


Serena said...

LOL.  I had one of those in Girl Scouts.  It's LONG gone, so it's doubly amazing to me that you still have yours.:)

Mona said...

Galen, I don't believe you ! I don't think that set is 50 years old. it looks brand new to me!

S said...

So you had this awesome camping stuff, but you never went camping with it? :P

Yes Galen, we won!

Hurray! Have a lovely day.

Strumpet said...

Awwwwww, yeah, baby....

Bonfires, roasted marshmallows, sing-a-longs, and ghost stories...

Actually, I've never been camping, so these are the made-up things in my head that I've associated with it.

Somehow, when I think of camping I think of the movie Meatballs.

Even though that's Summer Camp and not Camp-ing.

It's a really great movie though.

xo, G-eagle scout

I was in Brownies in the second grade, but I didn't really like the social aspect of it and my mom didn't like to have to talk to the other moms involved with Brownies, so it didn't last very long.

That was my only year in Brownies.

I was in a parade as a Brownie though, that was cool.

I have pictures.

As Strumpet, the little brownie.

Cool, mess kit, Galen Lee.

I need a mess kit.

I'm a messy girl.

...I bet you're good with knots.

Breazy said...

good afternoon sir! camping would be so fun. It has been so long since I have been camping. Actually we owned a RV in a big RV park/campground but I don't consider that actual camping because it isn't roughing it.

Come January we get to see what our new President is going to do. I voted for him so I am ready to see him put his plans in motion and get this country back on track.

have a beautiful day! :)

Queenie said...

Your turn to throw a log on the camp fire!!!!

Missy said...

Nothing about you surprises me anymore. You need to put that camping gear to use and go camping. :)

Sitting in a box does no good.

G-Man said...

Hi Snow....
Yeah it's finally over..
Nice to see you out and about!!

Hi Sherry...
I;m trying to think if I've ever thrown anything away...........
.........................I'm still thinking!!...:-)

Mona Dear....
I take care of things..hehehe

Hi Suze...Yay!!!!

Never been camping?

Lady Heather...
Yes we shall see...Thanks..G

OK Queenie...Stand back!!

Hi Missy...
You been absent girl, do yo have a Dr's excuse?

barman said...

Camping indeed. That is exactly what I was thinking when I saw that. Is there nothing you do not own? Do you have one of those collapsible shovels too?

Now how about a smore?

Cazzie!!! said...

Reminds me of when I was in cadets, I justlov ed the taste of food in these tins...awesome!

lime said...

awww, i can remember using one like that too when i went to the mountains with my grandparents. good memeories.