Monday, October 13, 2008

Columbus Day........

Columbus sailed the ocean blue,

In Fourteen Hundred-Ninety Two

For many days he was at sea,

Discovering land for you and me.

Ya Ho, Ya Ho, Ya Ho my lads Ya Ho....,

I remember singing this song in Miss Thomas's second grade class..

Personally, I have a problem celebrating the life of a Murdering, Kidnapping, Imperialistic, Thieving, Religious Zealot, but thats just me.......

They did name a town in Ohio after him though!!

Have a Great Day.....G


barman said...

My Dad and Lime were born on that day. Other than that...

lime said...

yeah, what barman said. celebrate his dad, me, oh..and hugh jackman too.....mmmmmmm

S said...

I am proud to tell you that we do not celebrate Columbus day in my county. We have indigenous peoples day instead. Arent we cool?

I got a big problem with that Columbus twerp.

Come see my Mona button, Gman!

Mona said...

Columbus was all those things????

But i am glad he discovered land for you who I discovered! :D

Serena said...

By more modern standards, wouldn't Columbus have been hanged as a pirate? Second grade songs -- is there ANYthing you don't remember?:)

gab said...

Yeah Im not crazy about someone who was so bad even if he did discover America for us. ah well.

Evening said...

Waving at you G-Man.

KJ said...

I remember that song.


buffalodick said...

He was looking for a trade route by sailing west instead of east. How could a guy so wrong end up so famous?

G-Man said...

Thanks for visiting this 'Historical' post!!