Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Arte y Pico

I have been graciously awarded a blogging award by the very talented MOJO!!
The rules state that you have to nominate 5 others for this award, and I'll do that!
But You don't have to nominate anyone if you don't wanna....

The Rules Actually state..

1..Nominate 5 blogs
2..Name the Author, and a link to their Blog
3..Award winners must show the Award, and who nominated them /with their link!
4..Award winners must show the link to the Arte y Pico award.
5..Include the rules on your post..

Lime is one of the most caring and talented people on the WEB!
She always makes you smile or think, and her home spun stories are always of interest.

Uncle BGuff is a world class competition cook!
From Chile to Ribs he will have you drooling. He has an acerbic wit, and he has a great following!

This is one special Girl!! She is willing to help anyone with a Blog Design,
She has 2 beautiful and talented children..
She has lost OVER 200 pounds, and she has a way of pouring out her soul to you that often brings a tear to your eye.
She takes AWESOME pictures.
She is my mentor, and Tormentor!!

Sherry has one of THE most intelligent blogs you will EVER read.
She always makes you think
She always makes you smile.
She welcomes and loves interaction.
She has beautiful Red Hair and very pretty feet!!

Missy has a couple of very interesting blogs.
She is a World Class Poet
She is a fantastic story writer..
She is THE most comforting person on the WEB.
Hats off to these 5 recipients, they deserve a look!!
Sorry if I caused any undue stress...Live with it...G


Missy said...

I will take first place this day unless someone claims it before I am through. Thank you boyo!!!

I don't think stress is in your name Galen, nope no stress there. The only familiar letter I see is eeeeeeeeee.

Thanks again sweet cheeks.

lime said...

well thanks, gman. kind words most appreciated. :)

buffalodickdy said...

Gooldammer Roy! That was a nice thing to say about me! I know you love the Wolverines as much as I do, and I know we've probably been thrown out of the same bars(on different nights!), but someday, somewhere we gotta meet up! You are a Good Man, and I will shake your hand anywhere, anytime...

Breazy said...

Very nice words for all the nominated bloggers. The only one I know is Lime and I have to agree with you on your words regarding her.

I have read 2 posts this week that mention Buffalodickdy's awesome cooking so I believe I am going to go introduce myself to this wonderful cook.

Thanks G!

ciara said...

congrats everyone who got this award! i have one of these myself, but yet to acknowledge who gave it to me...along with several other awards from other bloggers LOL gosh i'm such a slacker. some i got last year! :-/

ok, g...what question do you have for 'dear ciara'? LOL

ciara said...

p.s. you know what's funny? is i left a badge for everyone to take on my 'Tagged Again' post. guess no one wanted a badge that said....

Thanks for being a friend who doesn't suck! LOL

Serena Joy said...

Oh, aren't you the sweetest thing. Thank you so much, Galen. I don't know who said chivalry was dead. Probably some maroon.:)

KB said...

Woohoo! Congrats on your award and welcome back.

SignGurl said...

I feel most honored to be in such fine company! Thank you kindly.

Your Tormentor

Akelamalu said...

Congrats on the award g-man, well deserved.

javajazz said...

mazel tov, G-man,
and congrats to all
your nominees too,
all wonderful bloggers/humans...

barman said...

I know two of those from frequent visits. I can only assume things the other are equally deserving of this fine awards. Congratulations to all not only on the award but also having such excelent blogs. Despite me being kind of preoccupied, I think I need to go visit more.

gab said...

Your right they are the best!

G-Man said...

Missy, you deserve much more than this...:-)

Your Welcome Trini..:-)

Thanks for stopping by as often as you do. You add a touch of wit to everything...G

Hi Heather...
You'll love his blog..And I love your kind words...Thanks...:-)

I saw that post and I got a big kick out of it...You Rock Girl!!!

Your blog is always so interesting, it would much more fun with a sound card though...
I know...I'm pathetic..xobgxo

Hi Karen...
Thanks for the shout out...G

Words can't discribe how much I owe you...Thanks

Aww Ake..
Your sooo sweet to me...Thanks

I always smile when I see you..
The most comforting person on the WEB...Thanks for being such a loyal friend...G

Check em out Bryan, especially Uncle Buffs...

Gabby Gale, another long and loyal friend...Thanks....G

KJ said...

Very cool!!!