Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thursday Portrait.....

I was sitting at my favorite watering hole on the 4th of July waiting to meet some friends.
In walks a strange little guy that I had never seen in there before. Upon entering the pub he see's me and yells out.."Happy 4th of July brother, I know you was in Nam!"
I chuckled to myself and said, "Nope, I WAS drafted, but Uncle Sam didn't want me". He smiled and started doodling on a piece of paper with a #2 pencil....
About 15 minutes later he strolls up to me and asked my name. He then writes it all down and presents this "Masterpiece" to me...."This is how I make my living brother, anything will help".
I gave him a Two-Dollar bill, bought him a shot of Jack Daniels, and he then handed me this drawing. I thanked him and sat down at the bar, as the barmaid Stacy brought me another MGD, she glanced at the sketch and said.."Why did that guy draw you a picture of Michael Moore"?
I hope you all are thinking about your Friday Flash 55...I Am!!


Serena Joy said...

Too cute! Great back story, too. And now it's bed (and story) time for Bonzo. Good night.:)

ciara said...

ha ha cute...i don't think it looks like michael moore though. shoot, it's not even thursday here yet, so i'm nowhere NEAR thinking about my 55! LOL but i'll have one. don't i always? :P~~

Mona said...

Galen! Two dollars!

& the guy in New York charged me $65 to do my portrait sketch!

But he was the best amongst hundreds of them lined up on the pavement & he could capture the 'feelings' in the eyes...

This is indeed a lovely portrait of your's

WHAT! It is Friday already???

& I was thinking of doing a Galen post...But I didn't realize how time has flown...

evalinn said...

Ha, Michael Moore again! :-D

dickiebo said...

When I saw the picture, I thought - great. But, who is Michael Moore? Don't bother, I'll google him.

buffalodickdy said...

Don't see many artists like that anymore....

KJ said...

I snorted.

This was a great story.

Thank you for the laugh.

SignGurl said...

But, Michael Moore is so, erm, skeezy. You, on the other hand, much nicer to look at.

lime said...

lol, michael moore. you are way better looking than him, let me tell ya!

funny story though, thanks for sharing it.:)

dickiebo said...

G-Man; CHRISTOPHER DRAVES????? Good God, man!

javajazz said...

michael moore is so, yesterday..
but you, you...!
(i thought it was a pretty
darn accurate drawing!)
you only gave him 2 bucks?
(buck buck...)
oh well, i'm sure after
the nice jack daniels shot
it was all good...xo

Queenie said...

Who is Michael Moore? If hes cool good-looking and always a gentleman, then its a perfect match. No 55 this week sweetheart, but I'll be there nextwek....

tsduff said...

Ha ha - you are much better looking than Michael Moore :) Nice story. Nice picture. Nice hustle. Nice of you to buy him a shot.

Dr Zibbs said...

If you can have that framed I'll give you $1.99 for it.

Rebicmel said...

I know I am a hoser, but just in case I don't make it by later I am saying my 55 is up!

Michael Moore hmmm

snowelf said...

No. No she did not say that!

Did she?


G-Man said...

Sweet Sherry..xo
Cali Ciara..
Moanin Mona..:-)
Stock City Girl..
Dickiebo Tracy..
Uncle Buff..
Welcome Back KJ..
The Ever-Shrinking SignGurl..
Lovely Lime..
French Roast Lisa..
My Favorite Queenie..
My Good Friend Terry..
Dr Pepper...
Marvelous Melissa..
The Dangerously Cute Snow-Elf!!

Thanks everyone for visiting, You all know what time it is now don't YOU???..Hehehe...55!!!!!

Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Great story.

Hey, Flash-FF-ers are welcome to ride the MEME EXPRESS with daily blog prompts. Might be a fun way to fill the days between Fridays!

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