Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday Portrait.....

Ahhhh...The sights and sounds of Bike Night at Scooters Bar and Grill.
I love somple bikes with no razzle dazzle, like in the first two picks..
The third bike is sort of a legend at Bike Night.
This guy is always all "skulled" out..
Skull helmet
Skull facemask
Skull belt
Skull boots
Plus you can see his cobbled up bike..With two gun cases!
And for my Thursday portrait...The Jack Daniels chick!
She was giving away free shots...I was drinkin em!!!
Now I hope everyone is thinking about their Friday 55....


lime said...

happy bike night! she's cute but where are you?

oh, and


James Goodman, Author said...

Man those are some good looking rides, well except for the legend bike, lol. It is an interesting look he went for with it though. :D

buffalodickdy said...

Like you needed a reason to drink J.D.....

S said...

I would have joined you with the Jack shots!
I like the yellow bike.
Have a lovely day Gman

Rebicmel said...

Have a great day kiddo!

ciara said...

sounded like a great time :)

and i'm thinking, i'm thinking! so much pressure for these 55s lol

Akelamalu said...

Shiny, shiny bikes!

I've schedules my 55 to post at 6 a.m. - don't forget we are not in the same time zone! ;)

Queenie said...

So thats a plain bike !!!!!!
Gosh I really have had a sheltered life. How are you babe? Not about at the moment, so just checking my old pals out, whilst sleep is avoiding me. I'm not blogging at the moment, but once I have chance to catch up with things I will be about and hope you drop by. Take care my friendxxxxx

Breazy said...

Hey G-man! You are so welcome for the puke story, sorry it was so long.

Looking at the bikes makes me remember the rental house we lived in when we had this house built, there was a Harley Davidson shop about 100 yards from my front yard. I haven't caught the bike bug but I like to see others who have.

Hope your day is going great!

SignGurl said...

I had something really witty to say, but then the blonde took over.....derrrr.....I got nothin'


Serena Joy said...

Ooooo, just look at all those pretty, shiny bikes. Of course, I'm sure those guys would be mortified to hear their bikes called "pretty." Hope you're having a great time, and make sure somebody snaps a pic of YOU.:)

G-Man said...

Thanks Limey..Good Girl.
James..Very Rad
Hi Suzay-Cue!!!!!!
You better be thinking 55..Ciara!
Yes Dearie, I'll remember..:-)
Queenie!!!!!!!((BIG HUG))
Heather...I loved it!!!!
Jenn...You are indeed the Sign Queen!!
Sherry...You may say what ever you like here baby girl!!! xox

Charles said...

There's something quite aesthetic about a hardtail frame, I think I like peanut tanks and six bend bars on a chopper though, but dragbars on a digger are cool. Of course, I'm more partial to race bikes than any others, maybe its the speed, maybe its the advancement of technology and the art...

I posted a 55. You might say its kind of "out there"...