Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday Portrait..........

Remember Sunday's Peony pic?
If not just scroll down a few pics..comming along fine eh?
And My guest portrait shot this week is....BEAVER!!!!
Sorry, stayed up late last night ...
Tune in tomorrow for my 55, and you'll know why...


Mona said...


Mona said...


GALEN ((((HUGS ))))

Mona said...

Awww... I hope everything is all right with you!

I LOVE the peony & the beaver... oh What eyes!!

Serena Joy said...

The peonies look great, but I gotta tell you, the way the light's hitting Beaver's eyes makes him look like one spooky cat.:-)

lime said...

now you're putting up beaver shots? i'm scandalized!

buffalodickdy said...

As June Cleaver once said; "Ward, I think you you were pretty hard on the Beaver last night"...

James Goodman, Author said...

lol, Lime beat me to the punch. with the beaver shot comment. :D

barman said...

I stayed up real late on Monday and late again last night. The boys are bringing Lord Stanley's cup home where it belongs. I am so stoked. Now if only Michigan could win again Ohio this year ... what more could one ask for?

Hope your day goes OK. I know my Tuesday was shaky with staying up real late. If you stayed up late for other reasons than ... well I can not wait to hear all about it tomorrow.

Hi there Beaver... Funny name for a pu... cat there G. :)

Breazy said...

beautiful flowers and cat!

Hope you are havin' a great day Galen!

javajazz said...

hey, mazel tov
on that hockey thang,
y'all red wings!!

SignGurl said...

There is nothing better than a pussy named Beaver!

Rebicmel said...

Ello gov'ner hope all is well in Michigan.

Have a fabo Friday and weekend!! Will there be a Borders night tomorrow lol. Don' forget my coffee.

G-Man said...

Hi Everybody...
I'm going to see my son graduate tonight...FINALLY!!!

I'll talk later...G

stella sweden said...

Go see your son happy for him!
I just have to say that I looove the picture of the cat!
She looks like my Graciella Sassy Fee Chanell! (my little kiten)
And she is sooo beautifull!

(and my english is so ugli)

Jess! This I know!

Liquid said...

Spoooooooooooooooky cat.
I like him.

And everytime I land on your page and see that motorcycle, it makes me legs tingle!


javajazz said...

mazel tov papa,
and Reece !
hope the after party
is way more fun
than school...

Donnetta Lee said...

Gives a whole new meaning to "the whites of his eyes!" Beautiful flowers. See ya tomorrow.

ciara said...

my comment from this morning was eaten by the comment monster...damn!

G-Man said...

Ciara...Thanks all for commenting.
You Guys all Rock!!!
I was a proud Papa tonight...Galen

KB said...

Kitty has scary eyes