Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Now...On With The Real World!

This sort of puts an end to this months excitement, turmoil, and preparation....
Now if he can only find a job!!
I would like to thank everyone that has visited and commented during my blabbing on and on about this event. Maybe I can go back to being Mr. Knowitall now..hehehehe


lime said...

oooooh can i have some of the cake? and lick the icing off the edges of the board it's on?

oh yeah....Yahtzee!

Rebicmel said...

When I think back on my graduation, which was only yesterday(I can dream) I started the count down to graduation from that January until the day I got my diploma, it was forever more a topic of conversation for months and months, so Galen the fact you've discussed this a few times is nothing and it's a parents right to blather and rave and shed tears and rejoice and just celebrate a huge step in our children's lives. Makes it worth all the hard times and pain in the arse times when we didn't think they may not have graduated and we see them walk across the stage or field to get their own ticket to life.

Breazy said...

the cake looks really good, did you save us a piece?lol

you just babble on and on about it my friend, that is what we are supposed to concerning our children. You've read my blog which is all about my life and my life is pretty much taken up by my children, I babble too and most of the time mine is kind of psycho babble depending on what the children are up to that week. heehee!


Mona said...


How old is Reese? You do graduation at the tender age of 17 in the US ???

I am a little confused here...

In India, we have graduation :BA Or BSc Honors etc, after we have finished 10 + 2 ( +2 is the Standard XI & XII of school) It is only after that the children get into the college for their degree courses, which is first under graduation for 3 or 4 years ( depending on the subject) and then post graduation for two years for your Master's degree, Then an M. Phil ( master of philosophy) two years degree & then a three years degree for PhD. (doctorate). We also have a Post doctorate degree.

Congratulations to Reeses & family! :)

& also all the best for job hunting....

I know how terrible that could be in America these days!!

barman said...

Yes, be sure to tell him the easy part is over now. On to reality.

Nice looking cake and of course, the wall of pictures. I take to damn many pictures. I think mine would be the house of pictures rather than the wall of pictures.

Congratulations. Time to kick back and enjoy a cold one.

Serena Joy said...

Cake, please; one slice of each half. Maybe the next excitement will come when he finds a really good job, or graduates from college, whichever comes first. Either will be worthy of another party.:)

Akelamalu said...

The cake looks yummy!

Good luck to Reese in finding a job. x

buffalodickdy said...

You can post a picture of 3/4 eaten cake, and you couldn't show one picture of that BB-Q Brisket!!??!! Congrats again to you and your son! I tell youth today to look for a career in something they can't buy overseas!

G-Man said...

You be a Yahtzeein Bitch!!!

Those storms you had were very severe I hear.
Thanks for your very supportive words, as usual..:-)

You are such a sweet human being.
Thanks for being so loyal to me...G

He needs to find a job, trust me.
And it IS very terrible..

Thanks Bryan..
That sounds like a plan!

I plan on doing my fair share of partying myself this Summer..:)

Thanks Pearl...You always say the nicest things...G

I screwed up!!
It was a work of art too...