Wednesday, June 25, 2008

0% For 72 Month's Portrait.......

The G-Man is very tired today...I went in on my day off and ended up selling two Silverado's, two HHR'S, and an Impala!! We closed at 6, but I was there past 8, then I had to deliver some tables and chairs that I borrowed for the Open House...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Now please start thinking about Friday's Flash 55.


J Morgetron said...

No way!

J Morgetron said...


I just read this blog post about how people who yell "First!" or "Yahtzee!" or "No way!" because they claimed the first comment space on someone's post doesn't deserve the webspace they're wasting to comment.

Is that true?

J Morgetron said...

How did you manage to take a picture of yourself sleeping GGGG?

PS: I am using your happy birthday Morgy post for my contest so I know I already thanked you like a hundred ... or maybe more like three times, but THANKS AGAIN! It came in very handy for the contest.

You should enter it too because you ARE eligible. All of my prior entrants and winners are eligible. All of the people who've never entered before are eligible too, so tell everyone you know!

ciara said...

when the hhr came out i wanted one, but it would be no more room than the colorado...i'm sorry, i'm gonna be switching over to dodge for a minivan..woot, woot! holla! bet you never seen anyone get excited over a minivan before, have ya? and wow, really? 0% for 72 months? are you guys giving away gas cards, too? btw love your self portrait there :) xo

javajazz said...

oh, i love that red thing!
reminds me of the PT Cruiser
which i also fell in love with
years back...
i had never fallen in love
with a car before.
you look sweet asleep,
even if you were faking it.

Mona said...

O Dear!


Now have a good Rest.

Serena Joy said...

High five! Busy, busy day you had. Finally! You look ready for a bedtime story there. So, did you hear the one about the three burly bears and the blonde chick?:-)

buffalodickdy said...

Sounds like my day off Monday! In sales, there is no day off- you seize the moment!

SignGurl said... got harassed by an airheaded blonde all day. Don't forget about that :P

You look so cute and cuddly all curled up.

tsduff said...

Ha ha JJ! Galen probably never fakes it.

Congrats on selling the vehicles - hurray. Now go to bed.

Rebicmel said...

Give me a Chevrolet pickup any day and you will find a very happy Southern gal driving down some dirty road to someplace lol.

So that is what tired looks like, I often wondered what tired looked like now I know.

Have a great day.

lime said...

wow! so i'd say it was very much worth it for you to head to work! now THAT'S moving metal!

Cazzie!!! said...

I am on night shift right now. ok, it is my break time ok :)
Anyway, I read the word "tables" as tablets...see I do think about work even on my break!
Speaking of breaks, take it easy mate :)

Akelamalu said...

I hope you got paid well for working your day off! My 55 is in the pipeline. :)

SignGurl said...

My 55 will post at midnight, G-Daddy.

Manny said...

Way to go G. Now get some sleep.

G-Man said...

Sign...It's Entertainment!
Thanks all. I feel like a bit of a wanker, I only sold 2 new cars today!..Hehehehehe
Busy busy busy...xox

javajazz said...



javajazz said...

ps mazel tov on ya car sales!

MyUtopia said...

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