Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Trashy Tuesday......

And The Winner Is........
Yes folks, this sweet innocent looking middle Limelette of Michelle keeps THE messiest room in all of blogdom!! Congratulations Lime, I'm sure this is one of the proudest moments of your career as a loving Mom!
Room #2..Reese Harmon Haynes!! The G-Mans only begotten son! Actually that was his sisters room that he trashed. He cleaned his room up quite nicely after he ran into the side of my Malibu, with my Buick, in the driveway!! He was so afraid of the consequences, that he completely gutted his room before I got home from work.
Room #3..Please!!! But folks, as someone who has been to Signgurls beautiful home, to her, this room is indeed messy! Her house is immaculate and everything has it's place. And around Jenn believe me, Everything AND Everyone, knows their place!!!
Room #4.. Lisa (JavaJazz's) beautiful daughter Sarah!! She finished a close second with six votes, thanks to a late vote by James Goodwin (I know, Goodman..Whatever!). Sarah of course means Princess in Hebrew...And does she ever fit the name..hehehehe
Room #5.. Gabby! Now before we start to draw any conclusions about Gale's housekeeping habits, it should be known that she has quite an extended family living with her in a very small dwelling. She is a very loving Mother, Grandmother, and wife. hats off to you sweetie for having the courage to represent the adults.
Room #6.. Lime should be twice as proud today, because this is her Oldest child Diana's room!! I'm sure they would be horrified knowing that millions and millions of bloggers and lurkers are enjoying their sloth...
....As far as a Grand Prize goes, I'm thinking a roll of yellow "Do Not Enter" caution tape, a case of Lysoll, and a dozen or so mousetraps..I dunno, maybe someone out there has a better idea for a prize...
Anyway, thank you all for your participation, bravery, and good humor, you all Rock!!


lime said...

tis a somewhat dubious distinction my girls have acheived...sigh

snowelf said...

ROFL!! Awww! I HATE it when I miss stuff like this!! Darn it! I totally would have voted!
But for who? Now we'll never know! My chilis can't play at the moment, because they are basically all packed with only a few of their favorite possessions free of boxes, but trust--they'd be fierce competitors. :P

Hugs Galen, and this was a great idea! I think we should make it an annual contest! :)


snowelf said...

Oh yes--and many congrats to the winners! :)

Strumpet said...


I am COMPLETELY lost with which numbers represent which person and which placement number corresponds to which bedroom picture.

So, I'm not even gonna try to figure it out.

But, I will say that whoever that little tree-hugger is....she's gonna be a heartbreaker. GORGEOUS.

So, the really messy ones are not only brilliant, but hot also. (As all the pics of the players are quite lovely, indeed.) And that is the message of this whole experiment.

Mona said...

yea, dubious distinction indeed!

G man I was trying to look for dirt in my son's room to capture in my camera. I even looked under the bed but failed miserably!

I feel so ashamed....

Mona said...

G Man & Company!


Today is our jillie's Birthday. Please come wish her on my blog too besides wishing her on her blog!
Thank You!

javajazz said...

you named Reese
after a trumpet mute?
nice, pops...!
(actually its a cool name.)
you rock!
sarah started laughing
when she saw the contest!
she was so proud that
she was so close to
being a winner!
i think Strumpie's right tho.
dishevellment = hotness

J Morgetron said...

I like this contest G-Man. I'm always a day late and a dollar short.

Fun times.

Serena Joy said...

The contest was fun and the winners are great sports.:)

G-Man said...

Congratulations Michelle, your family seems to have a penchant for first today...:)

Woobie and Snickers will be teens soon enough, and then they can play!

It's ok Strumpet...
Limes kid won...=P

No dirt in Hammad's Room?

No Lisa...
After my Gramps..Harmon Haynes..;-)
Sarah...hahahaha, I bet she was proud!

Sorry sweetie, I can't watch you every single second ya know..:P

I'll come get you for the Spotless Home Post!!


Breazy said...

Oh my, I scrolled down to check out the messy rooms and I had to scroll right back up before I cried. I am always on my daughter about her room and these pics make me feel so much better because now I know that I am not the only parent who has messy children.

Congratulations Calypso!

Lime you must be proud!

G-Man said...

Hi Breazy.....:)

tsduff said...

Like I said - too bad my kiddos flew out of the nest or I'd have swept the competition... get it, swept? Great contest Galen - what a fun time. And congratulations to all the winners - all I ever got for my dirty room was a Saturday indoors cleaning...

javajazz said...

i loves me that name,
Harmon Hayes...
if i ever write a jazz tune again,
i'm gonna fit that name in there
The Savoury Adventures
of Harmon Hayes...