Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Morgie........

Hi everybody....What a Glorious Day to be alive!!!

Not only are we in the midst of a great Holiday Week-End...

But today is Jodie Morgetron's 42nd Birthday!!!!

Jodie is a teacher in Omaha Nebraska.

She is married to one lucky bastard, and is the mother to several children and a few dogs!

She is probably THE funniest chick on the planet, and is an Artiste Extraordinaire!!!

I have been the lucky recipiant of her very first contest prize that she had to offer on her blog..The very strange..G-Ra.(Pictured above on my desk)...

I have since commissioned several pieces of priceless art from her, at a very hefty price I might add, and have laughed for seconds at her countless antics, and many many different looks!!!

And I can honestly say that she is truely one of the most beautiful creatures that God has put on this planet...Inside and out!!!!!!!


Please visit her at her blog called Tres Bizzare, or you may click her name "Jodie" on my blog-roll. She is funny , witty, and very Mid-West down to Earth...


Happy Birthday Jodie, You are one of a kind!!!!


PS...she is really only 33...hehehe...Peace..!!


javajazz said...

Happy birthday, Morgetron!
what a funny funky mama you are,
an artiste extraordinaire,
and all that jazzzz...!

J Morgetron said...

You sure know how to make this girl feel special G-Man. This is a mega post. You definitely know the way to my heart ... make a post all about moi. Moi. Moi. MUUUUUUUAAAH.


Thank you, thank you, I humbly thank you.

PS: I'm only 32.
PPS: Thanks JavaJazz. :)

ciara said...

g-hope you're having a fabulous memorial day wknd. i'm going to head over right now to wish her a happy bday

Rebicmel said...

Morgy, you're 42 I thought you were twenty??? LOL I love the pics G chose to post here. Shows the depths of your wit, your gorgeous side, your serious side, your artistic side and just the lying on your side photo woot!!! Have a great day today kiddo, eat, drink, be merry and remember what you do today could end up on the Jerry Springer show woof!!!


lime said...

happy birthday day morgie.

she is just as cute as a button and looks so bubbly and energetic! hope its a great day!

Breazy said...

Happy Birthday Jodie!

Hello Galen, sounds like life is treating you great today. It is a beautiful holiday weekend, it is sunny and about 83 here. I came home from church and spent about three hours in my sisters pool soaking up some rays so I am good to go for the day.

Happy Memorial Day!

KB said...

Happy Burday Morgy girl. I love ya and I love this post too. Great work MR G

J Morgetron said...

Thanks to everyone ... especially G-Man!

javajazz said...

i think he must be
MORGETRON, because,
are you stalking her,
G-man, cuz like,
where'd y'all get so many
photos of her, huh?
anyway, i showed my daughter
all those wild and whimsical
photos, and told her i thought
maybe she was going to be
like Morgie too, and she
giggled and beamed, all
proud of her spicy diversity
and such....

barman said...

I shall have to wish her a happy birthday. She seems like such a super person.

With luck I will be back to blogging again. Things are finally back in good shape.

Oh and, a week late, I finally posted a couple of pictures from Sarah's party.

Serena Joy said...

Birthday greetings going out. Cute post.

dickiebo said...

Awww shucks, G-Man. I'm dead jealous of this post. Good 'un, mate.
Happy Birthday Morgy, m'deario.

buffalodickdy said...

Happy Birthday to your dear friend, no matter how old she is/isn't....

G-Man said...

Thanks, but the star of today's show is Jodie..
Happy Birthday Morgie!!!

J Morgetron said...


Ok. It's not my berfday any more.


Thanks to all who visited this post and all who came to my blog as a result.

You da best, G-Man. You da best.