Monday, May 5, 2008

Get Well Soon.......

Hi everybody...!!!
Yesterday I received a very disturbing E-Mail from our good friend Mona Rahman.
She said that she had Angina, and would be bedridden for a while..
She just recovered from pneumonia a few months back, and she cared for her very ill husband for many many months until he finally recovered recently.
Mona is such a sweet person, and she asked that we say a little prayer for her, and that she loves and misses us all!!!
I'm not much of a religious person...But I'll say a HUGE prayer for her every night until I hear that she has recovered completely...
Please send her a get well...Every positive thought helps..Thanks
Get well soon Mona...xoxmrxox
(The pic is of Mona riding a mule in the Himalaya's)


ciara said...

wow...i definitely will be thinking of her and wishing for a speedy recovery and return. better go drop by now.

S said...

That is such an awesome picture of Mona.
Mona girl, get well and come back to us soon!
I thought it was awful quiet around here without you so hurry back

ciara said...

g-my main blog is the ramblings and whatnot one. look for my ummm theory on my life w hashi blog lol

Serena Joy said...

Sending out Get Well Soon wishes to Mona. I was so sorry to hear she's ill. She's such a lovely person.

buffalodickdy said...

I agree with you- she is a sweet person, and that is my next stop!

lime said...

thanks for letting us know, gman. that's a bit scary. she is too young to be having that sort of problem. she'll be in my prayers.

Akelamalu said...

Of course I will keep Mona in my thoughts and include her in my daily sending of Reiki.

tsduff said...

Sending my most positive thoughts and prayers - Mona get better! What a great picture by the way.

snowelf said...

Awww, our dear Mona. G-man, thanks for the info, I shall be thinking of her too--she's such a sweet soul.

Guess you're back to the old grindstone today too.
My 55 shall return next week. :)


James Goodman, Author said...

I will keep her in my thoughts and wish her a speedy recovery.

javajazz said...

holy shit...thats MONA???
she's HOT!!
Mona, you look uber sexy
in that photo!
we will all say prayers
and think positive healing thoughts
for our Mona...
i know you'll get better soon!

Manny said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery mona.

Hi G!

SignGurl said...

My thoughts and prayers are with our beloved, beautiful Mona.

G-Man said...

Thanks Ciara..
Thanks Susie..
Thanks Sherryx..
Thanks Buff..
Thanks Trini..
Thanks Pearl..
Thanks Snow..
Thanks James..
Thanks Lisa..
Thanks Candy..Candy? Hi Stranger!!
Thanks Jenn..

dickiebo said...

Have been over and wished Mona well.(Told her that u sent me!) Thanks for letting us know G-Man.

MIke Kilgore said...

I've been away a while, but Mona's was always a must stop. Possibly the most talented writer in this group and leaves the greatests posts on others blogs-Get well and Godspeed, dear Mona...