Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Before and After Portrait......

Hi Everybody....

You remember last February they gutted my office because our dealership is undergoing a 3 1/2 million dollar facelift...?


For 2 months I was in this miserable phone booth of an office...


Well baby, look at my new digs!!!!


Now everybody please remember to do a Friday Flash 55, I just did one!!



hahahaha...Of course I'll do a new one, but it's just that easy!
Think about it OK?


Strumpet said...

Pretty snazzy, Galen Lee.

You should be on Cribs.

Mona said...

Wow! What a dig! I will now be able to visualize where you are talking from next time I call you up on the phone! :)

I think I will call you up just to have the experience of that visualizing ... :D

Arey G man Yes, These people have DVDs ready here the day your movies hit the theater there!

I loved watching Tony Sharpe's sharpeneled heart that is going to run for 50 lives!
The special effects were great!

javajazz said...

oh man,
that is one sexy office,
you deserve the best!
mazel tov!
lookin' good
in your office wear, too,
i might add...xoxo

lime said...

looking sharp, gman! and the office looks great too!

now you just need to slowly reintroduce the harley decor ;)

Serena Joy said...

The new space is a vast improvement. And it'll be even better when they relent on the "personal decor" issue. Looks great!

James Goodman, Author said...

wow, that's a sweet new office, Galen. :D Congrats!!!!

Mona said...

G man G man Here is a six steps jumping ...


I swear I have not been eating Hash Browns

er... hash OR brown

Er... CHILUM! That is what the pipe is called here!

Mona said...

& I gave you that Jumping Yahtzee because last time you jumped my 55!

So There!

SeaRabbit said...

Ah! My office should get the same done... I would be so happy!!

Strumpet said...

We have pipes that are called 'chillums' here too, Hot Mona. But, the term isn't reserved specifically for hashpipes here in the States, (couldn't tell you about anywhere else, though.) Chillums here are actually primarily used for weed and are made of blown glass (usually) and really pretty. I wonder what an Indian chillum looks like. Probably totally cool as Hell. This could also just be a carryover type of term that had its beginnings as specifically being a hashpipe and began being colloquially used for pot paraphernalia at some point--I'd have to play Google...Hmmm...actually I just Wiki'd it and ...very interesting. I think it's become a term that is used to describe a few different kinds of pipes, they even call a cigarette hitter--the hitters made of metal but painted to look like a cigarette so that you can smoke in public all undercover-like, at your own risk, of course--they're calling those chillums too. I'm sure the term is used depending on what circles you have traveled amongst. But, I never knew the term was of Hindu origin. I am Googling and a 'chilam' is actually used in religious ceremony by Holy Men. Here, I always thought a 'chillum' was some modern-day hippie term relating to 'chilling out.' I have learned much today. Thank you, Mona.

Wow, can you tell I miss smoking weed?

Oh, and...

I like it when you jump around for us.

'cause it makes me think you're feeling better.

And that is really good.



TK Kerouac said...

Thats why you were too busy to get nekkid

TK Kerouac's HNT

S said...

Your new office is so spiffy! You must be thrilled.

Now, I cannot believe those were actual rooms of people that I actually know!


Akelamalu said...

Fab new office g-man and crafty 55!

I've scheduled mine to post at 6am GMT

javajazz said...

hee hee, Wiki'd.
i'd like to Wiki something...
sounds know,
so Wiki-like...

all the smoking paraphenalia
(i dont care if i spelled that wrong)
is so very cool and stylin'...
my son got into this
shee shah stuff,
gorgeous apple flavoured
tobacco and all...
("all" covers a lot of ground.)
anyway, and those beautiful
glass pipes and wooden carved ones...
its so creative...

SignGurl said...

G, I've got to come and visit the new digs so I can compare first hand. Looking good ;)

Breazy said...

that is nice! I like the Impala in the window behind you in the first picture, I am thinking about purchasing one.

I bet it feels good to have that new office. It is airy and open. Way to go G!

Have a good day!

Mona said...




G-Man said...

Chandra...You so funny!

Thanks everyone for visiting...I'm runnin late because tonight was Reeses Concert Band's Spring show.
I gotta go post my 55 now..Thanks...Galen