Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thursday Portrait.......

Hi everybody...I guess it's time for my semi-annual shearing.
Here's a before and after shot from today..
Now don't forget about your Friday 55, you've been warned in plenty of time!!


Serena Joy said...

I guess we all have to get shorn every now and then. Before and after both look great, though. You'd better stay by the phone; GQ will probably be calling you.:)

Rebicmel said...

Galen Lee picklepuss humperdink all I can say is why???

At least it's spikey

J Morgetron said...

You get your hair done at the body shop?

J Morgetron said...

PS: You look mighty handsome.

javajazz said...

okay, that is

dickiebo said...

Nah! If you gottit, you never really lose it. Go, Big Man!

lime said...

wow, it's shorter than i expected you to go given how you went into shock after the last haircut. it looks good though.

buffalodickdy said...

Once a month, whether i need it or not...

James Goodman, Author said...

Great pics, G-man. I'm digging the new look. :D

Strumpet said...

Is that a mullet?

I wanna see the back!!


It looks great and your facial adornment is still as sexy as evah.

Congrats on the shearing.

Even though your long hair is way cool too, Gayland.

You just look spiffy in the long-do AND the fashion mullet.

They're comin' back now, ya know...

I've been trying to get my brother to go to this rock-a-billy barber shop I found for him to go to since he's decided to chop all his hair off for the summer too.

I'm none too happy about it, cos he's in a bunch of bands and the chicks go nuts for his long hair.

But, he seems to think that a buzzed look will be better for him.

I never like it when he does that to his gorgeous curly locks.

But, whatever.

My other brother does the same thing to his luscious mane, only his hair is straight.

Okay, I am done babble about male haircuts.

Yours looks awesome.

Enjoy it.

And have an awesome day.

Love the shades.


javajazz said...

Rabbit, Rabbit, sexy.
i like the slicked back thang...
i think its part of the look.
you kinda look like Yoshi
after he's had an
Extreme Haircut.

Mona said...


Please tell me there is a pony tail in the second picture!!!!


jillie said...

I'm getting my hair cut/trimmed on Tue. Lookin good there galen!

BTW...I have my 55 all ready for tomorrow...wooohooo!!!!

Akelamalu said...

I love the new 'short' look!

I've scheduled my 55 to post first thing tomorrow. :)

Breazy said...

the new cut looks good Galen! You look good either way.

You have a good weekend sir!


tsduff said...

You are a brave man to put your locks under the knife. Scary.

SignGurl said...

You know my penchant for a man with not only a Fu Man Chu, but a newly shorn head of hair. You look 15 years younger. I love it!!


G-Man said...

Sherry you are right, GQ Did call..Geriatric Queer ( no offense Polt my friend)

Melissa..It'l grow back ;-)

Yes Jodie, you are very observant...;)

You are overwhelmingly Mushegeneh!!!!

Howdy Mate, thanks for stopping by...G

You are too kind..
Too Trini
Too Awesome..:)

I haven't been on that regimen since I was 12..
You must like yours short brother...G

I'm going for that Mystery Writer Look!!

Excuse me Chandra...
Thats pronounced Moo-Lay!


Business in the front..
Party in the back!!

A 55?
I'm in heaven!!!!!

Much obliged Ake..
I'll be ready...G

Thanks sweetie...G

I know but I was getting shaggy...Thanks...G

Jennifer Van Winkle..?
Back from your 20 year nap I see...:-)

S said...

Seems like the time of year for the annual haircut, doesnt it?