Monday, April 28, 2008

SEALed With a Kiss.......

Hi everybody...I had to work late tonight, and I'm dog-tired!! Needless to say, I'm not feeling very creative. But my daughter Mandy sent me this pic from San Fransisco's largest tourist trap...Pier 39!
Regardless of it's shlock, you gotta admit, it's a Million Dollar View!!!!!!
Lets see...Them: California, Fisherman's Wharf, Mooching off relatives, Sunshine, Vacation!!
And....US: 32 degree's tonight, Work and School, (Them being Gone...) Hmmmm... Fair trade I'd say!!! Hehehehehe....


Strumpet said...

Oh, Galen.

I'm so sorry you're so tired.

I'm right there with you, baby, after last night.

Get some rest.


lime said...

man you went from beautiful weather to cccccold in short order!

Breazy said...

it sounds like the temps around here. We have been hitting the lower 80's and tomorrow the high is only supposed to reach the lower 50's then the lows are supposed to be in the low 30's.

I hope you are getting some rest though.


buffalodickdy said...

At least they called off the snow flurries...

Serena Joy said...

Awww, seals! What could be cuter than that? Not much!

James Goodman, Author said...

Yeah, I'm ready for all the cold to be done with and thought it was but we had a significant dip in temperature over the weekend as well. My poor bike doesn't like the cold. :D

That is a great view in the pic, btw.

javajazz said...

that's a good boy, G-man...
fair the coffee.

Mona said...

You got tired shouting 'fore' ?

Hmmm quite some teeing...

Nice view, seals in the pacific...

G-Man said...

Thanks Strumpet..
Unfortunately, I have to work late tonight also!

I know Limey, Thats Springtime in Michigan!!

Thanks Birthday Girl!
((and a pinch to grow an inch))

Yeah Buff, thank the weather gods...G

James...My Harley runs much better when it's a bit chilly.
Unfortunatly I DON'T!!!

Seal Skin Shoes?
(just kidding)

Thank You Lisa...
I just Love the peace and quiet... :-)

I don't have to shout 'Fore'...
I hit the ball straight!
(hahahahaha..Thats a lie)

jillie said...'re funny! Bummer about work but I guess it's ONE way of keeping you out of trouble!!


Breazy said...

thanks! I wish I would grow an inch. The other day at the doctors office the were checking my height and I have thought that I was like 5 ft 2 inches forever but come to find out I am only 5 feet and half an inch. Go figure! LOL!

snowelf said...

Okay, I'm back, it can get hot again now.

Wait, it never really was "hot" was it?

But, whatever the weather, Galen, you are our favorite "hot stuff".


G-Man said...


29 eh?

Hi sweetie, glad to see you all back safe and sound!!!..((HUGS))

Rebicmel said...

Well that about seals the deal or docks I should say.

Hope you get some rest and feel refreshed in the morning boyo!!!

I've been real busy Galen but hopefully before to long I will give you all the details about what's been going on at Nirvanasgate and Helium.

Hi to everyone one as well. Remember you can always email me!!!

Hugs to all