Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Space Center HNT.....

Happy HNT everybody...
The second pic is the actual control room to the very first Apollo Mission..
The third is of the Discovery Space Shuttle
The fourth is the booster that launches the shuttle, there is more explosive power in that booster than the Hiroshima Atom bomb!!!
The last pic is my riding buddy Dave, he is standing in front of an actual Mercury Mission capsule..Imagine riding up in space in that tin can??..Tell me about bravery!!!!
One More installment....


SignGurl said...


SignGurl said...

Galen, what a big rocket you have!

That's star power.

Rebicmel said...

Wow, it gives the whole experience to the space age a different meaning having seen all this I bet.

What a wonderful educational experience Galen. Tin can is right eek I would have been looking for a can opener.

Strumpet said...


Your facial hair arrangement is totally coolass.

That's the hotness right there.

And Dave looks cool.

jillie said...

Oooohhhh I love that first picture. You da bomb!



Little Wing said...

I am impressed by all of the pins on your riding vest!!!!
Are they all for places you have been????
I hope to have as many some day!!!!!!!!

Breazy said...

It is so good to see that you made it back home safely, I missed you. I do apologize for not getting over here earlier but it has not been the greatest week in my neck of the woods so I haven't been online at all.


I love the movie Apollo 13!

SeaRabbit said...

Arghhh!!!... you look so bad on that first one!!! Is it really you Galen????

lime said...

now that first picture is the image of a bad ass if ever i saw one!


Serena Joy said...

Looks like plenty of rocket power to put a crew over the moon. I'll bet it was a fun tour. The pictures look great.

barman said...

Oh that is to cool. I went there once but I do not remember seeing as much. The control room was not as detailed. And there was not space shuttle stuff outside like there is now and those booster rockets, to cool. The only real cool thing I was able to do was catch a couple of launches out of the 6 to 10 times I was visiting my friends. The only thing better than that would have been to see a Saturn V launch. With how slow it went up I am sure it would be fantastic to see.

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful HNT G.

S said...

Looks like you had a great time and LMAO @ signgurl!
HHNT Galen, PS go see my last weeks 55, k? :P

Mona said...

Galen? Is one supposed to wear dark glasses, medals & a fierce look to be able to ride ?

Strumpet said...


I didn't get that.


Don't think I can.

Just wanted to let you know.

Got part of it, but won't be able to get all.


Bunny said...

Cool! I love the Space Center. My in-laws are between the Space Coast and Daytona - a perfect setting!


dickiebo said...

Crikey! You've sure got a lotta medals there, G-Man!

Breazy said...

I meant to tell you this last night when I left my previous comment but I forgot. I read through all of your posts since your return, I appreciate the "ocean breazes" part. LOL!
Have a beautiful day!

TK Kerouac said...

Quite the rocket you have! Happy HNT!!!

Mariposa said...

I so enjoy all your photos! Thanks for sharing! HappyHNT!

Lucia said...

coolness! I am such a geek at heart, I think I subtlely harrassed my parents to take me to every science center around our area :-)

happy HNT!

snowelf said...

Hi Galen! Thanks for sharing those pics with us, they are awesome!!
And you do have a lot of pins on your vest! Wow!


G-Man said...

Jennifer..tsk tsk
Jildo..((BIG HUG))
Jadey..I need 2 vests
Heather..I'm glad you are back.xo
Jo..C'set Moi
Michelle..Bad to the Bone
Sherry..Sometimes I wish I had a real camera, I'm very low tech...Thanks Red..xobgxox
Bryan..Too bad you weren't with us with all your camera skills
Susie..You fricken ROCK!! That was soooo sweet..xox
Strumpet..Thats OK.
Bunny..hahaha another Florida/Michigan connection!
Dickiebo!!!..Hows it goin mate?
Thanks Breazy..xo
Mariposa..Thank you young lady..G
Lucia..Welcome to the Jungle, you are always welcome..Galen

G-Man said...

Snow-Elf..? I feel so fortunate to see you out a little this past week. Thanks..xox