Monday, March 31, 2008


Oh yeah Baby, This really warms the cockles on a brisk overcast Spring-Day!!
Step One..Boil any smoked bone that you may have..
Ham Bone
Ham Hock
Smoked Neck Bones
Or Bacon for that matter..for one hour!!
Step Two..Add a pinch of..
And whatever root vegetable like you prefer..
Boil that for another 2 1/2 hours till all the peas boil down to a thick mush!!
Step Three..Enjoy!!!
I like Pumpernickle or Dark Jewish Rye with mine!!
I guess this also qualifies for an entry in Monday Swinefest!
Awww..Poor Piggy
I guess, This little piggy went to market....


Mona said...

& this little piggy stayed at home..

GALEN! What's cooking?

Mona said...


lime said...

that would indeed count as a form of swine fest as we feast on swineflesh!

mmmmmm, good eats.

Casdok said...

I feel all the better for popping over here!! :)

buffalodickdy said...

Pigs should stay out of bars, meat markets, and kitchens! I will say no more at this time...

Rebicmel said...

Mucho delicioso. Es muy bueno!

VE said...

I get all my meat at Cows, Pigs and Beyond. Yep, it's right next to Bed, Bath and Beyond...

Serena Joy said...

That looks great and, to your credit, doesn't remind me at all of The Exorcist.:)

tsduff said...

Is it lunchtime yet? Yum - nothing like it on a cold day - (or any day!) As said by Anthony Bourdain - all roads lead to pork.

SignGurl said...

Do peas make you fart? Maybe not if they are already split.

Strumpet said...


SUCH a good word.

Warming them sounds even better.

What if you don't have any smoked bone?

Mmmm...pumperknickel. I haven't had that in soooo looong.

I need to get my piggies painted tomorrow.

Oh, my God! I love the Exorcist!!

I always try to come up with interesting things in my head for the mysterious acronyms in Serena Joy's comments.

Today's was:

I Have A Ham Bone In Heaven.

barman said...

Not to be a jerk but when do you add the split peas? I think you left it out unless I somehow missed it.

I love split pea soup. It all looks so yummy.

G-Man said...

#1 Today, and everyday my dear!!..xoxmrxoxx

Very good eats Limey..

It's always a treat seeing you...G

Uncle Buff,
After seeing your awesome dinner post, I had to invite you over..
Have a good one, and thanks for dropping by..

Muchas gracias...

That sounds like MY kind of store!!
Thanks for stopping by...G

Ahhh, Miss Serena
Crimson Hair, and fair of skin..
Possess ME, baby!!!!


That show was just on!!
I watched all of it...

My pea soup was NOT gaseous!!
But thanks for asking!!

You crack me up...
Thanks for bringing a big smile to ole G-Man's face...xoxox

G-Man said...

With all the veggies!!

Rebicmel said...

Again with the Senryu Galen, are you a poet?

I thought Serena's ending was

I Have A Habit Being In Here -- Now I have visions of the flying nun get it... Habit- okay sic humor---It's Strumpets fault mentioning acronyms I love those things lol.

tsduff said...

Yes and oh how I wish I was with him on that show somewhere in Africa... the pork looked better than I've ever seen it!!! I'm dying for that pork! Thanks for your lavish xoxox's ;)