Monday, March 10, 2008

The 3 B's of Bike Week.......

Day Two of the Daytona Bike Week Funfest, Brings us to the inevitable...
The first picture is a motorcycle known as a "Boss Hoss", notice that it has a V-8 engine under the seat. Very nice bike, only one thing wrong with it...
It ain't a Harley!!
The dark pic is a friendly neighborhood tavern that offered Dollar Drafts, and Dollar Dogs.
The seats on the porch were a welcome relief from all the commotions...
The remaining three pics are just some of the beautiful scenery available during Bike Week!
The last chick was kind of annoying, she was a Copenhagen Chick trying to get you into the pavillion to get some free samples of some 'chew'... Of course I went in...Then she had a cow about me taking her picture outside, she said pictures only INSIDE,...You know what I said?
....Stay Tuned!!!!


Cazzie!!! said...

Haha, I am glad you didn;t listen to the last chick, that makes me laugh Galen..great images, all of them :)

javajazz said...

oh, i thought you were gonna say
Boobs, Boobs, and Bratwurst...
i like the cool shiny blue bike
with the V-8 juice
underneath the hood,
or whatever you said...

Little Wing said...

Tits and Tats Oh My!!!!!!!
Good to see you back in one piece G-daddy!

barman said...

Very nice G. The one thing I just keep wonderfing, how does that last chick keep her pants on? Thems some low riders for sure.

Strumpet said...

A chick in chaps?

I don't give a fuck if she's a bitch.

That's hot.

Can't blame her... chuckin' chew? I don't think I'd be very happy either.

But, that first bikini hot-o-rific!

I like the blue juicy bike too. It reminds me of the bike Nate's character inherited on Six Feet Under.

Can't wait for more!


lime said...

welcome back, welcome back. yes, i think we need to get back to normal now. the world was quite askew the last two weeks!

Mona said...

The bike is cool. I saw some Hollywood celebrity riding something similar on the TV yesterday...

SignGurl said...

Definately better scenery than we have here in Michigan.

Rebicmel said...

Woot Galen welcome back boyo. Hope the fresh air and sunshine put a smile on your face.

Did you eat a piece of key-lime for me hmmmmmmm?????

I thought one of the b's would have been barbecue lol.....

jillie said...

Well I guess you showed HER!!! LOL...oh Galen, you do have a way with!!

Can't wait to wee the other ones.


Bryan...they're too tight to fall!

Strumpet said...

That is the cutest typo in the whole wide world.

Why can't I make typos like that?

Mine are all retarded.

Like ...

"I hope i was good."

As opposed to....

"I hope it was good."

Though, sometimes that one is intentional.

Is there such a thing as an Intentional Typo?

G-Man said...

Hi Cazzie..
Your Winter is on it's way, nice to see you..xo

Now Lisa, THAT would be.. would be..not far from the truth!!

Thanks baby..xox

She had a big butt to stop that action..G

I thought you would enjoy the view..xox

Ahhh Yes..
Hi Trini..xoxoxox

You'd look HOT on a Hog!!!

Exceptin for You, SignQueen!!

Another good one Missy, thanks.
And thanks for the heartfelt welcome back..

I have this Biker thing at times...Can't help it!
xox heheheehe

Strumpet..Of Course!!!

Charles said...

Two things (but not just two things) make Florida better than Texas.
1. We didn't produce GWB.
2. We're not gun crazy, gun toting, gun fanatics shooting at anyone.
3. Daytona.
4. Beachs, babes, no oil wells outside the restaurant.
Oops. See there's more, but I don't like bragging.