Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pin-Head Post.........

Hi Everybody..I feel like a rare Saturday post, so here goes...
Whenever GM has a sales promotion, they give the Sales Reps these fancy button's to wear. Mr. Knowitall, is also Mr. Pack Rat, and saves EVERYTHING!!! In the first pic, you can see on my wall in my office, several of these Promo Pins they have given us. The other pins, are pins I WISH I could wear sometimes....
Have a Great Day.. Peace..!!!


jillie said...

Those are great and BTW....


Have a great wknd ;o)


lime said...

for a second i thought you had a sock puppet on your hand. i'd like to wear those alternate pins too!

Little Wing said...

G-daddy, great pins, I have a few of my own, lol.
I am feeling bad now because the whole family is going away except your son!!!!!!!
Send him to me, I will take him to Disneyland!!!!

G-Man said...

Thanks Jildo..

No Limey...Thats one of my favorite hats!!!

I'll send the boy to you Jadey..
Can you give him a job too?

barman said...

I love the "First Step" pin and would so wear that one. I think we need to order a case especially for those people that, like you, need to deal with the public. They keep us programmer types more or less hidden from people so I am somewhat safe.

Hope you are enjoying all the lovely sunshine we have been getting.

Charles said...

PCI soundcard 3 Business Day Shipping $5.69
That's assuming the PC you have is PCI bus, and not so old that its ISA bus, which would have to be close to 10 yrs old (not likely.)

Rebicmel said...

You know Galen you have a lot of bartering pieces if one was so inclined to barter with you hahaha, I wonder where some of that will show up, maybe an artist hmmmmm. I like the first one the most. That color of your hat next to your skin is a great color you should wear it more often boyo.

Have fun with all that quietness surrounding you. I want a T-shirt with Chevrolet on it, do y'all give them out or caps. I am a cap wearer. I usually have my hair up in a ponytail so caps are always good.

Lets see I have some poems I could send you in exchange or what else ummm some bubble gum or a couple of bandaids.. Hair bands... Let me know. :o)

Strumpet said...

I know someone I would like to give the asshole button to....can I borrow it?

And, Lime, I dunno why....but I thought the same thing.

Maybe I just like sock puppets and was hoping.


Charles, hilarious. He needs that!

Missy, I love band-aids! Send him those!

Can I send you band-aids, Galen, for the asshole button. I'll send you ones with skulls on them.

Serena Joy said...

There are days when I wish I had some of those alternate pins to wear. I'd even glue a couple of them to my forehead.

The cap rocks, of course.:)

Mona said...

I like the last one...

Galen, I got only two , One said ' Good Conduct' and the other said 'First in Class'

I hope you are well...

javajazz said...

haha! i love it,
Strumpie is willing to barter
skull bandaids
for the asshole button.
and thats just for a loan!

javajazz said...

ps, how are you getting your bikey
to florida?
never did get a response on that one...
i guess its hard to express too much
in those 3 word sentences...

javajazz said...

ya, send Reece to LW...
then i can come stay at your place.
wait, where's Mandy?
oh, it doesnt matter,
she'll be hip, i'm sure...
bwah haa haaaaaaaaa!

evalinn said...

Oh please wear them! :-)

SignGurl said...

Love you, Mr. Pack Rat!

G-Man said...

Bryan, you need to get out more son!!...G

Please don't talk tech-talk to me, it gives me a head-ache!!
But thanks for thinking about me...G

Hey Missy...
I'm always up for a trade!
I have a whole drawer full of tradeable items!

You Rock Girl!!
Thanks for looking out for this poor low-tech soul!!!

Yes Sherry, That cap does indeed rock!!
It's Harley Orange, and it fits perfect!!
A perfect fit is very important you know!!
Thanks Red...xoxbgxdox

I hope YOU are well!!!
You are indeed, "First in Class"...G

You are such a scamp!!
Anyway, My Biker Buds that I travel with, has an inclosed trailer that hauls 6 Bikes..
We travel in Great Comfort!!
Thanks for asking...G

I have more pins, I'll share them very soon!

Thanks ...ditto!

Charles said...

I'm just saying that you can have sound for less than fifteen bucks, G.

Sock Puppet? I was wondering what that hat was holding. ;)

Little Wing said...

Something not quite right about a trailer going down the hiway carrying six Harleys.....trailered Harleys going to Daytona, what a concept!!!!!!
I thought you were RIDING, not going in a cage!!!!!

G-Man said...

OK lets see....
20 inches of snow, AND -3 degree's...You would ride???
Some folks do not live in sunny California!!!!

Rebicmel said...

I'll take the orange hat for two sticks of bubble gum

snowelf said...

Hello Galen :)

I think we all wish we could wear these pins sometimes!! Just not towards you. ;)


--snow :)

Little Wing said...

G-daddy just funnin with ya!!!!
Cali was 70 degrees here today and I had a 6 hour ride!!!!!!!!

Strumpet said...

Hi, Gayland!


barman said...

I wondered how you were getting down there. I suspect that a 24 hour or more drive down to Daytona would wipe you out too. It would probably take a day or two to recover. You would miss out on all the fun.

I know I seriously need to get out more.

S E E Quine said...

` I likes, I likes.