Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kiss Kiss........

"You must remember this,

A kiss is just a kiss,

A sigh is just a sigh...

The fundamental things apply,

As time goes by"..........


Do you remember your first kiss?

Not just a peck on the cheek..

Not a schoolyard dare...

Your very first romantic kiss??


Care to share?



...Out of all the blogs in the world,

She had to walk into mine...........


Don't forget your Sweet-Heart this Thursday!!



Serena Joy said...

Oooooo, what a fabulously romantic post. {{sigh}} I do remember my first peck and first romantic kiss (but I can't kiss and tell). Yeah, she walks in and he walks in ... and the world stands still. I'll be remembering my sweetheart on Thursday and I'm sure you will, too.:)

G-Man said...

Always the Lady Sherry..
Always the Lady!!!!
I might have known..xox

S said...

Yeah I remember my first kiss but as that man is still in my life, I'd better not share. No, it wasnt Mr Ratburn, LOL.

I was coming over here for food not love, I am hungry dammit, got any muffelata leftover?

Strumpet said...

I remember both my first kiss and my first romantic kiss and several kisses in between that I THOUGHT were romantic kisses as well as a few AFTER the first that I thought were romantic kisses but really were just not.

But, the really romantic ones have been ever-lasting on my mind, and they've all made permanent impressions upon my spank bank.

Serena Joy said...

Well, yeah. I mean, you are Mr. Knowitall after all. Of course you'd know.:)xox

Rebicmel said...

I remember my first kiss, I was very shy sixteen and totally infatuated. It was a very romantic kiss for a sixteen year old. My very first french kiss.......the swapping of spit and slobbers, that's when I realized I really liked boys :o)

Unfortunately my ex wasn't a kisser so to enjoy kissing within a marriage I can't say that it was at all memorable. Not pouting just stating it like it was..

Who knows maybe I will go down to the local five and dime and offer kisses Thursday.

Y'all have a great Thursday as you let your loved one know how much they mean to you. Never take for granted those opportunities sometimes they are taken away.

Galen have a nice evening kiddo

Strumpet said...

Alright, Missy....

Where is this five and dime you speak of, cos I wanna be first in line!


Little Wing said...

Serena, do they still make five and dimes????????????
G-man I was 15 and already liked older men.
Enough said.

Little Wing said...

G-man, I left the sweetest Valentine in the whole world on my blog for everyone!!!!!!!!!

Breazy said...

Well I am going to skip my very first kiss and move on to my first kiss that really mattered which would go under the Romantic Kiss section.

It was at the end of my first date with Mr. B, I was getting ready to open the truck door when he leaned over and ever so softly kissed me, not just a peck kiss but a full on kiss. I never knew that the earth could shake like that. I felt that kiss in places I didn't know I had at the time and even to this day all I have to do is close my eyes and I can remember it well. To tell the truth, if I want to remember that kiss all I have to do is go to my husband and tell him to kiss me.

I am ready for Thursday!

Hope you have a great day!

Mona said...

G Man

Are we having are run of Casablanca here? O Goody Goody.. I'm all eyes!

No I don't remember my first kiss, neither the one after that... nor the one after that either...

Gee.. what is a kiss?

Queenie said...

Oh yes, I remember that first kiss, but I would never tell.
Casablanca, my very favourite film, play it again Sam...

Queenie said...

Oh yes, I remember that first kiss, but I would never tell.
Casablanca, my very favourite film, play it again Sam...

Charles said...

Casablanca has to be my favorite film of all time.
The quote, most often misquoted, "You played it for her, now play it for me."
"I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship" is one of my favorites, too. There just isn't enough of those, true friendships.

SignGurl said...

Oh boy do I remember my first greatly anticipated romantic kiss. I was 16 and dating the most beautiful boy. When he puckered up and came at me, I was so excited. That is, until his lips met mine. He kissed like a St. Bernard. I think his lips covered my entire face and I needed a towel when we were done.

It's no surprise that he ended up making some man very happy.

I remember my first Galen kiss. It was heavenly. I'll bet all your readers are going to be jealous now. It was on the cheek girls. Don't get your panties in a bunch.

Akelamalu said...

I remember mine - he has improved a lot since we were 14 & 15!

lime said...


well i am not counting the unibrowed lenny i planted one on when i was 12 and drunk.

no i will count tom when i was 14. he was my first boyfriend and had invited me to a picnic at his house. before i left to go home he asked me to come to the back porch with him and leaned down to give me a soft, tender smooch on the lips. oh, i was IMMEDIATELY liking this very much and wrapped my arms around him and smooched back long and deep. we kept kissing for a few minutes and then i kind of staggered off the back porch all wobbly legged and tried to pedal my bike home without crashing into something. his older brother caught me later and asked what the hell i did to tom because he was a bumbling lightheaded fool after that. hehehehehe

so tell us about your, gman!

Charles said...

Yeah, G. Which one of your teachers was it?

snowelf said...

I actually don't remember my first kiss.

But there are three kisses I have burned in my memory forever and it was like being kissed for the first time each time.

Happy Valentine's Galen!!

--snow, who is chattering one state over ;)

jillie said...

Oh yes, I so remember! I was 14 and his name was Dan Warren. Man did I EVER have a crush on him...whew!!!


gab said...

Yes I remember it was after we went to the movies. The movie was to Live and Let Die(James Bond)and it was our first date. Not only did we have our first date, first kiss but I told Mr Gab that I loved him. Yep I move fast. I knew he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and I wanted him to know right away so he didnt ask me out again lol.and you know 33 1/2 years later we are still kissing away.

barman said...

I am afraid I can not remember. I suppose I need more work on that. I do remember a particular kiss in a tree fort when I was about 14 however. Very interesting but not all that.

G-Man said...

Bryan...Thanks All!!!
Thanks for sharing your memories with the G-Man!