Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Empty Office HNT......

Our Dealership is undergoing a 3 1/2 Million dollar facelift..
We are all getting new offices built for us...
This is me calling from what is left of my office of 20 years
This is 20 years worth of crap, in this phone booth they call my temporary office!
God, I'm glad I'm leaving in TWO MORE DAYS!!!!!!!


Serena Joy said...

Been there, done that. What a pain. Hope the new office is much more comfortable.:)

barman said...

I just moved a little while ago. It was a little bit of a pain and the move was kind of a trade down but heck, it is a job. 20 years? Wow. I am working on my 20 years as we speak. It is not until the end of the year that I hit 20 years. No one stays around that long these days.

Hopefully when you get back from your little trip things will be all settled. Have a wonderful trip and a great new office. Well anything beats the temporary digs.

Little Wing said...

Vroooom! Vrooooooooom!!!!
Need I say more!
Keep the shiny side up!

Rebicmel said...

Good things come to those who wait, so maybe you will get the biggest of the offices with a plasma tv, and a free car hmmmmm, yep I bet that will be it.

Mona said...

whatever it might be like, a change is always good...

Both trip wise & office wise

Be happy,Be safe

evalinn said...

Not too bad for 20 years. Happy HNT!

SignGurl said...

You need to let me at that pile O'Crap! I'll take good care of it for you *wink*

SeaRabbit said...

I'm sure it will be very comfy once everything is done!

javajazz said...

love you G-man...
have a wild and crazy
safe and fun vacation!
you deserve it...
say hi to the beautiful water
by the beach
from this little Crab...
we'll miss you!

gab said...

Hope your new office will be comfortable. good thing you dont have to spend to much time in your "closet"office. How long did you say you'd be gone for?

Breazy said...

Wow! You will really like the new office once it is complete even though getting to that point is going to be a pain in the rump.

You be safe on your trip Galen, we will miss you dearly!


G-Man said...

Thank You all for visiting, I'll see ya soon!!!

lime said...

that is one lonely looking office there!