Monday, December 17, 2007

Winter is Here!!!.............

Hi Everybody!! I trust that you all remember the lovable little Piglet.
He was quite worrisome..just like many people I know, but things always seemed to work out!
Hope all of you folks in the Mid-West, and North-East are safe and warm...
And we will soon see if Charles can blog from work...Hahahahahahaha...


Serena Joy said...

Brrrr! I hope somebody remembers to put a sweater on little Piglet. Winter. Bah, humbug.:)

lime said...

piglet was cute indeed.

we got snow and then ice on top and we are having ANOTHER snow day. i swear, i need these kids to go to school!

Strumpet said...

Piglet was so cute.

But Tigger was always my kind of guy.

I think my own personality lies somewhere in between.

I definitely have the worry part down though.

So, if some people find that lovable, I need to find one.

I don't pay attention to the news and weather. I know it snowed here and I am hearing the plows go by outside my window, but I haven't looked or been outside yet.

I'm sure it's quite slushy.

But, it's Dec 17th in Chi, it's supposed to be slushy. Though I don't like it. Especially walking everywhere in it. Ugh.

Little Wing said...

I love piglet.
And Pooh is my kind of bear.
Here in sunny Cali. we are fogged in!

gab said...

I love piglet.
We were lucky it passed us by. Thank goodness.
I hope you all who were hit are warm and toasty. Hugs to you all.

Mona said...

Galen? why should we be made to remember the little piglet by your esteemed self pray?...

I hope Charles does NOT blog from work...

Mona said...


javajazz said...

funny, i always loved Pooh and Piglet
and their cool relationship
and i often related to Piglet
and he also reminded me
of Woodstock in Peanuts comics
and, i dont know,
i kinda like the Tao of Pooh, ya know?
Pooh's kinda cool and laid back
and, you know, Knowing....whatever.
good choice of teeny worrying pig
for Swine Monday,
Mr. Pants.


SignGurl said...

I'm dug out. How about you?

barman said...

It is times like these that I despise having a double wide driveway and, at 64 feet long, that does not help either. Luckily my snow blower started and worked. YEA!

My favorite out of the series would be Tigger. Not sure why as he is not my personality but I still like him.

G-Man said...

Serena Joy!!!
You just keep your little piggies warm OK?

Whats the matter Limey?
Kids driving you crazy?
Happy Anniversary...

Strumpet Dear...
I'm glad that your mystery wifi is somewhat working again...
We all have missed your sharp tongue!!

Sunny/Foggy California!

Go figure, You live almost to the Arctic, and the snow misses you!

The Birthday Maven!!!
Thanks sweetie, I'll stop by..xoxox

I like Pooh better also,
But he's NOT a pig...
Mr. Pants..hahahaha

There she is..
The almost birthday girl!
And she is REALLY 39!!

The wonderful thing about Tigger..
Is Tigger's a wonderful thing!!!!
(Yes, I do know the whole thing!!)
Thanks Bryan...G

Serena Joy said...

Yup, those little piggies are all snuggly-warm. I LOVE fuzzy slippers.:-)

Strumpet said...



=P =P =P

tsduff said...

Piglet is my favorite Pooh character. Du'oh! I forgot about Swine Monday. LOVE IT.

You better stay snug as a bug in a rug.

Charles said...

Unfortunately, I don't believe I shall be blogging from work. :(
I tried at the end of lunch and there was some message about it not being approved, because it was a social something or other. Oh well, I guess it will have to be from home only, if I'm not too tired.

Hmmm. Pigs have curly tails, but I remember Tigger bouncing around on a curly tail... Is Tigger a hybrid? HooHooHooo.