Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ask Mr. Knowitall......

Hi everybody if it's Wednesday, it must be time for 'Ask Mr. Knowitall'..
Well it seems that Nobody has any questions fo me this week, so Maybe I'll just Ramble On for a bit...I had a wonderful Holiday, I hope that you did as well. I did develope quite a horrible Tooth-Ache, and I've been on Pain Killers for 2 days, I hope My dentist is in on Wednesdays!
Anyway, How's about some interesting answers to some Un-Asked Questions?
Famous Historical Names....
Joel Roberts Poinsett... A lifelong American Diplomat, he was Secretary of War under Martin Van Buren. While Ambassador to Mexico, he brought back the 1st 'Poinsettia' to the U.S.
Patrick Hooligan...A notorious hoodlum in 19th Century London. His name became a generic term for any 'Troublemaker'.
Leopold von Sacher-Masoch...An Austrian Novelist, His books reflected his sexual disorder, a craving that was later dubbed 'Masochism'.
Arnold Reuben...A NYC deli owner of the 50's. He put corned beef, kraut, and Russian dressing on some rye bread and named the whole thing after himself..The Reuben.
Belinda Blurb... A model portrayed on a book jacket by American Illustrator Gelett Burgess. She inspired the common term for a publishers comments on a book cover..The Blurb
Franz Anton Mesmer...An Austrian Physician, He popularized outrageous medical theories on animal magnetism in Paris in the 1780's. He Mesmerized the public!
William Russell Frisbie...An American Pie Maker, he founded the Frisbie Pie Company in Bridgeport Connecticut, in 1871. In the 1900's, students from up the road in New Haven Connecticut, (Yale) Found they could flip the Frisbie pie tins like flying saucers....
Mr Knowitall's tooth hurts like a MoFo...


Strumpet said...


G-Man said...

And before I had text!

Strumpet said...

I went back and read it, Galen.

I figured you were in the middle of creating a masterpiece.

I just didn't want to take too much time creating my own blurb lest I lost my treasured spot.


lime said...

if you can't get to the dentist get to a pharmacy and pick up some clove oil. put it on the achy tooth. wishing you a pain free day.

barman said...

Wow Strumpet, YEA! So how is it there where no comments about Leopold von Sacher-Masoch?

I love Mr Knowitall. You always have such fun facts. Gotta love Mr Reuben although after over eating yesterday, I think I need to stop thinking about FOOD!

Good luck with the tooth. I hope your dentist can see you today G.

snowelf said...

Oh I want to change my name to Snowelf Hooligan.

That'd be cool. :)

I hope you can see your Dentist today and your ouchie goes away.
(woo hoo, I rhymed.)


SignGurl said...

Get thee to a dentist Oh Great And Mighty One!

Strumpet said...

I find Leopold mesmerizing.

But, not as mesmerizing as YOU, Sir Gayland.

Barman, I just went and read down from the comments after I typed the above.

You are reading my mind.

Leopold is apparently the Godfather of Kink.

Leave it to Galen to feed my knowledge on the topic.

I overate yesterday too!


I hope your tooth is better. I'm gonna have to get some clove oil now to keep around the house. Thanks, Lime!

Snowelf, DO IT. It WOULD be cool.

tsduff said...

tooth ache?? AAAUUUGGHHH!!! A few shots of whiskey might help =- but then you'll need something stronger in the morning.. :(

Hop you had a lovely Christmas - try to stay warm!

J Morgetron said...

How is your toof?

Serena Joy said...

I know that Leopold guy. In fact, I think I used to date most of those guys except maybe the Poinsettia guy.:) I hate it that your tooth is still hurting. So ... tomorrow? Dentist? Huh?

Little Wing said...

So you would have us believe that Masochism is a sexual disorder???!!!
NOW you tell me!!!!!!!!

Hope you got your toof some help.
Tequila helps.

G-Man said...

You've made me laugh again ..
Thank You kind Miss..

Dr. Lime...
As a matter of fact I think I do have some...Thanks..xoxox

I don't know what it is with Dr's and Wednesday's.

Snowelf Hooligan..
It sounds like a midget wrestler...hahahaha

Stop yelling at me...xox

Yes Chandra..
That was for your benefit!

Terry my Dear..
Happy Holiday's...
I'd LOVE a shot..xox

It seems to be a bit better...we'll see Thanks!

Am I glad to see you!!!
I'm glad you are home safe and sound..
I've missed you terribly.

Between you and Terry, you West Coast girls sure know how to treat pain..hahahaha

Serena Joy said...

I missed you, too, Galen.:)

Rebicmel said...

Now if only you could find the secret and whereabouts to the fountain of youth oh hair getting longer one :o)

Have a great night hewhoisaboyo