Sunday, December 30, 2007


Hi Everybody...With 2007 winding down, I'd like to thank each and every one of my Blogging Buddies for making this one of My Greatest Years EVER!!!
The Friends..
The Support
The Talent
The Creativity
The Love that is floating around the Blogesphere is immeasurable!
Last Year I listed everyone that visited me the previous year, This year I can't even begin to list my visitors......But Thank You All!!!
Special Thanks To Jenn The SignQueen for her Patience, Love, and High-Tech Prowess..xox
...and to my very special Holler-Girl.. .. xoxoxoxox

Drive safe..
Drink in Moderation..
And to those that have my number..
Drunk Texting IS Acceptable New Years Eve!!
Happy New Year....Galen


SignGurl said...


SignGurl said...

Ok, now that I've dried my tears *sniff*. That was so sweet of you to say, Galen. Look how far you've come under my tutelage!

Happy New Years, my friend!

Serena Joy said...

You said it, Galen. There are a lot of very talented, very creative, very special people floating around Blogdom and it's been my privilege to meet a number of them in 2007. Some are more special than others, but that's another tale for another time. Anyhow ... you've put me to shame with such a nice New Year's post; I haven't even started thinking about anything yet.:)

Drunk texting? Nope. I don't think so.:-)

Happy New Year, Galen!

G-Man said...

Happy New Year..
My Mentor AND Master..

Serena Joy....
You My Dear comprise all that I posted about..ALL!
Have a very Happy New Year Sherry...xoxbgxoxox

Strumpet said...


Who is Holler-girl?

Is she anything like Roller Girl?

Cos I've gotta thing for Sex on Wheelz.

Happy New Year!

G-Man said...

Oh Strumpet..
You would be HELL On Wheels!!
Thanks sweetie..xox

buddha_girl said...

Happiest of New Years to you, Galen!

Serena Joy said...

Aww, you're making me stammer and blush, G-man. I wish for you the absolute very best that 2008 has to offer. And as long as my mojo doesn't go bust, you shall have it.:)

G-Man said...

Buddha Girl?
OMG Hi sweetie...xox
Happy New Years to you too..

And Look who's here!!
Another Virginia Beauty..
You deserve every kudo I toss your way Red..

Manny said...

Hi G.

SeaRabbit said...

Have a very good time at New Year, Galen... and I wish you the new year to come to only be better than this last one!!!

gab said...

Happy New Years Galen! Sorry you wont be one of those I'll be text messaging too...but then again I will be sober I gotta babysit once again"sigh" and poor Mr Gab has to work! Ahhh life!

lime said...

LOL, i wanna know if you'll be posting the drunk texts!

happy new year to you, gman. here's to a bright and happy 2008.

dickiebo said...

Don't do that G-Man! Having that adorable cartoon character with that frightening message. I really thought that you were gonna call it a day. Thank Gawd you were only referring to 2007.
All the very best for a great year man.

G-Man said...

Hi Manny

Thanks Jo for your loyalty and friendship.
Happy New Year Sweetie

The consumate parent and Grandparent...Always!!
Happy New Year...xo

Thats a GREAT idea!!
We'll just have to see.

Dang! You had ME scared for a minute...
Have a Happy New Year..

Queenie said...

Happy New Year G-man, love happiness and good health be with you always.

Akelamalu said...

I haven't been a frequent visit as I only found you when I started doing the 55's but if it's OK with you I'll drop by a bit more.

Have a great New Year's Eve. :)

Rebicmel said...

With the ending of this year many fun reflections, great friendships, and new beginnings have occurred. So much to be thankful for. As the new year approaches I will be focusing on being healthier, anchoring friendships, welcoming in new friends, solving world issues, taking over the planet....subliminal messages begin now *you will bend to my will bend to my rules.* oh where was yes taking over the world oh heck I will just be glad to have a half ass new year!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great New drinking here will be playing canasta and three's hehehehe just not the partier I was was in my hay days... Something about hangovers and puking are just not as thrilling as they were when I was young.

Jodes said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIEND!! I will be by more this new year!!

Strumpet said...


The P-word was mentioned.

But, I almost didn't notice it because Missy has me under her spell.

Man, I need to learn how to play canasta.

It sounds so cool.

'Oh yeah, I'm playin' canasta.'


Little Wing said...

May peace break into your house and
may thieves come to steal your debts.
May the pockets of your jeans become
a magnet of $100 bills. May love stick
to your face like Vaseline and may
laughter assault your lips! May your
clothes smell of success like smoking
tires and may happiness slap you
across the face and may your tears be
that of joy. May the problems you had
forget your home address!
In simple words ...........
May 2008 be the best year of your life!!!

Charles said...

Now you tell us about the texting, I'm going to have to get your number for next year, so I'll have an excuse to drink it up.

I'm jealous, such good wishes from LW.

Charles said...

Hey, I almost forgot, Happy New Year, G.

Strumpet said...

Man, you make me wanna drink even though I wasn't gonna, just to see what silly text message I could come up with.

Maybe I can just pretend.

Happy New Year, Gayland.

Brian said...

happy healthy new year, putz.


Brian said...

oh fuck, charming,
my son has infiltrated my blog...
i give up.

happy new year, sweetie pie.
(yes, this is Yenta...!)

tsduff said...

Happy New Year Mr. G - it's been fun hasn't it? Wishing you peace and prosperity - and tons more fun blogging :)

Man, look at that? Lisa - you changed man!

Brian said...

hi Terry!
are we having fun yet?
my house smells like
a giant cigarette.
i decided to be a nice mom
and let my kid have
"a few" people over...sheesh!
(i know it says Brian but i swear
its me, it's Fleabutton!!)
anyway, so it stinks here
and they're already
at the drink spilling stage....
thank the powers that be
that i have a basement
and that i finally cleaned it up
so it could get dirty and disgusting.....
happy new year...
did anyone drunk text Galen yet??

barman said...

Happy New Year G. One could not ask for a better friend. Happy New Year Galen filled with lost of Horton's of course. May the Winter be short so you can get back in the saddle again!

Take care ...

javajazz said...

ps sorry i didnt drunk text you...
i'm not that good a texter...
i'm not that good a drinker either...
tho i do love coffee
and you.
hope you had a great new years eve,
Mr. Knowitall...

G-Man said...

You are one of my joys of 2007...
Thank you
Get better
Happy New Year

You absolutely have to spend more time here..
If you did, you would realize that My Blog is EVERYBODY'S Blog!!!!
You can chat, grouse, play, and let off steam, anything but puke...G

You are just so wonderful, caring, talented, and special..
Thanks for deciding that you want to hang here!!!
Happy New Year...Galen xox

Jodie Girl..
I hope so...xox

Yeah, she said the P word.
Hahahaha..I bet your playing Canasta...hehehe

WoW..What a GREAT LIST of New Years Wishes!!
Thanks sweetie for coming into my life..xox

Well 2007 ended on a little high note for you Brother, lets hope it stays that way..
Happy New Year...G

My screen is still blank you Hoser!!!

I knew it was you!
You make me smile everytime you say something..
In fact, everything that comes out of your mouth is either funny, insightful, or intuitive!
You are of of the planets most meaningful creatures, thanks for caring about me...xoxox

We don't visit that often, but when we do, it's like we are old friends. And the key word is old! Thanks for all of your beauty, charm, and kindness...
Happy New Year...xoxox

I'm so glad we got together several times this year and had a chance to become friends.
You are one of the most helpful guys in the world, and a great human being..Happy New Year..G


J Morgetron said...

Happy New Year G!


evalinn said...

Happy New Year! :-)

G-Man said...

Thanks Jodie..xox

Thanks Evalinn..xoxox

Strumpet said...

I know.

I was sleeping.

I really am a hoser.


Strumpet said...

And if I LEARNED to play Canasta, I WOULD play it and it would make like this huge comeback all across the city.

I am completely serious.

I like playing cards.

I used to love playing rummy with my grandparents when I was a kid and when I talked to them last week we had a long talk about how I miss that so much.

Rebicmel said...

Who said a p word I didn't say a p word, did I say the p word. Happy 2008