Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Stuff Me.....Please?............

OK...I decided to forego the Oatmeal Cake recipe', for my world famous Sausage Stuffing Recipe'!.Regardless of what Alton Brown and the rest of those Food Channel twits say, Our family always enjoyed a stuffed turkey, and I can't recall any botulism killing off any family members. This is NOT an exact science people, It's COOKING, and it's FUN!!!!!

The night before Thanksgiving, cube or break-up 3 loaves of bread..Any bread will do, stale bread, wheat bread, raison bread, challah, Wonder Bread, marble rye, pumpernickel, you get the picture, just NOT moldy bread!!! When you are done, put it all in a large roaster, and put it in the oven overnight. The oven is SHUT-OFF of course.

The next day when you are ready to stuff your bird, assemble this........
6 stalks of celery
2 large onions
4 apples of any variety
2 pounds of Bob Evans Savory Sage Breakfast Sausage (any sausage will do).
Sage..(Thyme or Rosemary work also)

In a frying pan, scramble the sausage.
In a separate pan, add one can of Turkey or Chicken broth and add your finely chopped onion and celery, cook for about 5 minutes after it comes to a boil, then shut it off and set aside.
Scramble the sausage till it is done, and without draining the drippings, add 1/2 cup of water to it. At this point take your pan of bread cubes, and dump both the veggie pan and the sausage pan into the bread, along with the peeled, cored, and sliced raw apples. Add salt, pepper, and sage to taste...Stuff your bird, and VOILA!!!!

One more thing!!! I saw this yesterday on the Food Channel, (Rachel Ray no less) and I am actually going to do this. With your leftover uncooked stuffing, instead of just putting it into a separate dish and baking it for an hour or so. Take a couple of muffin pans, and with your hands, make some stuffing balls about the size of a snowball, then drop each one into a muffin spot. Rachel called it, "Stuffin Muffin's", they get all crispy all over, and they seem to be the perfect serving size. 'How good is that?...Yummo!!!'

I'm starting to get very excited about Thanksgiving. It is an American Holiday that knows NO religious boundrys, and the house smells soooo fricken great all day long. And tonight when I pick up Mandy from school and bring her home, My whole family will be together for a Holiday for the first time in over a year!!! Thats something to be truely Thankful for!!!


lime said...


lime said...

oooh tat sounds ooo yummy, as do the stuffin muffins. and yes, i'd say having your whole family under one roof is definitely something to be thankful for. have a WONDERFUL thanksgiving

Jodes said...

HELLO - happy turkey day - come by and see me (blog) I got pics.

Snow White said...

The older I get, the more I love Thanksgiving. It is more relaxing than Christmas. And it usually brings all of the family together. Looks like fun at your house, too, G-Man! xoxox

Serena Joy said...

I usually like the stuffing better than I do the turkey, so I love the idea of those stuffin' muffins. Thanksgiving truly is a wonderful holiday with all the mouth-watering smells, kids home, and togetherness. Enjoy!

Rebicmel said...

With our stuffing we use half bread and half cornbread yummo kiddies. Too Galen you should try this sometime, make a squash dressing with the yellow squash. The same way you do stuffing but batter the squash in cornmeal and add to the bread mixing it breaks down and adds such a heavenly taste to the stuffing.

I am a die hard food network viewer, you ever make it down South Galen we will give you a good ole Southern welcoming with all the trimmings and baby you haven't had Catfish till you have had it down South.

I will provide the napkins for all the drooling.. Pssss. Can you say awesome Pecan Pie too yeppers, Have you ever had a Bourbon Pecan Pie...

Well you know where I reside. LOL
Have a great day, stop to smell the roses and just enjoy breathing.

Adios Senor Galen

SignGurl said...

You just had to add Rachel Ray in there didn't you? Remind me to smack you next time I see you.

I'm so happy that your whole family will be together on Thursday. I know how much it means to you.

Save me some stuffing!

jadey said...

Hey there G-man its been awhile since I dropped by. Well it seems as if you are going to have a wonderful holiday with your family and that certainly is many reason to be thankful for. So Happy Thanksgiving. When you get a chance drop on by my blog I have some new posts up take care.

tsduff said...

I am very excited to see your stuffing receipe. It is almost identical to the one I make - changing a few "brand names" around... and voila :) Love it - I shall try the stuffing balls too as I'm not a big leftover stuffing fan. Your receipes are the best!!!

Galen, I hope your holiday with your children and family is the best one ever. Have fun cooking... and eating LOL - I know I will.

Anonymous said...

oh that stuffing looks so yummy, even if it's got sausage in it. Hey I can pick the pieces out.lol

Manny said...

I like Alton...

I like sausage stuffing too...

I like you...

Manny said...

I like rachel ray...

I like stuffing muffins...

I like families being together on thanksgiving...

gab said...

That sounds really good. But Im afraid to alter mine in away or I'd probably get shot at dawn lol

G-Man said...

Hi Limey!!!
The Pineapple Pudding will be discussed later!

Hi Jodie girl..
I'm gonna try and make it over..Thanks

Lady DI!!!
Hi sweetie..
I hope you have a great Thanksgiving..xox

Hi Sherry!!!
Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!
Stuffin Muffins sounds kinda HOT doesn't it?

Awww Missy..
Be careful what you wish for. I can pound down the Catfish!!
Bourban Pecan Pie???
Off the Chart Baby!!
You have a Great T-Day!

I'll always have some stuffing waiting for you!!
Although you eat like a bird now!!..xoxox

Hi Jadey...
I'll try and make it over sweetie..
Thanks for stopping by!

I sure have missed you!
You are probably my long lost sister!
hahahaha..You have a Happy Turkey Day!!!
You Rock..xoxoxo

Never fear, I have to make veggie stuffing W/O the sausage for my wife and daughter!!
You are Always welcome!
Have a good one brother!

You are still my favorite Buckeye!!

Don't mess with perfection!..Have a Happy Holliday!

Serena Joy said...

Yeah, it does; VERY hot. Of course, that's why you have oven mitts.:)

Mona said...

Bread stuffing? sounds interesting

& we have rice stuffing in our chicken...It is rice Biryani : rice cooked with meat pieces & in meat stock along with dry friuts like rasins, almonds cashew nuts and dried apricots. & in the center there are boiled eggs and curry masala!

javajazz said...

first of all, yummo, baby.
and thats sweet, pickin up your kid
and having the family together
for thanksgiving....i keep hoping
brian has somewhere nice to
go with his friends for thanksgiving.
one year he was all alone at the
university when the entire school
went home...i guess he was the only
canadian...he's already been home here
for ours so i hope he can sneak over
to a friends house and pretend
to be related for a few hours!
last year he had, get this,
deep fried turkey at one of
the teacher's homes....

love your recipes G.
its a cool idea.
i'm still doing this 9 to 5 boring thing.
hopefully i dont have to go anywhere
after work tonight so i'll be able
to be at home without having to
pick anyone up or go out or
whatever...sheesh! crazy days here!

S said...

Ahh haaa! Food! I knew it!
Drool drool slobber slobber......

No food at my blog yet, just more weird toy stories!


Mona said...

Happy Thanksgiving Galen

Charles said...

mmm. I love stuffing. Of all the Holidays, Thanksgiving is probably the best.

evalinn said...

I love these cooking posts! :-)

snowelf said...

I love stuffing and I love apples in my stuffing! Yummy Yummy!!

Happy Thanksgiving Galen!!


barman said...

Thank looks yummy. I will have to check that out when I return.

I hope you and the family have a wonderful Thanksgiving Sign. See you Monday.

barman said...

Oh and by the way, I said I thought my Hortons would be open before Thanksgiving. I was so close but they are not open yet. The signs are up, the lights on, the lines painted, the sign that says now hiring is down... they are so close.

Manny said...

I know you're in there cooking without me. I can smell the sausage.

Happy Thanksgiving G!

javajazz said...

Happy Thanksgiving, G-cosmic chef.
enjoy your beautiful family
and yummy, i bet its gonna be
one awesome dinner at your home.
xo lisa