Thursday, November 29, 2007

Friday Flash 55..........

I love Fridays....
Not the restaurant, the Day!!
First of all, it kicks off the Week-End.
Secondly, it usually is quite busy at work..
Thirdly......My Border's Night!
I have a little change in my pocket.
And the best thing .... I can churn out an easy post,
And milk it for three whole days!!!!
The Lovely image above is Frigga.
And we DO know why I posted a pic of her right?


Little Wing said...

Friday is a great day!
It means the week-end is here and we can ride!!!!!
I am going on a charity Christmas run this week-end!
Have a great week-end, Gman!
Peace back atcha!

Little Wing said...

Holy Sweet Jesus, I was first!

J Morgetron said...

Oh Little Wing ... You are good.

J Morgetron said...

Damn good.

Serena Joy said...

Well, I see you did come up with something. And by Frigga, it works, too. Happy Friday & Happy Weekend.:)

J Morgetron said...


You posted her because she's friggan haaaawwwwt!


javajazz said...

yes, i know why you posted Frigga...
because you couldnt find
your picture of Bullwinkle...
gnite G-55.
you sure love your little blog schedule
dont you,
cutie pie.
ps who's Frigga?

Snow White said...

Nice 55, G-Man, but in answer to your final question... no, WE don't know! Please don't make US wait until Monday to find out the answer!

Have a great weekend! xoxox

SignGurl said...

You posted Frigga because she looks like Roxi!

Happy Friday!

SignGurl said...

I did a lame 55 today.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love Fridays and your tribute to Fridays in a 55 is most excellent sir.
I don't know that Evalinn?

barman said...

I played this week. I need to get my butt back into work but will catch up after work. Sorry I did not read your 55 yet. Oh and my Tim's opened on Wednesday.

lime said...

becasue frigga is the norse goddess for whome friday was named.

happy friggaday gman!

ann said...

ah *poets* day

great 55... very clever

I think you may
have posted a pic of Frigga
since she's so hot, although
it's believed Friday is named
after the Germanic goddess
Frejya and Frigga is another
name for Frigg. Also Frejya
and Frigg are identified with
each other

see, you're not the only
know~it~all round here ;>)

have a lovely weekend

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Rebicmel said...

I posed for that picture hahahahaha well I can dream can't I. Loved the 55, love you my friend and have a wonderful night at Borders, a blessed weekend and try to stay warm! Looks like snow will be there this weekend.


Akelamalu said...

I can go with that!

Happy Friday!

Charles said...

Nice tribute to Fridays, as a 55 no less. :D

S said...

Well thank goodness Lime knows why you posted Frigga! That was my guess anyway!

I am finally ready for 55!
Have a fabulous weekend Gman.

snowelf said...

Big tackle hugs for my Galen!!
Happy Friday.


Flash said...

Fridays mean i can stay up late without worrying if I'm going to fall asleep at my desk the next day!

Great 55, and Yowza on the picture!

S. E. E. Quine said...

` Phew! Finally got to your comment! Isn't Frigga the one Friday is named after?

Manny said...

I don't know why. You know I prefer firemen.

Nice flash 55

Manny said...

signgurl, your 55 isn't lame at all.

G-Man said...

Little Wing..
You girls were neck and neck!!

I hope to have a HOT Friday Night...Thanks

Yes indeed Lisa!!
I'm a creature of habit!!
Thanks, Your sweet..xox


Your 55 was great!!
Glad you are feeling better!..xoxox

Funny you should ask,
I think they are from the same area!!

Where you been son?
I'll check you out later.
Glad to see you baqck around!

Good Job!

Thank you dear..
Of course YOU would know!
Have a great week-end.

Snow in Oklahoma?
You stay warm as well!!

Nice to see you back!
I shall have to see if you played again!...Galen

Did you play?

I'll be right over!!
Let me know when you are going to India..OK?

Boy have I missed you!
You may tackle me anyday!!..xoxox

Flash Man!!
I'll be sure to catch your other installment!

Yes Dr. Sarah!!!
You are correct!!!

I know you love Fireman!
And I agree with you on Sign's post..xoxox

gab said...

Because she's blond? Have a great weekend. xoxoxoxo

Mona said...

Ha! Frigga sounds like Friday!.. you go Ga ga on a fri day...

All good reasons Mr G !

I am late in putting up mine, but better late than never...

Mona said...

Gosh... Yeh Americans itni der tak kyoon sote hain!!!!!!!

Charles said...

Sure I did, G. Feel free to check.

Queenie said...

I love friday because of YOU.
Mmmmm why did you post that picture mr G??

jillie said...

Great post and I have no clue as to who that was but now I know.

Well done off to see Jenn's 55. I really doubt she could ever write a lame post.

"I hurt"

SignGurl said...

*Kisses to G and Jillie*

Charles said...


SignGurl said...

*Knock knock* Anybody home?

G-Man said...

Charles...Thank You all.
I've had a very hectec weekend...sorry about being MIA..xox(Just the hug part to you Charles)

Frigga was a Norse Goddess that Friday was named after..xoxox

I'm OK!!

tsduff said...

how could i miss the post about my favorite day? nice to know... go Lime!