Thursday, October 4, 2007

Friday Flash 55.......

It hits you like a train!
NOTHING eases the pain.
It's the same old refrain
It strangles the brain.
It drives you insane!!
Before the silence turns to thunder
Before your mind is torn asunder
Her warm heart and understanding
Finally makes you see
That your NOT crazy!!
Thank you Madame, for saving me....

Have a great week-end everybody..xoxoxox


Serena Joy said...

Wow, Galen. Just -- wow! Those are 55 supremely powerful little words. What an electrifying, mesmerizing piece. I don't know what I can say except -- bravo! You have truly outdone yourself this time. I am simply blown away.

Happy weekend to you, too!

lime said...

really helps to have a friend who is there in the down times.
love ya

Snow White said...

You totally rock! You outdid yourself this week! I'm glad you're feeling better... no one deserves it more.


Little Wing said...

G-daddy you are so poetic.
You wax such poetic words of understanding and thanks.
And we take your words of such gratitude and we feel such gratitude in return.
Gratitude for knowing such a kind and wonderful man.
And so your words are magical .....hey wait. Did you see a therapist and that's who you are thanking?????

javajazz said...

i kind of have a bit of a theory
that our minds are our worst enemies
i mean, if you take away our thoughts
on any particular matter,
theres really nothing wrong anymore.
our thoughts seem able to guide us
pretty much anywhere.
maybe if they can take us to the darker
places that reside within all of us,
perhaps our minds can take us
to the sunnier places too.
but really theres nothing wrong
with any of our feelings.
they're there to be felt
and experienced
and perhaps, if we're lucky,
to be learned from....
kisses to the Mister.

barman said...

Well I don't like it, I don't like it one but!

OK, I was just kidding. Another nice one there mister. Glad something warm is saving you. It is, isn't it.

I did participate this week. A little different but I am back.

jillie said...

You are just getting too good for this. Maybe someday I can be as inspirational as the g-man...xo

S said...

Very nicely done, Gman, I of course, havent started yet, but its still Thursday at my house.....

S said...

Yes yes you are up, I know!
I am too can you believe it?

Little Wing said...

I did a flash 55 G-daddy!

MIke Kilgore said...

Great post, Galen. Its great when someone's there...

Anonymous said...

I think when susie creat 55 she had you in mind Galen, you are wonderful with them.
Great job and thank you Madame for helping Galen whoever or whatever you are.:)

Cazzie!!! said...

Are you callin; me Madame? LOL

G-Man said...

Serena...Stop it, your making me blush...
Thank You for being such a Marvelous friend!

You are a true friend indeed, thanks Michelle!

Snow..You are such a wonderful friend to me also...Thanks Diana..xox

Thanks my Little Wing..
I have many therapists!!

Lisa Dear..
What a pillar of strength you are to me!
Always there
Always protective

I've already been to your little corner Brother...Have a great week-end..

You are my favorite Angel of Mercy..xoxoxox

Thanks sweetie, for creating this Monster!!
You are awesome!!

Mike my new friend, I'll definately be over to visit..Thanks

You Rock!!

You are very supportive of me always..Thanks for your sound advice!!
Mr. Rick Rocks!!!!

G-Man said...

You ARE a nurse..
You are very Supportive..
You are always here on Friday, and at least one other day..
You are part of the program..Thanks..xoxox

Sophia said...

That's great!!! Are you sure I'm not crazy though???

Crabby said...

You're not turning into one of those beatnik poet guys that hang out at coffee shops and do open mike night, are ya?

S said...

LOL @ what crabby said...snaps fingers together and mumbles, "Like wow, man, groovy"

I didnt create 55 I just resurrected it!

Thanks for playing and have a great weekend Gman! LOL : P

Charles said...

Cool, G. You're mixing ideas, poetry and 55s. What's next? Haiku 55s? How about some Limerick 55s? Why didn't SJ come up with this idea?

snowelf said...

Galen, that reminded me of Casey Jones for some reason. Geez...

Regardless, it was a really cool and some really well constructed words.


Ameratis said...

Yay for flash 55! :) Have a great weekend Gman!

Manny said...

Happy Friday!

SignGurl said...

You are the kindest blogger I know. You only have nice things to say to all of us, so, thank you for saving us, G-Man!

Toadee said...

I am totally blown out of the water, a wonderful piece.

G-Man said...

Hi Everybody...
This is usually Border's night, but my son is marching in the homecoming Parade tonight!
I'll visit and comment later...Have fun!!!

G-Man said...

Hi Sophia..
Naw, Your not crazy..
I hope!!


(snaps Fingers)
"Like wow man, Far Out!"


I think you are right!
Serena did think of that!
That girl is something special!!
Thanks for the Kudo!

Hi Baby!!
Missed you, Thanks for stopping by..xoxox

Hi Impy...
Great seeing you out and about..Missed you too..

Hi Sweetie..xoxoxo

You are my Blog Idol!!

What kind words..Thanks

Rebicmel said...

Galen that was awesome. I mean from a poetic point of view great flow :o) I like the little coffee houses with someone wailing on the mike poetic woes and groovy man being uttered out lol....Maybe that is why I love poetry, who knows.

Friends what can we say? They are our salve, our bandaids, our confidants, our anchors in a sea of turmoils. We really can't live without them that is for sure.

Have a great weekend boyo, enjoy, relax, and breathe. xoxo

Mike M said...

Dude, you 55 rocks!!

Strumpet said...

Hmmmm....'mystery abounds.'

To whomever this lovely Madame is, I am glad she is a friend to YOU, G-man.

I'm glad you are feeling happier.

Thank you, Madame!

We like a happy Galen!!

Yep, yep, indeedy.


G-Man said...

Missy...You rock as a poet, a writer, a friend, and as a human being!!

Thank you so much, what a kind thing to say!!

Awww, Thanks sweetie..
You make me very happy every time I see your name!!!
You have always held out a helping hand to me!!!

Akbar Muhad said...

Dude that was gay as hell.

Praise Charley.

Hale McKay said...

Arriving late, I can't add more than what the others have said, but that I like it.

S E E Quine said...

` I wants to say wham and bam! Finally I also understands what Flash 55 means! I is really the latest one!

G-Man said...

Why Thank You Akbar!!
I'm sure you are a gay expert!!
Kiss an Angel Good Morning for me OK?...G

Hale...Thanks brother!

You understand most everything!!
Thanks for stopping by!!

Flash said...

Man, that rocked!!!!! You never seem to amaze me with the 55's!

Sorry this comment comes late in the weekend...But it's here!

MONA said...

This seems like your Harley Davidson..

Nice 55 G

G-Man said...

Mona....You are the only one that has guessed it!!

Oooooops I knew I forgot somebody...I'll catch ya brother!

MONA said...

yay!Please announce a prize for me then!