Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ask Mr. Knowitall......

If it's Wednesday, it must be time for...Ask Mr. Knowitall.........

A Mr. Joe Schlitz of Milwaukee Wisconsin asks..Dear Mr. Knowitall,
Who invented the pull-top can anyway?..I loved using the old 'church-key'!!!

"Mr Schilitz...you sure are a 'Tall-Boy'..Hehehe..Anyway, In 1959, an engineer named Ermal Cleon Fraze, was at a picnic when he realized that he had forgotten his trusty can opener..
As luck would have it, no one else had one either, so he had to use the bumper guard off of his car to open a can of soda! It took him a 1/2 hr to get it open, and he vowed that it would NEVER happen again. He patented the first pull-top later that year, and 3 years later the Pittsburg Brewing Co. tried using it on it's Iron City Beer..The rest is history"!!

A Mr. Tommy Chong of San Quenton California asks...Hey Dude,
Whats the deal with pot?

"Tommy, you know what?..I got the bathball jones, but thats besides the point, for thousands of years, hemp(cannabis sativa) has been one of the most useful plants known to man. It's strong stringy fibers make very durable rope and can be woven into anything from sails to shirts. It's pithy centers called 'hurds' make excellent paper, and it's seeds are very high in protein.(high hehehe) The seeds can be also pressed into oil used for lighting and lubricating oils, and can also be added to animal feed....also
Washinton AND Jefferson grew it.
Our first flags were likely made from hemp cloth.
The first AND second drafts of the Declaration of Independance were written on hemp paper.
When the pioneers went West, their wagons were covered with hemp canvas( the word "canvas" comes from canabacius hemp cloth).
The first Levi's sold to prospectors were sturdy hemp coveralls.
Abe Lincoln's wife , Mary Todd, came from the richest Hemp growing family in Kentucky.
After the Civil War, hemp production in the States declined steeply. Without slave labor, hemp became too expensive to produce. Besides, cotton ginned from machines was cheaper. Still hemp fabric remained the second most common cloth in America.
In fact, during WW-II hemp saved the life of a young pilot named George Bush who was forced to bail out of his burning airplane over the Pacific...
Parts of his aircraft engine were lubed with hemp-seed oil.
His life saving parachute webbing was made entirely from U.S. grown hemp.
All of the rigging and rope from his rescue ship was made from cannabis hemp.
The firehoses on the ship were woven from hemp.
And if you ingest the buds of the female cannabis plant either by smoking it or baking it in some sort of brownies or cookies, it has been known to produce a euphoric effect on the brain!!!!"

Tommy ........." Far Out Man"!

A Mr. Hardon Johnson, of Dicksburg Tennessee asks...
Dear Mr. Knowitall, What were the real names of Doris Day, Lucille Ball, and Sophia Loren?

"Mr. Johnson...you seem like a real straight shooter"...
Doris Kappelhoff
Dianne Belmont
Sophia Scicolone

Mr. Knowitall grows weary talking about Alcohol, Dope, and Women... Peace!!


javajazz said...

i didnt know about Lucille Ball being Dianne Belmont. that was a good chunk of trivia Mr. Growitall...speaking of which, who knew that the centres of the cannabis plants were so pithy.

Serena Joy said...

Yeah, baby -- far out! I didn't know that only female cannabis buds produced euphoria but, hey, makes sense to me. I don't believe for a minute that Mr. Knowitall will ever grow weary of talking about alcohol, dope, and women (in no particular order).:-)

Snow White said...

Mr. Knowitall grows weary from talking about alcohol, dope, and women????? Okay, NOW I'm worried about Mr. Knowitall!

jillie said...

g-man? Weary of talking about women? Now THAT'S funny!!!

luv you!

Strumpet said...

Who is it, dude?

~It's me, Dave.

Dave's not here, man.

~No, it's me. Dave. Open the door!


~Dave! It's me, DAVE! Open the door, man.


~Dave, man.


~Yeah! It's ME!! Dave!


~Yeah! Dave!

Dave's not here, man.

Little Wing said...

Oh yea, g-daddy, I have spent some time stopped at stop signs waiting for them to turn GREEN while on my way to buy twinkies....

MONA said...

Wow.. I noticed it was all about wine & wimmen & whossy stuff.


& I thought you had said Sophia Silicone...I had to look again...I DO need glasses I think!

MONA said...

What's with Galen?? He talks of horrors & then more horrors...

What with that hemp saving a monster...

That was a horror...

G-Man said...

First in War
First in Peace
First in the Hearts of her Countrymen!
Thanks oh Pithy One..xox

Yes Serena, thats why you separate the male plants out when you grow it! Thanks for being so darn pretty..xoxox

No worries sweetie..
I'm still decadent!!

I'm NOT too weary to talk about you...xoxoxo

Memories from the Big Bambu!!..Of course YOU would catch it!
You Rock Strumpet..xoxox

Whatever are you referring to?

Hi sweetie, I sure have missed you..
New Avatar?..You look so young there!..xoxox

Anonymous said...

I always got a headache when I had pot brownies, weird but true plus I think you use a lot more than smoking it..
My word....OUT!

Strumpet said...

I LOVE Cheech and Chong.

I don't know if you've ever seen From Dusk Til Dawn...but Cheech is fucking brilliant in that movie.

He plays three characters, but his brief monologue on pussy steals the movie.

lime said...

mr knowitall, will you tackle wine, women, and song next week?

Rebicmel said...

It's a good combination Galen, can be totally lethal though it mixed all together at one time. One savages the brain, the other the liver and the other the heart.

Of course it would be hard to live without women and you, the silver tongued guru of the schmooze, I don't think you could lol...

Oh well vices what can we say about them? We are doomed if we do and damned if we don't....

xoxo have a great day!

Charles said...

Damn that life saving hemp.

G-Man said...

It gets you a bit higher because you ingest it all!
Thanks son!

I've seen them live twice, they are funnier than shit!!

If thats a request....sure!!
I'd be glad to..xox

Thats very philosophical!
And right on!!
Thanks sweetie..xox

Hahahahaha...I know!!

SignGurl said...

I'm starting to think that Stumpet and I were cut from the same cloth. I peed my pants the first time I heard "Dave's Not Here". It still makes me laugh. And Dusk To Dawn? One of the best vampire movies ever made!

I think my underpants were made of hemp because they are sooooooo strong, heh!

SignGurl said...

Does anyone know what happened to Gabby's blog?

gab said...

Well well well nice to know all about pot! You must have learn that one from personal experences.

G-Man said...

Signgurl...Ask her!!
She's right there..xox

What happened to your blog?

Gledwood said...

Pull-top? Church-key? I don't get what a "church key" is...

As for hemp paper... forget that politically correct acid free "meets the standards of library of congress blah blah" crap - (though it's better than paper that turns to dust within 150 years) - HEMPEN paper is the way to go and why the earth isn't covered in hemp plantations (they don't all contain thc there are varieties without - also you can make paper from cotton, linen, anything fibrous...) ! Hang on I know why we still make paper from trees... because billions of $$$s are invested in such plantations and nobody wants to rock the boat of the precious status quo, what a surprise!
Great blog!
I came here via several friends removed....
Come by mine sometime if you like: you're most welcome...
Take it easy!

"Vol 2"...