Thursday, September 20, 2007

Friday Flash 55....

It starts with a splash here...
And a splash there!
Slowly the lush forests transforms...
With a Firey crescendo!!
The once GreenVistas suddenly are Ablaze
with Red, Yellow, and Orange...
For a few weeks, the State is a Kaleidoscope of Colors
in it's Autumnal Glory!!
It is Spectacular!
It is Fall!!
It is Michigan!!!


MONA said...

Autumn is here...already?

wow! the tress must look so beautiful!

Happy, Fall!


Serena Joy said...

Wow, what a heartfelt and colorful ode to Fall in Michigan! Terrific 55, G.:)

MONA said...

ps...your 55ves have stopped being haunted now!

J Morgetron said...

Fall is my favorite season.

G-Man said...

Your #1!!!!!
Yes My Dear, The Chill is in the air..
The color show has not quite started here yet..

Serena Joy,
Thank You so much...
Coming from someone as talented as you, that makes me smile..


Mine too...xoxoxox

javajazz said...

oh boy...
it isnt Michigan, baby.
its Michigoss.
if the other bikers find out
you're writing sweet poetry,
you're f*cked...

now, do i have to say something
to indicate that i have thoroughly read
and comprehended said blythe poem
in order to earn the right to make a comment?

barman said...

Ah yes, fall in Michigan. The bad thing, I had a tree start to turn about 3 to 4 weeks ago. Now it has friends. I sure hope we have a nice show this year but I fear the dryness of the summer may not help. Of course the warm days and cool nights are working in our favor.

Very nice 55.

Cazzie!!! said...

Awesome stuff!!

tsduff said...

SO THAT'S how it happens!

Never seen anywhere east in the fall colors... sounds grand. Thanks for painting that picture for me Galen. Nicely done.

Little Wing said...


S said...

Oh I love fall over there in them thar parts. We dont get much fall leaves action in redwood country.

I am up! Now dont be getting your panties in a bunch, gman if it takes me all weekend to get to all the 55s...I am a busy woman you know!


Snow White said...

Nice job, G! I think we still have a couple of weeks of summer left around here. Fall is fleeting- sometimes if you blink you miss it! Have a great weekend! xoxox

G-Man said...

Thanks Lisa,
Yes, as a matter of fact!!..xoxox

Thanks...But actually.
The phenomena that changes the color of the leaves, is the shorter amount of Sunlight!
The lack of photosynthesis!
So that will never change the cycle!..Have a great weekend brother.

My Faithful Friday Follower!!
Thanks sweetie..xox

Thanks for being so active this week...I really enjoy your input and your visits..xoxox

Hi Sweetie, you don't rake leaves in Southern you?
Thanks xoxoxox

Holla if you need some help..xoxoxo

Lady Di,
You are such a good friend...Thanks..xoxoxo

SignGurl said...

Bravo!! You know I love anything that has to do with MICHIGAN!

xoxoxoxo galen xoxoxoxo

Charles said...

Reveling in the wonders of the season and your state, or just an altered state? ;)

Nice 55, G. You da man!

Hey I just noticed your pic from yesterday, it looks like you're sans beard now, when did you do that?

Mike M said...

Great 55!! I love Fall!!

Anonymous said...

I love those crisp colorful days of autumn.

lime said...

my favorite time of year. i don't think anything else is so beautiful. good one.

Strumpet said...

My favourite part is the crunch of all the leaves underneath your shoes as you stroll down the street.

It's too much fun.

I take my headphones off just to hear it.

Fall is my favorite time of year too.

Just lovely, Galen, lovely.

Jazzy, you crack me up.

Flash said...

Ohhhh....another "leafer".......

But fantastic 55!

I played too

javajazz said...

thanks Strumpie...
thank god someone has
a sense of humour
around here....

Little Wing said...

Gman I am sooooooo not in southern Cali!
Way North, get it right, lol!

Strumpet said...

Had fun today, G-ster.

Glad you figured it out!


It's always fun to be a first.

You always make me smile.

Cos you rock like that.

Toadee said...

I feel i should visit but I need to buy a decent camera first

G-Man said...

Thanks Baby...
I do love all things Michigan..xoxox

I get in these moods evry so often..I did it when I got my hair cut.
Have a great week-end brother.

Thanks for stopping by,
I'll be right over..

Top Cat...
You Have a great weekend too, Mr. Rick!!

I'm sure Fall in PA. is spectacular also!!
Thanks Trini..xoxox

Hi Strumpie..
Glad you liked it..xoxox

Flash Man..
I'll be over to check you out too...

I don't have a sense of humor?
...Wait!..OK.(removes the corn cob from ass)
Thats Better!!!
WOW!!..I'm a barrel of laughs now..xoxox

OK Baby, now I get it!!

See? You inspire me to greatness!!!

Strumpet said...

Please stop talking about sticking corn cobs up your ass because your getting me COMPLETELY hot and bothered over here.

You have no idea.

I hope you used butter.

Or a butter substitute of some sort.

Like Country Crack.

I mean crock.

Country Crock.

gab said...

Spring and fall my two favorite seasons. Spring everthing is fresh and green and fall is just so beautiful. It doesnt hurt that the weather is usually real nice either. HUGS!

MIke Kilgore said...

Outstanding, Galen! I'm still a couple of weeks away here, but I'm psyched!

javajazz said...

ya, i'm with Strumpie on this one...
better to keep that thang in,
butter or no butter.
mmmm, corn...
sure beats zucchini,
with all those little prickly thangs on 'em.
Country Crock, ha!
i can think of another one....

G-Man said...

Country Crack!!
Oleo..For the Corn-Holeo!
You Rock!!!..xox

I can see where Spring would be after your long Winter..xoxoxox

Yeah, in our Upper Peninsula, the color show is only at about 25%...Have a great weekend!

You know damn well I'm a funny guy!!..Ha Fucking Ha!!

snowelf said...

I'm all craving apple cider and Halloween now...


SeaRabbit said...

Hummm... we are not there yet up here... Green is still dominant... but I'm sure it won't be very long for the fire to set up in the sky... I'll post photos... ;-)

barman said...

Bam! Can we say UPSET!

MONA said...

G man, I hope you are having a nice weekend with your friend Alex & also your family!

G-Man said...

Hi Snow..
I loved your 55...
Thanks for stopping by!
Whats better than fresh hot doughnuts right out of the grease at an Orchard???

You take beautiful pics...I can hardly wait..Have a great week-end!..xoxoxoxox

What a GREAT WIN!!!
Thats 2 games where the "D" has not given up a TD..Go Blue!!

SolarisGal said...

Michigan! Brings back some great memories... totally love autumn and spring in Michigan!

Go Blue!

G-Man said...

Welcome to the Jungle!!
I hope you enjoyed your visit here...Galen

evalinn said...

I think Michigan and Sweden have a few things in common! This year I seem to love the fall...