Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ask Mr. Knowitall......

Ahhh....Nearly time for one of my favorite movie quotes....
The Setting: A dark dreary forest somewhere in Eastern Europe..
The Scenario: A very frightened, and freshly Wolf-Bit Lawrence Talbot..
He visits an old Gypsy Lady, desperately seeking her advice. She says this to him;
"Even those that are pure of heart,
And say their prayers at night...
Can become a Wolf, when the Wolfbane blooms..
....and the Moon is full and bright"!

The beautiful Sherry Martin of Frog-Holler Virginia asks....
"Dear Mr. Knowitall, please tell me what you know about the Moon."

"Hey Sherry, I heard that Virginia is for Lovers!..Is that true?.
Anyway...The average menstrual cycle for women is 29.5 days-precisely the same as a Lunar month.
The human gestation period is 9 months???? Hmmm. The average birth occurs 265.5 days after conception-which is the EXACT equivalent of 9 Lunar months!!
More children are born after the New, and Full Moons than any other month.
More boys are born after a Full Moon..More girls after a New Moon!!
Stressed out people, have an increase in pulse rates after a New or Full Moon!!
Surgeons claim that during a New or Full Moon, their patients bleed more!!
When New or Full Moons occur, mental hospitals admit more patients!!
There is actually an increase in violent crimes during a Full Moon!!

"Lunacy" refers to the Roman Moon Goddess, Luna...
In ancient times, Moon exposure was thought to "affect the mind"!
People were advised NOT to sleep with moonlight shining on their faces,
or they could become "Moonstruck"..(Crazy)
Ocean Tides are affected by the Moon's cycles..
The word Lunacy was derived from ancient observations that during a Full Moon,
human behavior became more frenzied..
The term 'Lunatic Fringe' was coined by Teddy Roosevelt, who was describing some of
his followers in the Bullmoose Party during the 1912 presidential election...
Jeez, and I thought that was Red Rider!!!

Mr. Knowitall grows weary..I blame that darn Sherry for that... Pax


Serena Joy said...

Moon babies, lunacy, bleeding, crime, surgery... I knew it. I blame it all on that Luna chick. I'll bet that Gypsy lady in the woods could put her in her place. I'd lend her some tinfoil but I need it all for myself right now.:-)

Yes, the VA bumper sticker is true.:)

G-Man said...

Congratulations my dear!!
You have cracked this nut FIRST tonight!!
I LOVE chicks from Virginia!!..xoxoxbgxoxoxo

Serena Joy said...

I got lucky, hit you at just the right time to slip in first. LOL. VA chicks love you, too, dude.:-)

tsduff said...


I love the moon. Luna is one of my favorite things. tonight I saw it rise from my haze of sweat after I nearly killed myself walking fast for 3 miles around the reservior. Man alive that big ole moon was a gorgeous sight. ahhhhhh.

Little Wing said...

So a moon can make us crazy as a loon?
Once in blue moon I just get the urge to moon.....

MONA said...

That is a very interesting post Galen.
I agree on most all that you say here!

When my son was born there were 18 more births in the hospital that night... all boys, & it was a full moon night!

& here I learn so many more interesting new facts too.
Thanks for telling Galen! We always learn so much at your unique & loveable blog!

javajazz said...

yes, well, that's because
Galen is so unique
and loveable.
ps, does it help to know
that i am a Moonchild?
(probably not.)

evalinn said...

Thanks for all the info G-man! :-)

G-Man said...

Serena Joy,
I am the lucky one!!

Very few people would have caught that...

Please, even the fleeting thought of that would make me swoon!

Mona My Love!!
You and all of my beautiful friends, are what make this place unique!..and I thank you all!..xoxox

You are definately a Moon-Child!!
You epitomize what being a Moon-Child is!!
Thats part of why you are so special!!

I forgot your contest!!
Thanks for stopping by..xox

Snow White said...

Great answer, G-Man! And what a perfect time for Sherry's question. The moon has been beautiful the past couple of nights. I even took a couple of pictures the other night, but haven't uploaded them yet. I'll send you a copy if they're any good! xoxox

barman said...

Jadey is going to moon? The last time I did that the emergency sirens went off at the golf course is was at at the time. Coincidence, I think not.

You know, that sleeping thing and the full moon... that could explain a lot. Great post G.

evalinn said...

I was wondering what was keeping u! Anyway, I finally posted about my summer in Istanbul, your win from last week remember...

javajazz said...

spoken like a true Sagittarian...

lime said...

how about i just moon ya?


javajazz said...

that is right up
Mr. Knowitall's alley, Lime...

Rebicmel said...

Isn't the moon loverly!!! I know I can't sleep when there is a full moon I get to restless. Have a nice day Galen

jillie said...

Try working with nursing homes and er's on a full moon. That gives a WHOLE new meaning to lunatic fringe. LOL...

Yoooooou're so smart!

MyUtopia said...

: ) Great post!

Crabby said...

"When New or Full Moons occur, mental hospitals admit more patients!!"

So. That would be the time for me to take Milky in, huh? bwaaaaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha!
I crack myself up.

SignGurl said...

No wonder I'm crazy, I sleep with moonlight on my face!

Cazzie!!! said...

Lunacy...mwaaaahaaaaa...what was that? (lol)

G-Man said...

Lady Di...
Any pic that you send me is much appreciated!!
You take awesome shots!!
Thanks sweetie..xox

Thanks for stopping by!
Drink 4 beers and call me in the morning!

Yes Evalinn,
I remember!.
I'll stop on over..xox

Enough with that Zodiak stuff..
But thanks..xox

Nice Moon...Thanks!

Maybe a full Tuchus is in order!..xo

Sorry you can't sleep Baby..
Plenty of them!!!

Sometimes you drive me crazy!!

Thanks Mommy..Hahahaha

Carol is Crazy?
I'd love to see her in a straight jacket!
Thanks Oh Crabby One!!

My inspiration!
My Advisor
My Mentor
My Tormentor!!
Thanks for everything!!

Crazy Cazzie!!
Thanks for stopping by..