Wednesday, August 29, 2007


If it's Wednesday, it must be time for ...Ask Mr. Knowitall!

A Mr. Ed Norton from Brooklyn New York asks...

Dear Mr. Knowitall...Why are manhole covers round?

Hey Norton.....It's so they won't fall 'through' the manhole itself!

Squares, Rectangles, and Ovals could be positioned so they could fall

through the opening, Round manhole covers rest on a lip thats smaller

than the cover. So the size and shape keeps the manhole from falling in..

A Mr. Buster Brown from Fargo North Dakota asks...

Dear Mr. Knowitall, How and why did people start polishing their shoes?

Dear Buster...A high Polish on shoes is a tradition passed down from the

Spanish Caballero whose shiny boots served notice that he rode his own horse

and did not walk along dusty roads with lesser men...

A Mr. Liberache Steinway from San Francisco California asks...

Dear Mr. Knowitall, Why do men have nipples?

Dear Lee...Males actually have the anatomical equipment in place to provide milk!

Fortunately it lies dormant unless stimulated my the female hormone estrogen..

Men may have suckled babies in the distant past..No one knows for sure!

A Mr. Fog Horn Leg Horn from Acme Iowa asks...

Dear Mr. ....I say Dear Mr. Knowitall...Why don't people eat turkey eggs?

Dear Fog Horn, they don't taste...I say they don't tatse good! The reason being

that they do not contain the amount of water that a chicken egg does. The next time you have eggs over easy, think about how wet they are. Turkey eggs when exposed to high heat, turn rubbery...

A Dr. Steven Hawking from the planet Mars asks...

Dear Mr. Knowitall, is it true that we only use 10% of our brains?

Dear Steve....Your kidding right?...No silly, you use EVERY part of your brain!

Just not every area at the same time! Although at any given moment, only about 5%

of your brain cells are actually firing...But as far as we know, there are NO brain parts

that NEVER do anything!!!

Mr. Knowitall grows weary..... Peace!!!

PS. Don't forget your HNT.....and start thinking about your 55!!


Little Wing said...

damn, are you kidding?
Number one?
Wow, this means I have a shot at the mega bucks!!!!!!!

Little Wing said...

Mr. Knowitall I believe I know that Steinway dude from San Fran.
And not in a good way.

Little Wing said...

.......giggles at round manhole covers.......

MONA said...

Galen...thanks for the brain 'infirmation' information...

Queenie said...

Yay mr G, how has my education managed without you? The male nipple bit very intresting. Please would you pop over to my blog there is something there I really want you to have.

Serena Joy said...

Heh. I never knew any of that stuff; I just don't know what's wrong with public schools. As usual, thanks to Mr. Knowitall for telling me a thing or two.:)

SignGurl said...

Don't you think men have nipples because they would look strange without them?

Ambre said...

Do you suppose all those pedestrians in NYC would have avoided falling into the manhole had they been using more of their brain at any give time?

I just might test this theory! Off to the train with me!


dickiebo said...

Signgurl; I reckon men look kinda silly with or without them. But after seeing Little Wings photos, I guess I'm just hopelessly biased!

barman said...

I never thought about the manhole cover thing. Amazing and it all makes sense now.

Love your names of the people writing in. Oh so clever and Fog Horn Leg Horn... clever.

I guess that explains why my shoes never have a shine to them unless forced.

Oh and yesterday afternoon I checked... I was only using 1 1/2 percent of my brain, honest. By the end of the day it finally got back to 5 1/4 percent but it was shaky for a while there. The buzzards were circling overhead waiting for me to flat line. I think I got a three count and once a five count for being brain dead.

lime said...

mr. knowitall, how do youthen explain george dubya bush if all brain parts are functional?

S E E Quine said...

` So that's why they call you Mr Knowitall! BTW, did you invent the diet pill Noassitall?

` As far as I know, all brain cells must be active, at least to some small extent, or they will die.

` BTW, why would anyone think men ever used their nipples when all male mammals have them? Does that mean all male mammals may have used them at one point? Not likely.

Top cat said...

the turkey egg question reminds me of a segment I saw on the Food channel where this chef eats weird food all around the globe.
He was in the philipines(I think)and they eat fertilized hardboiled duck eggs with the baby duck in it.
Would make for a pretty sucky egg salad sandwich methinks.

Charles said...

Oh Yuck, TC. Funny but yuck. I think S E E Quine hit the nail on the head in answer to Lime's question, either that or its explained by his head having been mistaken for a nail. Either way the nail is smarter and serves a better purpose. What makes me think the male nipple would best be explained by the fact that the human fetus is androgynous up to a point in its development?

MONA said...


Galen! yoo hoo where are you!!!

I bet he is getting photographed...!

Breazy said...

Hey G! How are you? I am good. I thought I would stop in while I had time. Take care!


snowelf said...

Ooo, Galen, I feel smart. I actually knew all of these answers!

Although I guess it isn't harder to be smarter than Foghorn Leghorn. ;)

and ew, Tc, that is kinda yucky!


G-Man said...

Maybe you guys rode bikes together!!!

Always at your service!

I've aleady been there, Thank you from the bottom of my heart...
You are such a classy lady!!

I'm glad I could be of service to you!!

No Jenn,
Thats not the reason!!
....well Maybe it is...

You do an interesting question!!
Let me know the results.

I'm with you brother!!

Thanks for noticing that little quirk of mine..

I don't explain anything when it comes to that Pea-Brain!!

You are such a skeptic!!

Top Cat,
My Father-in-law used to raise ducks geese and chickens...Duck eggs are the best!!
They have a great flavor!
But not with a dead baby duck inside!!

Thank You Dr. Charles!!

Yes Mona...just as you should!! HNT Tomorrow!!

Hey Breazy,
Hows My little Vol doing?
Thanks for stopping by.xox

SeaRabbit said...

Where the monkey brain cells actived when they served chilled monkey brain in Indiana Jones? All of them? Or just a few?
I wish for the monkey that they were less than 5% going in there... ;-((

Serena Joy said...

You are so gallant.:)

J Morgetron said...

dendrites. dendrites. I like making them spark.